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  1. I did a few months ago. The voucher was $25.
  2. Well, there went another 50 bucks for the Blackhole upgrade. Don’t try the demo unless you want to upgrade. Trust me. LOL
  3. Tommy, multi outs aren’t implemented yet. It’s way up on their requested list, along with hardware inserts, but not yet.
  4. It autosaves all the time. It's both good and bad. I'd definitely prefer a choice though.
  5. I think it's pretty amazing and I'd LOVE to have it but since I'm just a schmuck who does this for fun, it's way out of my price range.
  6. Yea, been on their mailing list for years. LOL. I did get one a bit ago but I had to reach out and ask. Probably shouldn’t sweat it since I have way too many plugins as it is, but…. since we’re all addicts here, we’ll, you know.
  7. How do you get on the list for these? I bought a bunch of stuff from them in the past few months and even jumped on the subscription but I haven’t seen any.
  8. I've been testing this out and it's pretty nice! Tons of presets and it's super easy to tweak. Doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it makes it easy to get good results fast. I'm on the MEGA sub but this one might get added to the list of ones to pick at the end. We'll see.
  9. Bad Speaker actually sounds really good on synths at the highest setting. Brings in a lot of depth and girth. The 2 lower speakers are a bit too much but I can see them working in certain situations. Worth it at full price? Not sure, my upgrade was only 15 bucks so I figured why not? I kinda dig it. Try the demo and see what you think.
  10. Ya know, if the DO go with a subscription like EW or Musio, I’m not sure I’d be disappointed. There are a LOT of Spitfire libraries I’d love to check out but I’m not about to drop a ton of money to find out and hope it’s what I want. If I could test them for a month or two, that would be awesome. And if the price is right for a sub, maybe I’d try it for a year. But if the sub is just for Labs, then no, not interested.
  11. Yea, I jumped on the for the British Channel too. Already had Tape and the Model 84, but that’s definitely well worth the price alone. An outstanding Juno.
  12. I haven't had any issues at all with Sonoma. Or with NI in general. I guess I've been lucky.
  13. If you’re a fan of spring reverb, this might be the best one out there right now. I have a few and this beats them all. A really nice “air”-iness that sits nicely around everything. It’s not a million times better than the others, but there’s a subtle enough of a difference that you’ll definitely notice it. Well worth a demo.
  14. I think Pro-R2 is pretty amazing and easily one of my go-to's now..
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