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  1. CJ Jacobson

    ESET Antivirus - Anyone use it?

    I have one of the most invasive antiviruses ruining in real time while im using my DAW and i have no problems and dropouts (norton sym) Todays PC's can run virus p[programs and DAWs at the same time
  2. CJ Jacobson

    ESET Antivirus - Anyone use it?

    I doubt an antivirus program is causing your drop outs, especially with today's PC's and how streamlined antiviral programs are now. One fast way to find out is to disable the program and see if you are still get drop outs. But drop outs are cured by raising your ASIO or WDM buffers. That should cure it
  3. CJ Jacobson

    Slow save

    It probably is because of some of the Edits / Recording and etc you did. Depending on the edits and what ever else you did, those edits can effect the save time. Try another project and see. FYI: I have not noticed any difference after the update.
  4. CJ Jacobson

    Re: Vsts On External Hard Drives

    For me, everything is on the C drive., except audio. I keep that on another Internal hard drive (not external) Today's drives are very powerful and can store large amounts of data. Hey but that is me!! If your drives are suffering, Do what ever works for you and makes your workflow easier, but if it isn't broke, no need to fix it.
  5. CJ Jacobson

    Maschine MK2 - How to even MIDI?

    What is this so called 'MIDI Stuff' you want to do? Do you want to record actual audio form the machine mk2 inside your DAW? Do you want to play and trigger already recorded MIDI Data form inside your DAW? Do you want to record MIDI Data and have soft synths triggering it inside your DAW? As far as configuring it. What have you done or tried? Do you have it hooked up to your PC? Does your PC recognize the machine? Are you trying to use the 5pin MIDI ins and outs or a USB to connect it to your PC? Did you con figure the ins and out sin the DAW's preference menu? Did you install all the native drivers/firmware for your PC's OS architecture? check this out - https://www.native-instruments.com/en/specials/maschine-setup/ CJ
  6. CJ Jacobson

    PC Upgrade Question (not sure where to post this)

    Processor speed and hard drive speed Same as #1, hard drive speed and processor speed. Make use you have a dedicated hard drive for audio only. do not put audio project on your C drive Ram, Processor speed, hard drive speed and how well your audio drivers are written for that audio interface That monitors your entire PC, so you have other programs running in the background. So your PC is doing hundreds of task in the background. FYI: 59% doesn't mean your DAW is using 59%, as you are looking at your entire PC. yuo need to look at the CPU monitors inside your DAW
  7. CJ Jacobson

    2 audio interfaces

    I never saw the OP mention he was using it in his signal chain. If he is, then he can do it, if both cards allow master and slave designation
  8. CJ Jacobson

    2 audio interfaces

    Its impossible to run 2 different audio interfaces for recording. Its a clocking issue (sample rate issue) as even if they are both set to 48kHz, the clocking will be slightly different for each audio interface. If you where to use 2 of the same interfaces and they are capable of being daisy chained, then you can do it. But not 2 different ones So you cannot use 2 different audio interfaces at the same time for recording to get more inputs into your DAW
  9. CJ Jacobson

    Audio Drop Outs & Crashing

    Try adjusting your audio interfaces ASIO buffers. Most likely raise them AND/OR try going into your AUD.INI file and raise the 'DropoutMsec' setting in the aud.ini file. If its too low, it can cause a lot of drop outs that in normal circumstances, may not happen
  10. CJ Jacobson

    Cakewalk Latency Issues

    A Few Things: it can be one or 2 or all the above 1st - When using a laptop with you DAW, the internal hard drives can be at a speed of 5200rpm in most cases. So you should get an external drive that spins at 7200rpm or higher, as 7200rpm s the recommended speed for hard drives. 2nd - Lower your sound card buffers to its lowest possible settings. 3rd - Try using ASIO driver modes, if you are using WDM and make sure you are using the most current version of drivers for your audio interface 4th - If you are using any sort of plugin in your DAW, they can be causing the latency as a lot of plugins have hidden buffers.
  11. CJ Jacobson

    Cakewalk Crash - Blue Screen and Reboot

    The BSOD (Blue screen of death) are usually caused by faulty drivers form a 3rd party manufacturer. Make sure all drivers are up to date that are in your PC and make sure all are compatible with your PC architecture
  12. CJ Jacobson

    Best New Processor

    It depends, its not black and white. It depends on the clock speed and the amount of cores you are comparing. For example, if the clock speed is just slightly lower, I go for the 'more cores and lower clock speed. BUT, if the clock speed is a lot lower, i may go with the faster speed and less cores. They should but it depends on the big picture of all your PC specs. The video card is a piece of the puzzle.
  13. CJ Jacobson

    Change sample rate of file

    If you are maxing out your PC resources, try raising your audio interface drivers to 1024 or what ever setting that makes it larger. If you are at 256, try 512 before going to 1024. As others said, the sample rate cannot be changed unless you export each track at the same rate you want and then import them back into a new project at the new sample rate. Sample rates are your clocking.
  14. CJ Jacobson

    White Vertical Line Not Visible

    You should be able to click on the ruler in the track view and get it back.
  15. CJ Jacobson

    Clip Question

    Are you talking about the margins on the top of a clip from being enabled as a 'Groove clip'? If yes, then you should be able to right click the clip and enabler it as a groove clip again and it will follow the projects tempo and you can stretch it out as well