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  1. This is how it works. the wav form will materialize after the recording is completed. The waveform is not real-time, like a dB meter would be. As far as the distortion problem, it can be a few things. It can be a driver issue or a clipping issue. First, i would check your audio interface's drivers and make sure they are up to date and set up correctly. Having the drivers in the worn driver mode and wrong buffer settings can cause artifacts that can to some sound like distortion. If you have an audio interface from a good manufacturer, like MOTU, Focusrite or RME, try ASIO driver mode and try raising your ASIO buffers a bit.. 2nd, I would look at your entire signal chain and check every single gain stage to make sure nothing is clipping.
  2. 1) Is this the CPU reading for your DAW or your PC? 2) How many programs do you have running in your background? 3) What is your sample rate (yes this affects your CPU usage) 4) what is your driver mode setting? (yes this also affects your CPU, as the lower your buffers, the harder the CPU can work.) 30% may be the normal for your PC, DAW and project. Depending on how many tracks, plugins, automation, etc, etc you have goin on, the CPU will be working. If you are not having any problems and everything is running fine, then I would not worry about it. If you are dropping out and getting artifacts, then i would worry about it.
  3. For me, chocolate ice-cream is the best. If you ask my my wife, she would disagree. She thinks pistachio ice-cream is the best. My daughter on the other hand thinks cookies and cream is the best ice-cream.
  4. You cannot change your sample rate for a project, unless you are into the chipmunk sound.. Do you mean your raised your ASIO drivers? That would be the usual fix for that
  5. My first guess would be a routing problem in Cakewalk. Tracks to master bus, sends to bus's, bus's to master bus and master bus to main outs 1/2. That is what comes to mind when you have a discrepancy between 2 DAW's
  6. Can you write down your export properties please. Everything that can be configured in the export property window should be listed. It can be as easy an you not selecting the correct source or as complicated as you not having the correct routing in sonar (All tracks to master bus, all sends to desired bus's, all bus's to master bus, and master bus to main outs)
  7. This looks like a Stereo WAV file to me. Stereo is 2 channels and that is what I am seeing in tour picture. Mono is one channel and you would only see a single wav file, not a left and right channel as you posted.
  8. What OS do you have? Did you install the correct drivers for your OS form the Mackie website? Did you uninstall the onboard sound card? This is important, as ASUIO can only see one sound card. What is your set up (Driver Mode, sample rate, and bit depth?) Installing drivers doesn't set up the audio interface automatically. You need to manually set it up in your PC and DAW
  9. The popped is caused by not cutting the track at a 'zero crossing.' Make sure you have the option selected that says 'cut at zero crossings' also. Then cut your loop and apply a very very very short fade should work perfectly. Make sure the fade envelope is set to 'fast' and try just a frame or 2. It doesn't take much and if you have 'cut at zero crossings' enabled, it may not need a fade.
  10. Try using the 'Import Audio' option and not the 'copy and paste'' option. The new project needs to convert the file to the projects sample rate. It prop cannot do that when you just try to paste it into the new project. FYI: Make sure your import properties are set up correctly
  11. It Worked and my life is just a bit easier now. Thanks!!!
  12. Noel said they were gong to address the now time scroll bar not moving to the center when zooming with control surfaces, as it before before. One of the updates got rid of that options and it was said that they would look into it. Its been 2 or 3 updates later and it still doesn't behave as it used to. Its more of a pain for the users who use control surfaces. When you press the zoom + or - with your muse, it automatically centers the zoom in or outs. The same used to be for the control surfaces that have zoom knobs (wheels, buttons etc etc) A update that happened in the past wiped that out for some reason. Now its a pain to use the zoom with the CTL surface Thank you, CJ
  13. Are you sure the plugin is directed to go to that folder for pre-sets.? Did you migrate the CWB or CWP and audio folder to this new migration?
  14. In mine, i click the preference button on top of my screen in my DAW GUI. But your can be different as you can configure how the menus are displayed in your DAW GUI
  15. You have to check and enable 'share drivers with other programs' in the preference menu of Cakewalk
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