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  1. Are you talking about MIDI outputs or audio outputs? If its MIDI, you need to make sure all channels are enabled.
  2. Windows has nothing to do with sound quality. Your audio interface and its D/A converters have everything to do with your sound quality. When you upgrade your windows, you need to make sure your audio interface has the latest drivers installed for that version of windows. Then you need to adjust the driver buffers for optimal playback and recording latency. Examples, ASIO drivers set at buffers of 256.
  3. Sidney, If you are using plugin effects that are only meant for mixing and/or mastering, then you should not have those enabled when you are still recording. Certain plugins that are meant for mixing and/or mastering and not Recording, have hidden buffers in them. Do not use any plugin in the recording stage that have hidden buffers in them and that are meant for mixing and mastering. Insert them after the tracks are recorded. It makes no difference as they are Non-Destructive. So they are not getting printed onto the track anyways
  4. I have a zillion questions, as you left out a lots of details regarding how you have your audio interface set up in Cakewalk. I'll start with these question first, 1. What audio interface are you using 2. Did you define that interface in Cakewalk? 3. How did you define the audio interface? What driver mode and other settings did you set it up with? 4. Did it just stop working? Or are you trying for the 1st time?
  5. It all depends on your knowledge of your soft synths you own and your knowledge in all the audio effects you own. Editing a sound to make it sound like another sound takes a lot of talent, trained ears, and knowing all your audio & MIDI effects inside and out. The easiest way to go about this is not starting with a bass sound that gets to sound like Korn's Bass sound, which I love as a bass player. Korn's bass has saturation/distortion ad its heavy in the MID and HIGH frequencies. This is far off form a HIP HOP bass sound. You need to start with a sound that is close to where you want to end up. Then you use your knowledge of your audio effects to carve the sound you want. It also depends on the arrangement of the mix, the other instrument sin the mix and the vibe and feel you want for the entire song. It is unteachable, as the same bass guitar sound can sound different in 20 different songs it is mixed into. This is why learning your tools and starting off with a similar bass sound is the most important step.
  6. Start your songs on beat 1, measure 2. apparently, the buffers need time to react. So beat 1 measure 1 may not be enough time
  7. You can do what ever works best for you and the sound. what you do depends on if you like the sound or not. You can lower the fader or lower the plugins input or output or both or all the above. Why do you say its not good? did you try it and di the sound change so much you didn't like it? Lowering the faders doesn't trick anything. It just lowers the track dB levels at the track level. There is no trickory here. Its black and white. If you lower a fader, you raise the volume and dB. the reverse happens when you lower a volume. Lets say you have a 40 tracks project, the faders on all the tracks will have to be lower than a project with 20 tracks. That is math, not trickery. Just to sum up, you lower what ever gets you your desired sound. There are no right or wrong ways as long as you get the sound you want in the end,.
  8. You can do what ever sounds best for that specific guitar in that specific mix. There are no rules and you can do anything you want as far as routing and bus'ing, as long as you like the sound. Every song/mix will need different things done to it. Every different guitar sound will need different things done to it, in order to fit in the mix. So with this info, you just do what ever is needed.
  9. You can, if that gets you the desires sound, stereo field and space you want form your drums and mix.
  10. The send level controls how much of the signal goes to the bus.
  11. It is always better to have your PC turned on first, then power up your audio interface and other peripherals, like MIDi controllers and such. QUESTION: Did you delete the old MOTU drivers and install the newest MOTU drivers for your new MOTU interface? Some projects need more or less resources to playback at an optimal performance. After you delete the old drivers and install the new drivers for your new MOTU, go into the preference menu in Cake and enable 'share drivers with other programs' Yes, you are right about it being a sample rate issue. I think if you delete the old drivers and then install the latest and greatest from MOTU's website, you will be fine.
  12. I would not rely on using the pre-sets for any of the amp sims and this includes any effects as well. Assuming the dry guitar was recorded good, you can make any guitar sounds from the list of amp Sims you have. They key is to learn everything about each amp sim you use. Then you can dial in the sound with ease whiteout relying on pre-sets. The person who make the presets did not have your taste, your song, your guitar sound in mind and they are usually overly exaggerated as well. Just learn what each knob, setting, dial, cabinet and speaker selection does to the sound and then dial in the sounds you want.
  13. When its glowing (enabled), it means audio is going through the Prochanel and processing the audio.
  14. You can see as many or as little tracks as your screen fits. You can adjust each track height and width with your mouse and the zoom can be controlled by the little plus and minus signs on the bottom of the screen. You can also move tracks so they are next to one another. With a few mouse movements, I can see 2 or 22 tracks on my screen. Is there something that i am missing?
  15. Its probably all the way at the end somewhere off screen. Scroll to find it. It probably has embedded info in it that makes it go to lets say measure 121, beat 2
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