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  1. Dear Scook, Thanks so much - once again you have helped me out, and it is greatly appreciated. I got BFD3 because a friend has it and I have worked with him using it; so I have a little familiarity with it (but not very much!). Unfortunately, he uses Pro Tools and has no knowledge of CbB. I will follow your instructions; AND the one to learn the plugin!! Thanks again, Dave
  2. Thanks so much, I'll try and get my head around that! I am constantly amazed by how great the people on this forum are...
  3. Sorry, I'm fairly new to CbB and I've only had SI drums to play with up until now, so I didn't understand your reply. Will I have to reload BFD3 into a new track and set the track outputs at that time? Sorry if I sound a bit dumb, I'm a bit confused...please assume I need to be walked through the procedure, if you have the time. Dave
  4. Erm no, I just dragged it to the track pane! Ok, how do I put this right please?
  5. Hi Friends, I have acquired BFD3 and want to record the outputs onto individual tracks. I watched a video where the presenter changed the default output for each drum to mono1, mono2 etc and then set his DAW track inputs accordingly - but he was using Logic or somesuch. I tried to do the same in my DAW and it didn't work... Can anyone please tell me how to do this in CbB? I would imagine it is the same procedure for any drum synth with multiple outputs... Thanks, Dave
  6. I never thought of that; it probably wouldn't have occurred to me since I always designate each midi track a unique channel. Thanks for reassuring me that the track will save to only one channel as a midi file, since I regularly swap files with other users. Thanks for your help 👍
  7. @Kurre I tried that, made no difference. Oh well, I'm only writing one note at a time, I need to edit anyway so...
  8. Hi John, I did that but it still insists on assigning each new note I write to channel 1, so I have to keep correcting it. Do you think it's maybe a bug then? Dave
  9. Hi Friends, I'm currently editing a midi track in CbB. The track happens to be set to channel 6, to match the external synth, but every time I add a note it is writing the new note as channel 1 and I have to keep changing the note's data using the edit tool. I can't see how to change the default write setting to match the track channel. Please can someone tell me how to do this? Thanks
  10. DSL

    view multiple plugins?

    Oh thankyou sir! As easy as that huh?! many thanks 👍
  11. DSL

    view multiple plugins?

    Hi friends, Is it possible to have more than one plugin on screen at a time? For instance, could I have a track EQ open to adjust, whilst also being able to see a metering plugin? Countless times I have wanted to be able to do this! I expect the answer is yes but I can't find anything in the online help. If you know how to do this please let me know. Thanks
  12. DSL

    Clips and tracks

    Thankyou, I was able to do exactly what I wanted! Lord there's so much to learn...
  13. DSL

    Clips and tracks

    Many thanks I'll have a look at this. I appreciate you taking the time to answer what are probably obvious things to yourself - I can only hope that one day a lot of these things will be obvious to me...
  14. DSL

    Clips and tracks

    Hi Friends, Another potentially dumb question I'm afraid... I've been audio editing a vocal track, getting rid of little clicks and pops and putting in fades etc. I'm new to this. Obviously when I finished I had a lot of separate clips, when what I wanted was a revised track. So I looked up the online manual and thought I'd understood what to do. However, now I've got one big clip, and when I tried to duplicate the track it was empty...aargh! I can copy the clip to another track, but that makes getting it in the right place a bit tricky, and in any case I want a track that I can bounce to file. Sorry to ask yet another dumb question of you good folks but will somebody explain how to end up with an edited track not clip? Many thanks!
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