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  1. This is a really nice delay. Absolutely worth the price.
  2. I'm really impressed with V3 and the new drive. It doesn't seem like a big addition but it definitely adds what was missing for me before. Even with just a slight bump, it brings everything to life. I used SGear a lot in the past and then kinda abandoned it for a long time. Bought the upgrade last year on a whim, kinda liked it for a while, and then it went away again so I was happy to see the V3 upgrade was free for me. AmpRoom with the Marshall upgrades is still king for me but this has certainly jumped up in the rankings based on a few hours with it.
  3. Did anyone else lose all they "Favorite" stars with the last update? Mine all went away. That was a lot of work too.
  4. They're gone. I apologize for the disruption.
  5. You might want to compare the sizes of the files already installed with the sizes listed in Project Manager. I had to hit the "reinstall" button to update all the ones I downloaded because the sizes were radically different. (I had the CS version before the Group Buy and the PM assumed everything was installed when it actually wasn't).
  6. All my old hybrid presets are still in there even with the V9 upgrade.
  7. Ahhh, OK, that makes sense. Man, they really need to get someone on board who can clearly explain things like this. It would make Peter's job soooo much easier! He shouldn't have to do this on every single message board. I really feel bad the guy every time they release something. LOL!
  8. So if the group buy wasn't happening and someone bought the SE version and then bought individual synths to max it out, they wouldn't get the multi's. Wow. What a wonderful customer-friendly company this is. Why are they not included with each synth model?? Makes no sense at all. I'm constantly torn with IK. On one hand, I really like some of their stuff, but on the other, it's clearly obvious that all they really care about is selling product. And yea, thats what a business does, but they don't even pretend to care about the customer! LOL!!
  9. Did anyone else notice when you updated everything in Software center that they changed the name of the OB-Xa to OP-Xa? Still sounds the same, just odd that had to do that.
  10. Thanks! That worked. I didn’t even realize they had the installers on the website.
  11. If anyone picked up the Syner-V synth, can you do ma a favor and check to see if the installer actually installed Parts 1 and 2? I only have parts 3-6 in the IK Product Manager folder which also means that any preset below the letter "F" is missing and I get errors trying to open. I've reinstalled twice and it's no different.
  12. Man, I really don't understand IK's way of thinking anymore. The make some really great stuff..... but then they destroy all of it by their confusing marketing, what works with what, installation confusion, Jam Points, you name it. Take a look at pretty much any forum. IK is trashed for this everywhere. They HAVE to know this! I can only imagine them saying "Well, people still buy our stuff so nothing's broken" or "We have no idea how to reel this mess back in so let's just look away and keep putting out new stuff". They really need to do something at this point because there's a lot of people that have moved away from the brand because they just don't want to deal with it anymore, despite how good some of their stuff is. I just hope they can figure it out.
  13. Release

    Arturia EFX fragments

    See if you can demo them first but I absolutely LOVE the Intensity Reverb and the three Delays (I'm a big fan of massive reverb). I played with Bus Force yesterday a little more and really liked it on a drum bus (it does take up quite a but of CPU though). I've had it for months now and haven't gotten too far with the others but everything I've tried have been really nice. More toys isn't a bad thing, and I'm sure you'd like having the options, but you seem pretty covered. Like the rest of us here, it's probably more of a "want" than a "need"? LOL!
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