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  1. I'm really torn on this one. On one hand, I think I can accomplish the same thing within my current DAWs now that I see the concept. On the other hand, I have FOMO about what it might become and how early adopters might be rewarded. Oh well, just broadcasting my personal issues I guess.
  2. I'm just trying out Ableton now, but I think the answer is yes you can. Not negative on Unify, just trying to understand it, btw.
  3. Although it looks cool and I kind of want to get it, isn't this pretty much how instrument racks in Ableton work?
  4. It just says "Thank you for your purchase during our Year-End Sale 2019!"
  5. "ARCTA is a celebration of our very first offering in the world of cinematic preset collections. Created exclusively for OMNISPHERE (2.6.2 or later), ARCTA represents the cold stillness of winter on the frozen tundra. Haunting textures and ambiences, bitterly cold arps and sequences, and frostbitten basses, mallets, and strings round out this special collection of 40 presets. FREE for a very limited time!" https://www.hiddenpathaudio.com/arcta
  6. Serials arrived as well--Scheps Omin Channel, CLA Mix Hub, AR Studio 3 and Submarine. A nice little after Christmas present.
  7. Order placed at MF, we'll see what happens.
  8. It's a surprisingly deep library. Lots of possibilities for ambient style music. I paid considerably more for it, but I have used it. *For Kontakt FULL
  9. Thanks for posting this. Checking in to say that it worked fine for me, although I already had accounts in all the right places.
  10. As a known sucker for these deals loyal customer, I got an email with an additional $100 off. Check your email if you own other SampleLogic guitar instruments.
  11. Seems like it wasn't working anyway. Kept saying MPS3 was not activated on my email, even tho it showed in my account on the website and in the portal. Ticket sent.
  12. If you had MPS 2.1, then Ozone 9 advanced is the only addition. The two exponential audio reverbs are downloaded outside of the portal.
  13. artturner

    Heavyocity Ascend

    Also available at Heavyocity: https://heavyocity.com/product/ascend/ Although I have many pianos, this one is tempting.
  14. Paying in GBP and using loyalty points at Time+Space brought this down to around $70 (with PayPal's less than generous conversion rate).
  15. Downloaded the demo. I really like this. It also reveals in startling clarity that I have no idea what I'm doing.
  16. You are 100% correct. Wow! But now I have $49 to spend on something.
  17. I have the older elevate bundle with elevate and equivocate. But it's still showing $49 for me. Doesn't seem like much of a sale.
  18. Not opening for me either.
  19. Sonarworks will also let you calibrate your monitors using a mic so that your particular room can be corrected. If AR had that, it would be more interesting to me.
  20. artturner

    updated RME drivers

    And for Babyface Pro also. Thanks for the heads up!
  21. They are also selling it for $69 at APD (assuming you have some APD bucks): https://audioplugin.deals/smartcomp-by-sonible/?utm_source=APD+Subscribers&utm_campaign=1baddd3e34-smart%3Acomp_New_In_Shop&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_766211a9e5-1baddd3e34-38942225&ct=t(smart:comp_New_In_Shop)&mc_cid=1baddd3e34&mc_eid=63fead6b67
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