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  1. Learn from my mistake and buy it direct from Best Service, unless your euro exchange rate is better than mine. Best Service has it for $119. Sonuscore charged me 111.22 euros which converted to around $129.
  2. Hey, I wouldn't complain. My loyalty pricing as an v1 owner just 8 months ago was $249.99.
  3. artturner

    Zero G Epica

    It's showing as $58.95 for me, is there a coupon?
  4. Bowed Glass Clouds is a cinematic virtual instrument running in NI’s Kontakt. Its morphing pad engine creates rich, organic evolving textures with sounds sourced from bowed glass bowls and jars. Free until July 31 https://riotaudio.com/product/bowed-glass-clouds/
  5. I think you talked me into this. I'm at K10U and all I really need is Kontakt 6 and Massive X.
  6. Anyone have this and still think it's a good idea? $29 sounds nice, but $700...are there 10 plugins there worth $700 collectively?
  7. I guess that's what the kids nowadays say the priest is doing.
  8. artturner

    XLN Audio XO

    Just picked this up because right now anything that can make sense of the rats' nest of samples I have is welcomed. Discounters knocking off $20 to $27, your preferred shop may also if you ask.
  9. artturner

    UVI Woosh

    And I could score the deadlines whooshing by...
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