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  1. I would just undo the update, if you are sure the update is your problem. If you are not sure, then you have a lot of troubleshooting to go through first and foremost.. Start with the obvious sound card driver settings and then go from there.. Do you get the artifacts in all audio or just your DAW? Is the CPU meter you are reading the one in your PC or the one in your DAW?
  2. I would check the box in the preference menu that says 'Share drivers with other programs'
  3. What are your PC specs? What are your audio interface driver buffer settings set to? What make and model is your audio interface? What else is in your project? What other processes (background and foreground) do you have going on in your PC?
  4. What edits are you doing? What plugins are in this project? I never seen this before when i do edits that do not require bouncing. so maybe you have a plugin and/or doing edits that needs real time processing..
  5. I do not have QuickTime on my DAW and i been running the last 3 versions of Cakewalk/Sonar/Bandlab just fine. Come to think of it, i never had QuickTime installed on any of my PC's/DAW's
  6. Try a different preset , just to rule out the setting for that one you are using. Also, delete that track and make a new track to record your bass on n and insert a new instance of the Ampeg plugin. If it still does it with every pre-set in that plugin, try recording the bass dry and then enabling the Ampeg plugin.
  7. Is the soft synth connected to the MIDI track? This would be my first guess
  8. My 2 cents and it worked for me for over 30 years. If its working the way you want it to work, do not mess with it. If you are having issues and problems, then you need to start troubleshooting why you are having those issues.
  9. Have you tried it? That wouldn't be the easiest what to find out. Just record and select and look at something else while reoccurring. Just try it... My guess (because i don't fully comprehend your question) is that you can look at anything and select things while you are recording. I do that all the time when recording
  10. Try de-selecting the Microsoft GS Wavetable and that may solve your issue Try a different USB cable & What external hardware sound modules are you outputting to?
  11. I have one of the most invasive antiviruses ruining in real time while im using my DAW and i have no problems and dropouts (norton sym) Todays PC's can run virus p[programs and DAWs at the same time
  12. I doubt an antivirus program is causing your drop outs, especially with today's PC's and how streamlined antiviral programs are now. One fast way to find out is to disable the program and see if you are still get drop outs. But drop outs are cured by raising your ASIO or WDM buffers. That should cure it
  13. It probably is because of some of the Edits / Recording and etc you did. Depending on the edits and what ever else you did, those edits can effect the save time. Try another project and see. FYI: I have not noticed any difference after the update.
  14. For me, everything is on the C drive., except audio. I keep that on another Internal hard drive (not external) Today's drives are very powerful and can store large amounts of data. Hey but that is me!! If your drives are suffering, Do what ever works for you and makes your workflow easier, but if it isn't broke, no need to fix it.
  15. What is this so called 'MIDI Stuff' you want to do? Do you want to record actual audio form the machine mk2 inside your DAW? Do you want to play and trigger already recorded MIDI Data form inside your DAW? Do you want to record MIDI Data and have soft synths triggering it inside your DAW? As far as configuring it. What have you done or tried? Do you have it hooked up to your PC? Does your PC recognize the machine? Are you trying to use the 5pin MIDI ins and outs or a USB to connect it to your PC? Did you con figure the ins and out sin the DAW's preference menu? Did you install all the native drivers/firmware for your PC's OS architecture? check this out - https://www.native-instruments.com/en/specials/maschine-setup/ CJ
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