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  1. Another thank you here! I am not a fan of the built in themes at all. Your Tuncury themes are always my preference. I appreciate you keeping them usable thru update cycles.
  2. Whoa! No s***. That's great. Thanks for the reply. The Triton VST includes all the expansions made for the instrument. Now I just need to find the .ins for that. Me thinks I'm gonna have to try to create it - the mother of all Triton instrument definitions. Not to mention the other 50 or so VST's I'd love to be able to do patch selection on. Suddenly I'm feeling overwhelmed :).
  3. Is there any way/workaround to send patch changes to a VST? The VST is Triton VST, a well done virtual of the Korg Triton. It does not expose it's bank/patch information that I can see but does respond to patch changes. I discovered this inadvertently when I rerouted tracks with other bank/patch information and the Triton munged all my patch selections I made within the VST instance. I have a Triton .ins file I can start with and used quite reliably with my hardware Triton. I'm finding the virtual Triton a very usable 'piece of gear' and would love to save the time I waste manually setting up a combination and then often redoing it after I route tracks that have other bank/patch information in them. Hmmm. Maybe this is a feature request in disguise. Let instrument definitions hold VST maps. The DAW landscape is as much software as it is hardware these days, might be a valuable evolution. Any input appreciated.
  4. Thanks all for the responses. A lot of useful information here. If memory serves I made the conscious choice to accept some software obsolescence and be more deliberate in plugins I used when Platinum came along, especially if I intended to open the project into the future. I see on my 'B' DAW (backup) I have X1, X2, and X3 plus Platinum. On my 'A' DAW (primary) I only have Platinum. I'm going to go with Platinum and CbB. When the dreaded/inevitable missing plugins occurs on some project I'll make a choice then whether to restore or replace.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Suspected this is where it would end up. It's good to hear it confirmed. As a Cakewalk user since Professional Ver. 3 for Win 3.1(!), I've been through the custom install at least a few times to find this, that, or the other thing I think I need. It can get dizzying and I've sometimes had to go through it 2 or 3 times to find what I'm looking for. But it is what it is and that's what I'll do. Sonar Platinum custom to ensure I tick the right boxes, followed by CbB to bring projects up to a current Sonar build.
  6. I'm prepping a new DAW build. I'd be happy to go directly to the latest Sonar by BandLab release, but have a concern about bundled plugins used across some 450 projects. I know I've used the BT Compressor pretty liberally. Things like the bundled Breverb reverb are also present, probably a handful of Sonitus FX. There is also Dimension Pro and a healthy dose of Z3TA2, but I assume my separate installers for the paid versions will still work for those. Is there a reference for what is still present, and what third party effects/VST's have been deprecated? I'll be deciding between: * installing Sonar Platinum first and updating (parallel installing?) BandLab Sonar * going right to BandLab Sonar - probably cleaner but may 'break' multiple projects Any input appreciated.
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