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  1. I still believe somewhere, he did.
  2. BassDaddy

    Where’s Lars

    Well, forget about the lava lamp at that price!
  3. That's a nice price for a nice looking ax. Welcome back Lars
  4. Is creeped out an actual word? No real reason for asking, just wanted to know.
  5. New Egg and Tiger Direct is what first comes to mind. Hopefully Lars will jump in. He should have a few good ideas.
  6. Deep cover. Is that what they are calling it now? It was called Deep "something else" in the old days.
  7. An SSD drive is a game changer for sample libraries. You would not regret that purchase.
  8. Give it some time. (If you have enough fiber in your diet) it will come to you.
  9. Those are his favorite type of questions and you can never start asking them too soon!
  10. a ubiquitous mystery wrapped in an omnipresent riddle
  11. Do I LOOK like an underwear salesman?
  12. Lars, you should add Cuban to title. Latin Perc was the old one.
  13. Too bad it didn't pan out. The pants thing was a deal breaker for me anyway.
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