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  1. I haven't decided between ReLive and Imagined Spaces. I already have Paterno. I didnt hear about the TC pedal 2 for $75. That would have been hard to stay away from. I love their pedals. You and Grem should like the Toontrack Dream Machine. I really like it. and the Dream Pop EZX. If anyone has a recommendation on ReMatrix expansions I would love to hear it. The Paterno is a good mix of in studio verbs.
  2. AAS Ultra Analog VA-3 upgrade $35 taters. Might...might get an EastWest TriplePlay midi pack. Since they were extended through December a ReMatrix expansion pack. Not much at all. Still more than I needed.
  3. You old Maag Snagger, you.
  4. Loved it. Except the "His gas will make us free" kinda got the turkey and stuffing rumbling pretty good. I think I'm going to need to be off line for a while.
  5. Good price, good loops and lots for the money. Some twice as many as Toontrack.
  6. Well, the mommy has String Studio and Chromosome and Ultra Analog and the daddy only has String Studio and Chromosome. So after an evening of wine tasting down at the gas station, after the Sommelier screws the cap back on the last bottle, the daddy starts to get some ideas...
  7. BassDaddy

    Overloud BF Sale

    Way to go Mesh. Great price
  8. That was just for Chromophones I didn't have. There's a few of the others I don't have so I should be good.
  9. Under $9 each for a complete your collection deal (mine is $35.50 for 4 Chromophone)? How is that not a great deal?
  10. I would get it at this price if I didn't have it. But I pretty much bought into the whole Dream Pop deal at Toontrack. I really like the Dream Pop EZX
  11. BassDaddy

    Toontrack BF Sale

    Probably my favorite Santana album.
  12. That's pretty close to my strategy.Some really low Toontrack, maybe a AAS. I'll look at the best sales and sell if they offer anything I want There will be some surprise thing for cheap I'm sure. I may have to go for that steak dinner Christian mentioned.
  13. 1. As good as any but I think I would like it better in black and white. Great movie though. 2. You guys really like NI Niore that much? I'm going to have to look into it Watched the video. Maybe shouldn't have done that.
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