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  1. Dammit Bill. Ruined my day. So sorry to hear this. I hope it's only pneumonia and the cancer is gone. Some off the wall advice from a retired medical jockey also battling cancer for over 20 years. In my case, just too mean rude and crude to die. Antibiotics are like a sledge hammer. They screw up the balance of good bugs in the body. We are host to more foreign bacteria than we got cells and our overall health depends a lot on the invasion and everything working in balance. Got a good idea what antibiotics you are on if they are doing an empiric approach and you got to fight back to help the risk/benefit ratio tilt more toward the benefits. Proactive stuff since you are being nuked with some heavy chemicals. Most don't realize that a path back to baseline health after antibiotic therapy is in part a fight to overcome the damage imposed by the treatment. Feeding tube (shudder...)... If there are not restrictions to diet, you need to get some friendly bacteria back. Kefir drink is tube friendly and if added a couple times a day will help toward normal. Also the living content of nutrition is ignored as they dump cans of Ensure down the tube. Dead processed mixtures can support life but not health. No "pranah" or life energy like the old heathens advised that comes only from a living source. Again, if no restrictions and you got one of them juicers, put it to good use and supplement the daily cans of dead muck with something fresh and alive. Hang in there. We can't lose you around here. John
  2. Shane, Cool that you would mention the water treatment plants. Worked for awhile in Brookings, OR. Few miles north of the California border. Major unknown gems there are the Oregon redwood forests and the Chetco Sewer Plant. Incredible introspective trails thru the redwoods that never get on the map. Maybe why they are still there. The Chetco water treatment plant is an adventure with a warning. All you got to do is follow the path on the south side of the facility and hold your nose to not choke from the stench. Once on the west side a ways past the plant, there is fresh air and you can breathe again. The path follows to a fork, hi road or the lo road. At the fork, the hi road has a warning to proceed only if you don't value your life (and for good reason). Low road leads to a more protected landscape of crashing waves and a barrier from the raw ocean. Dangerous, but you could probably take your kid there and not get hauled away for child abuse. The upper road however ends in a grassy plateau with straight drops to death. 200 foot explosions of water and waves against the cliffs. We mapped out locations on the volcanic basalt where you could sit and grasp rock formations. All you had to do was hang on and hold your breath as long as you were under water. That's if you could take the cold shock. Not proud to say it, but almost lost my daughter on a hair brained adventure. If you got your will made out and all things in order, check out the Chetco Sewer and water treatment plant. Oregon's finest spectacle. Winter the best time for maximum violence. John
  3. Hey Bit, Only wish I could share with you the beauty of the pending Oregon sunset over a wild Pacific ocean. No flying whales, but plenty of them that shoot out of the water trying to fly. Settled here because it was about as much a Paradise as I've found from my travels across the planet. Plus the real gems aren't in the travel guides. Think you live a few hours north of me in Washington. You got a respected invitation to wander down for a visit. Five star ocean front accommodations that will suck the breath out of you. Deal is, you give me a couple piano lessons and I'll take you on a real tour of Oregon. Stay safe dear brother, John
  4. Shane, You had me worried about the 4 month thing. Thought you were about to bite the big one with jungle rot or something. Seems just your pending age to get you the AARP discount on adult diapers, denture paste, hearing aids and the like. I'm probably older than most anyone here, in my 70's. Can look back at the rites of passage. Younger than 20, can't wait to hit the drinking age but have to put up with being carded all the time. Then over time, they don't card you as much. Then, nobody cards you. I used to get all my beer at a local chain that cost more than the next door store, but the young lady carded me every time. I can still remember the first time someone asked me if I was old enough for a senior discount. Then over time, nobody asked anymore, they just ring up the old folks discount. Thought I could handle the transitions as the AARP mailings started. Okay I'm old, what else you got. Then, the final chill. Getting offers for prepaid burial and cremation. I thought this was the final insult until one more milestone. Came a time when even the cremation guys stopped sending offers. Hang in there. Life well lived bestows a sense of humor on all of this. John
  5. Iz dat wats. In English, may translate as “What is that?” Don’t expect a landslide of responses, because this infirmity only affects a subset of humanity. Mostly those who are old and have raised a family with kids. Then the affliction does not by nature affect all families. On top of that, it takes the aberration time to slowly develop, maybe over decades until the damage is permanent. Most of you forum members are probably young pups in teens or early 20’s. There are no words to express what may be waiting. I can only be a voice in the wilderness to warn you of what may be ahead. I only speak English, but suspect that this problem is inflicted on other languages as well. Most of us grew up trying to negotiate through the intricacies of our mother tongue. Then we get married, we have kids, who don’t give a fork about convention and no inborn respect for the limitations we are trying to impose upon them. As a result, some of us otherwise sane and assimilated adults inadvertently take up the language patterns of our ofspring. It can be more destructive if both the husband and wife collectively resonate with the distortions, and it becomes part of your normal vocabulary especially in public, in critical moments when you let your guard down. Me and the wife were in the grocery line and looked at something in the fast sell line. I asked, “Iz Dat Wats?”