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  1. Interfaces like the one you have and many others will not color the sound. They are mostly very sterile. You need to use all gain stages to dial in the proper gain.
  2. If i am understanding you correctly, it is because the solo works for that specific track or bus. when you solo a track, the track has the actual audio on it and when you solo just a bus, the bus just has an effect and no actual audio on it. The audio is coming form the track. That is why..
  3. Are both of the MIDI ins and outs enabled in the MIDI preference menu? Also, make sure both are turned on and also make sure windows see's them before opening Cakewalk.
  4. Have you defined your audio interface in Cakewalk. what driver mode is enabled in Cakewalk? An audio interface is Something like a MOTU or Focusrite or RME. Lets say you hve a MOTU interface, you would go to MOTU's website and install their latest drivers onto your PC. Then you would run the wave profiler in Cakewalk to set up your audio interface, making sure all the ins and outs are enabled and if you have something like a MOTU, then i using ASIO driver mode. But i do not know what you have, you never stated, so try all and see what works best for your pc and DAW
  5. You need to mix so you can get it loud enough when you master it. you need to master it to the proper LUFS levels. You can use RMS, but LUFS is more accurate as those meters usually come with short and long term peak reading and that helps a lot. If you want to be as loud as everyone else, you need to do what everyone else does
  6. A couple things to consider. If the project is big, it will need lots of resources and maybe a lower buffer size is not going to work with your current sound card and its drivers. Another thing, If you are using the on-board sound chip, you will not get as good performance, as if you were to use a sound card make for audio recording/production, like form MOTU, RME, Focusrite and so on. On-board sound chips are cheaply made and do not have the drivers written for them to handle such task and that includes the circuitry of the on-board sound chips as well, they are not made for using with a DAW.
  7. Is this GT pedal hooked up to your audio interfaces input? It should be as you do not want to have 2 audio interfaces trying to fight over control, if it snot set up correctly. What levels does it show in the audio interfaces cue mix and in Cakewlak?
  8. I have done entire mixes (stereo wav file) from 88bpm to 110bpm whit no artifacts, so it doesnt matter
  9. In the new Cakewalk version, you would hit CTL and Shift and then click the bottom left corner of the clip and drag it out with your mouse. With SONAR Platinum, i'm pretty sure its you click CTL and ALT and click the bottom right corner of the clip and drag it out with your mouse
  10. NO, but a compressor is used all the time to make sound sustain.
  11. The save function saves for the entire project, not just certain parts or scenes of a project. Its global. Just try saving and see if both scenes are saved
  12. Try raising it in small increments until it stops, this might help fix it. As i said, drop outs are usually cause by your audio interface's drivers and how they are set and how good they are written, so you need to set up your ASIO buffers or WDM slider settings to what ever settings are optimal for you and your project at hand. There are no best settings, you have to experiment and find what works for you, your sound card drivers and your projects.
  13. Overclocking will not cause dropouts in Cakewalk or any other DAW. Dropouts are caused by the CPU load being too high and the audio cannot be buffered within the buffer rate you set it to. This can be because of your audio sound card drivers not being at a setting that is efficient for that specific Cakewalk project you have open at that specific time. In other words, raise your buffers to keep up with the current work-load. FYI: There is also a setting in the aud.ini file that deals with how Cakewalk dropouts. Its called the 'dropoutmsec' or something close to that. You may want to raise that setting.
  14. What are you having trouble with? hooking it up? Triggering MIDI so a soft synth can make sound or Triggering it through a hardware synth? Controlling Velocity? Triggering loops? Latency?
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