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  1. BassDaddy

    I'm Baaaa-aaaack!

    Glad you're back Lars!
  2. I followed your logic and have come to the same conclusion on a few different occasions. But, if the subject was alcohol, we would all be in rehab. "I said no, no, no"
  3. The Lads. (aka The Beatles), Frank and The Mothers
  4. Yup. With Chromophone or String Studio you could go anywhere.
  5. I like the sounds Im hearing. I think I could do most that with a piano and Zynaptik Wormhole or Adaptaverb or Eventide Black Hole or Mangled Verb though. If you wanted/needed it fast this would work for you.
  6. Remember, TT lets you install these as a demo so you can hear it all. It just goes out of tune every once in a while. If I get time today I will down load it.
  7. I'm all over this thing like Lars on an eggroll! I'm glad they are doing this with LL.
  8. Miss Stanwick to you, Buster!
  9. Let's all say hello to the new guy!
  10. BassDaddy

    Steel cowbell $2.99

    Must be a Belgium saying.
  11. Can't agree more Lars. Been wanting that for years.
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