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  1. This is the first, non metal, one in 2 weeks of these I don't have. I got $16 burning a hole in my pocket and I'm looking for trouble.
  2. EZ Drummer 3 Upgrade $99.00 at Guitar Center and Best Service. Upgrade from earlier version. Digital download.
  3. ..says the man who got no muscles, from Brussels
  4. Yup! Worst name EVER. But, I must admit I picked up the Afterbirth 5 string bass. Nice bass. Terrible paint job.
  5. I'm not sure if that is true but I kinda think it might be them just being respectful toward their elders. Good either way I guess.
  6. That's a good price for a really good EZX. Dream Pop is one of my favs and has more than just drums and perc. The free demo will show you what you get.
  7. There is no way I won't get EZD3 but I am really disappointed it cut in line ahead of EZKeys2.
  8. I started to read through all the posts but I couldn't get by this one. At this point I don't think I would(or wood ?) be interested even if Viagra2 is released with it.
  9. BassDaddy


    Don't even ask, that one's mine!
  10. BassDaddy


    Do you mind if I use that in a song? And, I hate to be the contrarian here but... NOT ANOTHER OLD GUY!! This forum is turning into a stairway to heaven.
  11. It is very strange you posted this. I just talked to jim136 yesterday!
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