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  1. Thank you Aidan, Random and brainless circumstances had me looking deeper into the band a few days ago, and realized I'd missed a whole lot besides hearing a pop hit fly by. Realized how cool they were. Yeah, RIP Maria. John
  2. Four nuns are driving cross town to go to the Wednesday night bingo game. Unfortunately a head on collision with a truck. All were immediately killed. Next thing they know, they are at the gates of heaven looking at God. God said, there was a problem since with instant death, there might be sins unforgiven that would keep them from getting into heaven. Since they hadn’t made it to Sunday confession, they might have to go to hell. However, God was there to hear their confessions. If the sin was very minor, God would forgive and they could go to heaven. God would take their confessions in order. The first nun said, well… I did do a minor sin. I saw the private parts of a man. God trembled and almost passed out. When He regained consciousness, He told the nun that this was no minor sin, but was the mortal sin of lust. She had to burn in hell for all eternity. God called his devil assistance and told them to throw her over the cliff into the brimstone pit. The devils were prodding the nun with their pitchforks toward the abyss. The nun pleaded with God. I know you are all forgiving. I just walked into the room when the priest was getting out of the shower. I didn’t mean to watch him. I felt terrible and was going to confess on Sunday. Can’t you do anything? God told the devils to wait, and went into a deep state of introspection. He waved His hand and there appeared a large vessel of Holy Water. He told the nun… Sister, come forward and put your face into the water. Open your eyes and the sins of thy transgression will be washed away. The nun did as directed and her sins were forgiven and she went to heaven. The second nun was up for confession. Well it was like this. I…uh.. I mean… I touched the private pasts of a man. God went into a seizure. His eyes rolled up and foaming at the mouth. He blacked out and fell off His throne. The angels came down flapping their wings to revive Him. God woke up somewhat shaken and didn’t even talk to the nun. He told the devils, go get her boys, she’s yours. The second nun was about to be prodded over the ledge. She cried to God… Hey God, you are supposed to be able to do all things. I’m really sorry for what I did. I felt bad and was really going to do confession on Sunday. I promise I won’t do it again. Please, please. Please… God went into a profound trance. He told the nun that her sin was almost more than even He had the power to forgive. He told her to come forward and wash her hands in the Holy Water that her grievous sin may be forgiven. The nun washed her hands and went to heaven. God said, next. The third nun was about to come up for confession when the nun in the back cut her off and came up next. God was a bit confused. He told the nun that her action wasn’t according to proper protocol. Why did she cut ahead in line. Nun said, I wanted to gargle before she sits in it.
  3. Same here. Slurped up the 100 buk upgrade a month before and out of the grace period for the free upgrade. Wisdom says to wait til the last minute before impulsively firing up the plastic card.. John
  4. Nice surprise, Ain't gone thru the whole thing yet, but the overdrive stomp needs to go back to the design crew unless bit crush breakup is what you are after. Terrible. Critical thing (for me) is the Octaver stomp. Don't know how many companies have done their best to inflict a lower octave tracker. All have ended up in mud and artifacts . Not that IK is immune to lingering problems, but a breath of fresh air as to where we are currently trying to get it right. Got to be the best so far. Free download and worth every free penny of it. Thank you IK. Might get my Byrds 12 string together after all. John
  5. John K

    WA Production Orchid

    Kinda generic cool, but some serious latency going on.
  6. Thanks Billy for the heads up. Komplete owners can upgrade to ver 12 for $99. Hard to pass this up since more and more new libraries are requiring Kontakt 6. John
  7. Big update regarding the means to shift the basic reference frequency. All the new upgrade hundred atonal scales is a waste for me. Never used these from any developer. Probably from not understanding them and too much challenge already trying to just keep the 12 tone scale straight. Really excellent synth. John
  8. Ain't sober yet, but got 3 macho reverb IR's that will knock your sox off if I can find them. Comin' soon. John
  9. Hi Kevin, You right that there are some differences. I looked at the wasteland of my IR's hoarded over time. Tried to reconcile the insane number of files I have accumulated versus the utility, or really the end point using of any of them to make a difference that justifies the excess. Realized that I had to break the box. Gigabytes of a thousand lexicons that sound the same as a thousand biscottis, that sound like a thousand other die for impulses that no one can make music without. Jeez... Getting too old for this, but realizing that a very few basic IR's cover about all the ground needed to actually produce something without getting lost in the wasteland of chasing the perfect tone before we can create anything. Will post a download site once I sober up enough. Took a long church cathedral and warped the hell out of it. Reversed, pitch shift, flanged independent rates right and left stereo. Not your father's IR. Then did an inspiring IR translation from a university project to record the longest reverb trail so far discovered. Took the thing and done an IR about half a minute long. Cut off the last minute or so. Going back to the ancient rock n' roll masters and what they had to work with. They had a Fender spring reverb and a couple tone controls. Only so much time to micronize the settings. Had to create. Not the luxury we have today to get lost in the wasteland of chasing the perfect sound without actually creating the perfect sound. On that note, saw a good word of wisdom somewhere that advised that the idea of perfection will never happen but the chase can keep us strangled trying to reach it. Idea was, get it out the door while we still can. Will never be perfect but if we try to realize perfection, nobody will hear us. John
