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  1. If you own EZ Drummer 2 you can download EZD 2 compatible versions of older EZ Drummer expansions you own. So anything you can use in EZD 2 should work in Superior 2 & 3
  2. All Toontrack drum midi is for EZ Drummer and Superior Drummer.
  3. BassDaddy

    Who Is Larry Shelby?

    I should have put "King of The Shreddies", maybe?
  4. BassDaddy

    Who Is Larry Shelby?

    I think he's a "double naught spy". That's why his real identity comes out, once in a while. ( if I was Kenny, the Tele playin jazz artist or "Mesh The Shredder", I would put Lars's head on a shirtless Putin) Just to illustrate one of the possible true identities of "the artist formerly known as Larry Shelby".
  5. Be strong men! In nature an animal will gnaw its own leg off to get out of the trap. I was going to say some mouthwash would probably be a good idea but on second thought I would go with Wild Turkey. It could be used in several ways.
  6. Gretsch Guitars G2622T-P90 Limited Edition Streamliner Center Block P90 with Bigsby Phantom Metallic $399.99 https://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid?source=3TP5DNB&dtm_em=0288477c53eaa764e17010ccb1dab0e0
  7. One of the great things about EZ Drummer, EZ Keys is building your part in that instrument. You can save different versions of any part of song and go back later and find where the midi came from. Once you drag it to a track there is no record of what it is made of. Im sure it is same in EZ Bass. Im another guitar player who enjoys playing bass and is unsure about spending the money for software. maybe it will be useful to build a track with EZB and then learn it and play it in.
  8. Is that true?!! CRAP!!
  9. Watch for Bapsi's eyes to start rotating counter clockwise when the MIDI six pack hits. Im going to have to hold off on this for a while. I have some other things I need right now. (yeah, right). It's not something I want to do being a Toontrack product. EZ Keys 2 would go right to the front of the line though. I am looking forward to hearing the reviews
  10. Both nice instruments but not interchangeable very often. But if anyone can do it, it would be The 'Pu
  11. Is that an Alembic clarinet the guy on the right has?
  12. The 2 goobers are one thing but the Alpine honey looks like she just finished a few bowls of the old "Gaschpilka Weeda". And that was to take the edge off the crack she had a little earlier.
  13. I have seen at least half those guys on the wall at the Post Office
  14. He said it doesn't bother him in the end. So, yes.
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