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  1. Revisiting this for a minute. Indirectly off topic, but have used Iobit's Advanced Windows Care free version for a long time. About as good as any of the generic windows tuneup programs available. Can review it here: https://www.iobit.com/ The freebie tries to download other stuff and there are the annoying popups to fire up the plastic card, but if you watch the installation carefully, worth getting. Focus here is on the "Speed Up" panel. Four or so sub menus to increase efficiency, critical one aimed at gaming mode to turn off wasted processes and free up needed resources. Turning on the machomatic default, I was able to get another 5 minutes out of Aquamarine before the terminal crash. Got to say that there are a lot of excellent possibilities, especially when digging into the deeper menus. Got to reverse course and say IMHO that it is worth the download and disc space if you have the power to use it. According to Zinc's good benchmarks, if you got 16 GB RAM, you should be able to handle Aquamarine. Another observation is that if you purge all samples (Kontakt tab) before loading the next preset, less likely that you will deplete all your RAM. If you are a peon like me with 8 GB in the arsenal, don't bother. More grief than it's worth. John
  2. Good friend just upgraded three win 7 computers to win 10. All came up authorized, installing upgrade from the 1909 MS download site ISO. Does have problems on two with sporadic and sluggish startups, so questions if it was a good move. Thus the advice to be aware of problems trying to dump win 10 on older win 7 computers.
  3. Think you are right. Limited number of sounds and already got lots of similar instruments. Plenty of presets but many sound too much the same. Raspy quality which I guess is meant to be there. The pointer in the circle allows a lot of modulation so it isn't that good sounds can't be gotten. Problem is it is an unacceptable resource hog that builds up over a few minutes until it locks up the computer. RAM is the issue, not so much CPU. My rig an i5 windows 10 with 8 GB RAM. Not the fastest toy on the block, but should be able to handle a single track with a single instance of Kontakt. One can wait several minutes until things settle down long enough to close the program. My system can't handle it but maybe others can. For me, not worth the 9-10 GB of space, but had to try it. John
  4. Well, good news and bad news. Good news is that grapes are on sale for a dollar a pound at your local Thriftway grocery store. Bad news (at least here) is that Kontakt in Reaper froze solid. Aquamarine loaded very slowly to begin and played maybe 4 presets before the big crash. 8 GB of RAM to 97%. Screen went black. Oh wait, screen is coming back but still frozen. Use at your own risk, I guess. Sounds are okay but the program like a wrecking ball on my rig. John I guess they mean for professional computer repairmen...
  5. Painting roofs white. Incredible idea that could really work if enough people got on the same page.
  6. The machine should be the same in all the tiers. The 8.2 GB free version is about all I have the patience to download. Will report back later if it was worth the effort.
  7. Have not tried this. Still downloading the 8.2 GB offering. Demo's sound good. Can't beat the price. https://www.muze.shop/en/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=58 John
  8. Uh... I for one live on the rim, which was an okay idea 20 years ago while things were falling apart below the radar of our perception. Ocean front dwelling, and being pounded to crap and back currently... Everything record breaking and out of sync. Wish I could spread some of the atmospheric bliss more evenly. Bad signs here over the last five years, though what are five years in eternity or even statistic meaning. Can only report what I see to be changing, and it is not good. Really weird patterns of birds, vegetation, insects, mushrooms, mosses, molds. Ain't know meteoroligy guy but don't take much more than my few brain cells left to realize something not right. And the discrepancy is progressing quickly. Here's my limited understanding on a couple of items that may only affect our grand children and generations forward, so we are safe for a few more years before we turn over an imbalanced hell to them. This although our US government tells you I am an idiot. Maybe I am an idiot. I can only pray that they are right. CO2 emissions that reflect back radiant heat. Deforestation rips out the ancient buffer to mitigate climate extremes. Melting of ice caps that reflect back heat are diminishing and thus we absorb what we were not meant to absorb raising temperatures. Argument may be that a few degrees warming is no big deal. I guess we will see. Seems to have screwed up the migration and navigation of coastal life forms. Whales, seals fried and beached. Jellyfish dumped by the millions on the beaches here with changed currents. Your only remote blessing is that you don't have to put up with the smell. Not to worry though. We have a lot of destruction still ahead before we hit the tipping point. John Bayoubill... Blessings to you dear brother and may you survive the winds. John