  10. Got to agree with ensconced. Mostly maybe because ears and brain are too deaf of not sophisticated enough to hear the glory. The amp sims and cabinets always hit me as some eq variant that never gets near the mark of the real thing. Doesn't matter what designer cab I chose, what mic or where it is placed. Just eq and a few millisec delay L/R to mimic change in mic position. Can do the same permutations with a decent parametric eq and a generic stereo "enhancer". Probably missing a lot, but same thing became apparent as I went into a dead end feast amassing my gigabytes collection of reverb convolution IR's. Got to a point where I realized that they all sound the same, just a difference in short or long. John
  11. To Michael, don't want to downplay the severity of this. One death in New Jersey or anywhere else is too many fatalities for some grieving family. We are in a crisis but all is interwoven into a dynamic where sensible and appropriate response often spills over into a wider reactivity that in itself can cause harm if not balanced. My point is that we are experiencing damage both from the virus and our reaction to the presence of the virus when the social response is maladaptive, based more on fear than fact. Everything across the spectrum from hoarding toilet paper to scams preying on the fear factor and everything inbetween. I am an optimist. We will soon come out of this. Permanently changed somewhat, but stronger for it. I can predict that we will within a year or so have a vaccine to prevent, medications and technologies to treat. Individual health hygiene will include a yearly COVID shot along with the flu shot because I don't think this thing is going to go away. Neighbor and friends are sewing masks and came up with another great idea. Sewing two pipe cleaners into the upper part of the mask. Evidently takes two to bend and hold shape. John
  12. Thanks Sheens, and pray that you, loved ones, family are safe. Masks definitely help stop some spread from the infected to those not infected. Protection for the not infected public is something we have not worked out yet as far as carved in stone recommendations, but masks make some sense in that logic as long as we don't wallow around in the residue we take home on the mask, courtesy our last trip to Walmart.. Advice always in flux as we try to learn more. Latest and greatest three months from now will not be like it is today. No lawsuit failure of our professionals. We are just learning in a blind sided challenge. Best we can do is best we can do at the time. Social distancing is currently twice what I had to adhere to in a hospital setting when somebody was exploding from some god awful plague. Was 3 feet (barbaric English foot-pound system). 6 "feet" probably okay for COVID even if an overly explosive specimen can shower the area in bliss for nearly 30 feet. Still, wash hands after an outing and don't touch your face before you wash hands. Harder done than said, but you can have the bug crawling all over your skin and likely not get infected. Transfer the bug from hands to mouth, nose, eye membranes, and you may got problems up the road. These are the portals of entry. Plain hard core dish washing soap breaks down the viral encapsulation and kills the bug. Would advise a normal 70 percent isopropal alcohol in a spray bottle to disinfect at home. I know they say 60 percent isopropal, allowing you to dilute the Rite Aid generic brand a bit with water, but don't fork with it. Just use straight out of the bottle. Just because someone has not slobbered all over you, does not mean that her or she has not slobbered all over the produce and even canned goods you are walking out of the store with. Please rinse incoming goods thoroughly, rotgut tap water okay. My opinion only. The bug is causing more fear and economic damage than the bug itself. Not to let our guard down, but there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Given the vast number of mild and asymptomatic cases NOT REPORTED, the bug is guardedly less lethal than the death statistics we read in the morning blog. Not to downplay even one death as a statistic since even one COVID death is a tragedy to some family. We will get through this as a planet and I think come out stronger for the lessons we have learned. All stay well. John
  13. Hi Guys, Tip from my sister in law, a nurse out there somewhere on the front line about home made masks. She sews a double layer cloth covering where you can insert a coffee filter in between. After use, dispose the filter and wash the mask. Got to add a couple thoughts. The masks will stop big blobs of slobber from hitting you in the face, but the micron size of the virus can get through the weave, so a mask may help, but does not confer invincibility. Second thing about the coveted N95 masks. It's not that the weave can filter out nano particles better than a hardware store dust mask. Fit is the difference. You can have the best protection in front of your nose but about useless if you are breathing in around the sides and have just been nuked. The N95's have a thin metal ridge that is easily bendable and can conform the fit to the face, especially around the upper nose and eyes. You can cut a thin strip of a tin can, sew it into the rim of a home made cloth mask and bend to fit. Everybody stay safe. John
  14. Mettelus, Also curious as to where you info is coming from. Makes sense except that given the vast number of timed demos and the number of uninstallers, industry would be hard pressed to keep up with each other to protect everything coming off the press. Agree with you that the offline stuff has to be hidden in the registry somewhere. Remote past for me, wanted to understand how uninstallers missed the time stamp because was a zombie working stiff and never got to the demo before it timed out.. Really wanted to see if I should to buy the thing, but crap, has it already been 15 days... Trajectory ahead, credit card only. Direct process given to me by Sonivox was to do a complete uninstall of SoundStage. This would wipe out everything and I could start a new 5 day trial upon installation if I absolutely needed to use the lush strings GM preset in a project. No go. Demo expired and no way to activate since Sonivox refuses any transfer or further activation of what I bled the yankee green for. Forked again. John
  15. Thanks guys, Thought this as well. The ilok non dongle thing likely has to sync to a connection with the online license that contains the time stamp. Makes that beyond our control. Mystery for me still remains as to how offline demos can shoot something past a logger program that claims to record and reverse any and every change to the hard disc. Hope all are well and dealing with the virus lockdowns. Be safe. You are all so important, loved by so many. John
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