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  1. Your links for all are always impressive. Above and beyond. Thank you. If you took a turn off next time I wouldn't complain. But someone would.
  2. This thing must have a spit valve like a man hole cover!
  3. BassDaddy

    SAD NEWS!!!

    That's not good. A real musician. Not a rock star/pop star, a true musician. That's about the best thing to be as far as I'm concerned.
  4. Flatulence is kind of a destination kind of a thing, not a mile marker on a journey to somewhere else.
  5. Probably not maybe I hope not
  6. Love the Steam Punk graphics. Thanks for sharing it. Here's a pic of a Steam Punk guitar speaker cab I just finished. Now I just need a amp head with gears and levers. Actually the pic on the chair was before it was finished. Corner protectors will cover up the wood seams.
  7. That warm and sunny Mississippi Gulf Coast sounds good. Happy New Year from just southeast of The Miniapple and St.Paul Mn. If anyone welcomed the new year by kissing the brass monkey last night they are still attached.
  8. $159.99, that's $15.99 per TB. "Honey, where'd you put my no crotch, baggy MC Hammer pants? I know I put on some pounds over the holiday. But it's all in my thighs and no one will see it if I wear those."
  9. I didn't order anything on this deal but it has been lots of fun following the drama. I hope you all get what you wanted. Like sand through the hour glass, so are the (gas filled) days of our lives. Can't wait to hear if anyone gets the 15$. Or has that been decided?
  10. BassDaddy

    Nothing to see here

    And he can detail a car like a son of a ...
  11. BassDaddy

    Nothing to see here

    Lars is our Mr. Miyagi.
  12. BassDaddy

    Waves Day 4 Deal

    That's what I heard. If you were being paid, don't quit your day job. You won't make a living at it.
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