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  1. Not a flash sale price but Brute’s only $29 @ PB Ujam Brute
  2. Ric

    UJAM Sparkle 2 Released

    On the contrary Reid. I’ve found many people on VI:Control hold you in some reverence and are often very complimentary. It’s a top forum and has some of the biggest names in music as members (though they don’t always reveal who they are). Unfortunately there are some others that are unable to articulate politely nor sensitively. Personally I always look forward to your posts, videos and to hearing your music. Your appreciation of melody matches mine - and hopefully many others. I like Ujam too although I find their interfaces unconventional and hard to operate, particularly in real time. I also share your enthusiasm for BIAB (and Henry Clarke’s, unfortunately he only appears to post on PG Music forums). Finally I think you are a true practioner of the old adage “10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration” and should be admired for it. ATB Ric
  3. Can’t see an issue with this developer alluding to the names of artists. They emulate the sounds very well plus the playing’s very good. One wonders how they put it all together though. Also in a post a few months there was an inaccurate statement that the developer was using commercial vinyl for their vinyl samples. However, their website only admits to ‘vinyl’. No mention of commercial. BTW Alan White was the drummer on Imagine, Andy White (no relation) played on on Love Me Do.
  4. Neither ‘Play’ nor cart seem to work on a phone or pad browser.. They work fine on a desktop though.
  5. Ric

    IK Comprexxor for free

    Dancetech on YouTube provides an in-depth review plus explanations re Comprexxor https://youtu.be/oxQwPI8cil8
  6. Ric

    Larry, where you at!

    It may be that he is unwell or some misfortune has befallen him and he cannot come to party :(
  7. From the M-audio sign up form: 1. First and foremost, do you own an M-Audio Oxygen Pro controller? Please note, if you do not own or have access to an M-Audio Oxygen Pro controller, you cannot take part in this beta programme.
  8. There’s a whole thread on this at Gearspace: AnyDayLong The drums are good-sounding and are very similar to the styles/eras they represent. I like the Stones one but do not feel entirely comfortable buying. Even at these ultra affordable prices. Are there known copyright or other issues, is there proof the samples are being pinched from elsewhere?
  9. Same here. Pianos too.
  10. +1. Sounds seriously pro.
  11. Ric

    Zero G Deeva

    You probably know this already but scroll down to Voices in this ST4 Max list. They have limited manipulation and no phrases or complex adjustments like East West's Hollywood Backup Singers but they do the job IMO.
  12. Spleeter by Deezer is the pro way to go but is complex. Ezstems uses Spleeter, saves you grief of working with Spleeter. Splitter AI is easy and gets you 5 tracks. —————— Stems/tracks may require cleaning up after download but they’re a great starting point. Good luck!
  13. I’m a Mac user and work, generally, in Logic Pro X. I say generally because I like Reason for the rack and other technological simulations. However, its complexities and sequencer graphics are off-putting, although from Reason 11 onwards the rack plug-in can be used in other DAWs. I didn’t actually leave the business pre-web. My biog is titled 1969-1979 because it encompasses a decade+ and I ceased working for a company in ‘79. I went on to do other things on a freelance basis and they’ll be detailed in the 2nd volume’s lengthy postscript. As regards distasteful aspects of the industry: much of this is idiocy and incompetence; sometimes just plain ignorance and naivety. But one cannot ignore that there was nastiness practiced by a few unpleasant people and unfairness perpetually dished out by record labels and music publishers. Some useful informative insights to ‘the business’ can be found by subscribing online (for free) to: The Lefsetz Letter and Music Business Worldwide ATB Ric
  14. https://amzn.to/3pBkYry
  15. You’re not obliged to tell of things you know of although they may well be interesting. The 2nd part of my biog (to be published in November) will talk about negative occurrences I witnessed or experienced in the business. But, no I didn’t personally see any underhand tactics, there is plenty of that sort of thing revealed in artist biographies or autobiographies.
  16. I was in the UK industry - records and music publishing - in pre-internet days and worked with some of the biggest artists in the world. I never witnessed any of the type of unscrupulous activity described regarding big name artists. Record labels in those days couldn’t pre-order their own product nor could they buy radio play. No offence but it’s this type of misinformation that breeds inaccuracies all around the ‘net and in the media. The only real radio influence in Britain was BBC Radio One and where it was very hard to get plays. Sure there were more than a few commercial stations and BBC local radio but they didn’t create sales. You had to be on Radio One and even then on the ‘A List’. Being on the B or C list was nice but didn’t ensure plays. It was different in the States whereby all sorts of tricks were tried including the provision of entertainment for record dealers and radio personnel, plus the placing of reports in trade papers Billboard, Cashbox, and Record World advising that such and such an album had ‘shipped gold (or even platinum)’. Well, it may have shipped gold/platinum but not sold those numbers. The returns quite often would have totalled as many as were shipped out ... but they would have received a few radio plays.
  17. This YouTuber has some useful tips on reflections issues (apologies Reid if you’ve already seen it) - How to avoid glasses glare in video
  18. Good idea in every respect Reid. Success is assured
  19. Good. Then we can hear some more material like that “Abingdon Square” song (which is on the way to completion, yes?). re the movie recollections: you have a great memory and background Reid. Revelations such as yours puts things on record properly, from one who knows and was there. So much misinformation gets put out by people who weren’t there, don’t know, are guessing or just making it up. Keep going!
  20. Same here. Told IK a number of times but still no joy :(
  21. Ric

    Upgrade to Analog Lab V

    Same here. Agree 100%.
  22. ‘Ric, I've found a few minor editing errors, but I am enjoying the read!’ Thanks Tom, I acknowledge there’s some corrections needed but hopefully they don’t detract too much.
  23. Merry Christmas to all! My gift to you is the Kindle edition of Part 1 of my biography. These recollections of my time as a UK recording engineer look back on an era where capture of a performance and a good sound were paramount. They could only be achieved using ‘ears’ and ingenuity supported by minimal technology, unassisted by computers, sequencers or plug-ins, none of which existed in studios at the time. Download it for free on Amazon 24th, 25th and 26th December 2021. Start and end dates are midnight Pacific Time. Amazon UK Amazon Germany Amazon.com Amazon Canada Amazon Australia Amazon Japan
  24. The ‘friend’ referral has been created by Larry, therefore payment is $69. A great find and thanks to Fleer for posting it.
  25. How how bizarre. When I look it up I get this.
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