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  1. Some very good jazz guys playing that stuff. Lots of times that's what the really good ones do; make it sound simple. I know everybody has their opinion but the man said he's been playing bass for 50 years. I'd start from there.
  2. Right here in River City!
  3. Has it ever been even close to this price? Oh man, this could be trouble!
  4. Just play back, that's for sure.
  5. Wasn't Dusty Racks an older stripper Fleer used to "hang out" with and talk about the war? C'est la guerre
  6. Are you talking about Viggo Mortenson?
  7. Toontrack EZ Bass Gospel EBX. https://www.toontrack.com
  8. If IKM starts the bidding real high we'll know it's just hush money.
  9. Like I didn't know that was coming.
  10. Would it still be funny if I asked you to explain it to me?
  11. Waves is and has been a subscription.
  12. Sometimes I feel like I been tied to the...
  13. That's great news! I'm in when he contacts us!
  14. BassDaddy

    80 TB Hard Drives

    Yup, 80 GB worth of eggs in one basket
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