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  1. Man, IK Multimedia are the Kings of "one step forward, 2 steps back". I really love some of your stuff, and I get excited when I see new stuff from you, but every product rollout you do is just a confusing mess. To me (and I'd assume pretty much everyone else here) v2 means Version 2, which would indicate that it's an update to the software itself and not just additional bundled content. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the added content, but it's very misleading to customers. Peter, I know you do your best, and we all appreciate your presence, but have you brought it up to the powers that be that every time something new comes out you need to spend weeks on forums clarifying the information that should have been crystal clear from the launch?
  2. I bought this about a week ago and have absolutely no regrets. And for $35 bucks, it's a steal. It's like a cross between a Rhodes and a Wurly and it gives you an insane amount of options from pure sounds to sound design. Highly recommended IMO.
  3. I bought the upgrade to Max a few weeks ago. I figured it'd be cheaper to go that route then update, say, Amplitude to V5 on it's own when it came out since I already own a few of the Max suites. Kinda disappointed to be honest. I was expecting updates, like, SampleTank 5, AmpliTube 5, Syntronik 3 etc. and not just a bunch of existing libraries being added. Is that how it's always been?
  4. Yea, I did. I tried the H&W piano for a few days and sadly did the return. I couldn't justify it (but LOVE their electrics!). H&W is great piano, but since most of what I play on piano is by itself, it wasn't as warm and full as I was getting from Chroma, this has THE sound I was looking for. I have no idea how well it sits in a mix though. I would imagine H&W and Ascend fit in much better.
  5. I bought this when it came out and I still LOVE it. Fantastic sound and super versatile. Noire was my go-to before this and this beats it on every level for the sound I like.
  6. Oh yea, night and day for my tastes. I haven't tried any of the Tonex captures yet but it's much better than the AmpliTube version IMO..
  7. I had zero interest in this until I watched Rabea's video. I downloaded the trial.... and it sounds spectacular. Damn it. 😆
  8. Release

    PA Amp Alarm

    Same here. I get on ToneNet every few weeks and harvest a bunch of different amps that catch my ear and just..... play...... instead of endlessly tweaking.
  9. All the software that I've bought in the last few years through Sweetwater have all been downloads.
  10. Yea, I think I paid around 80 and it was totally worth it at that price. For 40 bucks (and if you like the Juno sound) just get it. It's an outstanding version and probably my favorite that I've heard.
  11. Same here. I had to contact them yesterday since the actual sound bank wasn't listed in my downloads. They fixed it, I installed it, went to register.... and.....invalid. 😆
  12. This is a really nice delay. Absolutely worth the price.
  13. I'm really impressed with V3 and the new drive. It doesn't seem like a big addition but it definitely adds what was missing for me before. Even with just a slight bump, it brings everything to life. I used SGear a lot in the past and then kinda abandoned it for a long time. Bought the upgrade last year on a whim, kinda liked it for a while, and then it went away again so I was happy to see the V3 upgrade was free for me. AmpRoom with the Marshall upgrades is still king for me but this has certainly jumped up in the rankings based on a few hours with it.
  14. Did anyone else lose all they "Favorite" stars with the last update? Mine all went away. That was a lot of work too.
  15. They're gone. I apologize for the disruption.
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