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  1. Groove Monkey Southern Rock $9.95 and Chromophone 3 update $32.00 and Eventide Max Out and the plugins. Co-ul! (Didn't put the price in for the H9 Max Out cuz my wife just walked behind me)
  2. How much for the ears?
  3. It's better to rule at the Cakewalk forum than to serve...
  4. Grem, take a listen to the Indie Folk EZX. I have that and the Blues EZX and they are very similar but I would take the Indie Folk if I could have only one. The Big Rock Drums is really good.
  5. BassDaddy

    AAS Chromaphone 3

    Really funny! Well done, my (euro goober) friend! And Chromo3? A no brainer of the 1st order.
  6. I dont like that stuff either.Too convoluted. Im not a big fan of the subscription either. Great prices on bundles and single plugins. Even free ones. Then when you have way too many to back out a new version and WUP up again. It's been every 12 or 14 months for a while hasn't it? That's not really a subscription is it. It's not. But yeah it is.
  7. Estes Kefauver, while attending a Martin Borman celebrity roast in Buenos Aires In 1958.
  8. The app really is pretty cool. If anybody has a review for the new chorus I would really like to hear it.
  9. creepiest cowboy I've ever seen. Welcome back Lars!
  10. In other words, the inmates are running the asylum.
  11. BassDaddy

    XLN updates

    When did CD's take over for floppy discs? Then.
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