  9. Ashay, Thank you for getting your experience out to the forum. The group buy ends today, and a big miss for those looking for a best deal when this offer is closed, slammed shut. Note that new betas for Station and 8008 already in the download link. Feast of new programs to come over the next year, so like the gift that keeps on giving. Not a lot of opportunity left, so had to bump the time line for those on the fence in this late hour. John
  10. Bump because the end is near, as in a few hours. Hell of a lot of good programs, including a solid bridge, 32 to 64, backwards etc, lot less hassle than J-Bridge (though J-Bridge is great). During EVE 5 beta testing, a big problem was splicing in a bridge. Lots of problems but these have been elegantly solved and now available as a separate vst as well as upgrade in the romplers. Check out Wusik ZR for neat pads and others. Synth not requiring the library. Library needed for four other programs. Group buy includes 17 programs, some of which not yet released but will be in your download login. ETA's given. Note, can download the 16 GB sound library and demo any of the products, though not much time left before one unit alone will cost more than all 17. No brainer, dear brothers. John
  11. Followup... This is bloody cool. Warning, rompler like stuff for the most part, so can't get 20 levels of articulations like in Kontakt or whatever, but a real feast of sounds and flexible import options. Some presets do have velocity fired (limited) articulation, but not constant across the spectrum. Haven't dived into the utilities (chainer, bridge utility, etc) but a happy camper so far. Price in perspective, 50 yin yangs for a new user, 40 if you already have a previous Wusik products. Had the elegant EVE 3 (EVE 5 in the package) and older WusikStation so got in for 40. Auditioning the Ben Hur brass preset in EVE 5 sealed the deal for me. Blessings to all, John
  12. Guys, this is a no brainer. Was supposed to crash and burn on the 20th Dec, but extended to Jan 1. Too many beers yesterday to get in a late post that there were only hours, maybe minutes left til the Dec 20 deadline... So many good things in the package, and software in the development stage that will be added to the personal GB link as they are developed through the next year. Me for one looking forward to the vst ARP machine. Check this out... http://wwww.wusik.com/w/index.php/purchase/Group-Buy-2019-c38233004 And happy holidays to all. John
  13. Think I had posted this before, so sorry for and if the duplicate. My systems have suffered badly from automatic win 10 updates. Crashes, blackouts, lost programs and drivers (mostly video), forced system shuts down for 2 hours waiting for the worst to resurface. I recommend this plugin for your protection and control over what you would want to have control over. Does not install anything, just an exe that gives you rights over the *****. https://www.sordum.org/9470/windows-update-blocker-v1-5/ Toggle on and off thing. Enable if you want MS to take over your life. Toggle off to chose what and when you want to "Update". Some venerable sage here said he waits for 6 months before even touching an update, until all the rage and dust has settled. Very cool utility. John
  14. Another thing to be aware of if you are relying on home owner's insurance. My company covers everything personal property that could be lost. Advised by the agent to keep photos and serial numbers, etch identifiers on the inside as well as outside. Catch is that although everything is covered, about 2500 is payable, so I guess I could pick what items to max out on. Catastrophic fire loss, theft would get me back 2500 dollars on losses many times that. The agent says that this coverage limit is about standard on most policies and not advertised as the downside of content loss. Was told of course that if I want to start paying much higher premiums, I could cover about anything. My point here is to look closely at your policy and know what the replacement amount is if you were to lose everything.
  15. Was in the shower today. Why there, I don’t know, but brings out the best in my creativity for some reason. Singing profane blasphemous variations of Christmas songs. Composing lyrics that probable could not be posted in polite society. Doo Wop crazy chants and rhythms. Sublime cool stuff worthy of any Zen koan. Realized from a long time ago that I had this mental affliction, but wondered how many others were in the same boat. Then realized probably most of us are if there is a grain of artistic talent. Thought of the late Al Jerreau (anybody remember him?) What a freak out would it have been to live in his head for five minutes listening to the insane blast. God help the mental state of rap artists. I really think that some of the best lyrics, poetry will remain unsung over the insanity of it. Have some suspicion that you guys are like me. Something inspiring in the morning shower or elsewhere will never see the light of day although it should be appreciated in auditoriums. Any feedback as to where you are at with really sublime but hidden creativity that will never see the light of day. Not ready for prime time. Inspirations that may not be quite politically correct but still state of the art. John
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