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  1. Don't feel too bad. I've been b**ch slapped by Fleer more than once. But it did help me see things clearly. (and $70 is a real good price for that)
  2. Good idea to use that on a Bapu. (Serial number 6 pack) Didn't someone open their new website over Black Friday last year and it was a total disaster?
  3. Germ, (still makes me laugh). Everybody gots to get their funk on. Rap's been sampling R&B keyboards pretty much from the beginning, haven't they?
  4. If you took the drums out of the demos you'd never know this was Hip Hop. Way more usable than I thought when I first saw the title.
  5. New EZ Keys MIDI https://www.toontrack.com/product/hip-hop-rb-ezkeys-midi/
  6. I have to admit kinda hoping it goes to $51. There would have to be some entertainment value there.
  7. That's with VAT on it. Also pay in GBP
  8. about $29.00 at Time+Space for the update from V1 or V2 https://www.timespace.com/products/aas-ultra-analog-va-3-synth?variant=30121740763249
  9. I would sure think so. Big band stuff but probably not the rock a billy
  10. Bingo! The update on String Studio about a year ago was very nice. No brainer for me.
  11. Last week you couldn't play guitar and this week it's keyboards. I sure hope you have a Sousaphone in the back of that Gremlin.
  12. Will get the EZ Keys. Prob not on the drums.
  13. Just in time for my version of Big Noise From Winnetka.
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