. Wife replied, “Iz dats cellular SIMS card”. The clerk was drooling with red eyes rolled up about to relapse into seizures in terror having to deal with a deranged 10 IQ elderly couple babbling in tongues. Would have been no use to blame it on my kid. In truth, it appears that the young child has a higher grasp on linguistic expression. Is dat wats was a question of what is it, but equally valid in the present context of “there it is” My daughter at 3 years old could comprehend the inquisition aspect, but also the fluid perception of a factual observation, one in the same expression. Lived in Marietta Georgia as an aircraft mechanic. Local focal point was The Big Chicken, a 50 foot high monument in the middle of the city. My kid could express Is Dat Big Chickens (meaning there is the Big Chicken) as well as delineating the parallel architecture to ask some mundane question like what is that. As adults, we have lost that ability. We got a grandson. Live on the coast of the Pacific. Beautiful and respected Coast Guard patrols the harbor. Coast Guard boat to the grandson was the Ka Ka Batches, meaning Coast Guard boat. Coast Guard has a rescue helicopter. Grandson calls it the Ka Ka Batches Hecilopter. Me and the wife have taken up reporting the sightings as the Ka Ka Batches Hecilopter. I know this is not within the radar of most, but can submit an addendum that may resonate with some of you with young kids. Not necessarily for the elderly among us that have had our linguistic expressions terminally distorted. Mangling of songs… From the secular. My kid at age four was listening to Credence Clearwater “Bad Moon on the Rise” Became “There’s a bathroom on the right” Less sensitive Christmas standards, 12 days of Christmas became 2 turtle dogs and a partridge etc… Then the more hallowed sacred songs of the season. Ripped to insane shreds. I recognized then that my daughter was a decent washed in the blood heathen, chip off of the block like her old man. Like said, probably no one can relate to this. Important thing that I wish, if having no personal control over. Stay safe. Stay inspired. Stay useful to our collective family. Stay involved. Stay relevant. Share the last breath of whatever talents and abilities you have to elevate our universal cause from crude to subtle. 2020 was a butt fork, but glorious days are ahead I hope. Hang in there. John
  6. Only my opinion, but Meh... Love d16 stuff but was let down a bit by Devastator, however thank and respect the devs for a freebie. A bit too granular breakup. Gradient response to touch not great if you are cranking a guitar thru it. Can't see a use where I would jump to Devastator as first choice. This said, others have given rave reviews and the greater probability is that I am missing something. Can't ignore the coupon for 50% off something else. Installed, activated but will probably never use it. John
  7. So cool !! Have not downloaded yet, but the ancient Tin Brook Tales plugs were one of the few ways to get a smooth and credible overdrive effect and sustain in that time. Plenty of square wave all or nothing distortion units were emerging, but Tin Brook was a sleeper to those with the ears to discriminate. So cool that the dev has returned. John
  8. Thanks for all these hints. I like the one John Maar posted. May have to fork out 20 for Kontakted as well. There is a free converter available that I could never get to work (sorry, forgot the name) Regarding the video Larry first referenced, there is a simplification that can be done so you don't have to ping pong between versions every time you need to add a library that doesn't load properly. When Kontakt 5 is installed, the add library tab is linked to AddLibrary.exe in the main folder. This is not installed in ver 6. You can still use this standalone for 6 by executing the file and going thru the directions. Only for already made library files that don't show up and does nothing to activate them. If you got K6, revert back to 5 long enough to copy the AddLibrary.exe file. Upgrade again to ver 6 which will erase the file in the original location. John
  9. John K

    Your 2020 best purchase ?

    Got to be upgrade to Bias FX 2 Professional and upgraded Bias Amp 2 LE to standard from the PositiveGrid guys. Programs integrate. Had both as an LE limited edition from some fleeting purchases or time limited giveaways but never put in the time to learn. I know how subjective the thing about amp sims and suites is. Bias is ahead of the pack as far as realism and gradient touch response. Leaves the likes of Guitar Rig, Amplitube, Scuffham, etc in the dust as good as these respected programs are. Led me to retire about everything else except for the P&M stomps and a couple compressors...one weak point of the Bias stuff IMHO. That said, if you got something that outperforms the Bias, please share and educate. John
  10. Friends, One of the most hard core and sublime synths under the radar has been updated to ver 2.91. In my opinion, an unsung hero that should be in the keyboard arsenal. http://synthblitz.altervista.org/nitroflex.html Discount for the holidays. Major upgrade in sound quality and a must have especially if you are growing your own organ patches. Demo available to check out. John
  11. Bummer for sure as we recognize that all things shall pass eventually. Leslie broke some rules. Way big towering man playing a single pickup Gibson Melody Maker. Giant cranking out incredible riffs on a toy guitar. When flash and speed were the virtues of a guitarist of the time, Leslie slowed it down, introduced precision intonation and vibrato to nail a note to your brain. Bad health in later years. Diabetes, amputation of a leg. Early transition was unfortunately in the stars for this great soul. RIP Leslie. John
  12. The folks over on the IK forum are now aware of the resolution problem. 1920 rez on a computer screen is a bit tough on my failing eyesight. It looks like help is on the way though. Those wanting to test it out if you run into this problem could possibly as suggested, plug the computer via HDMI or such to a TV where the higher resolution can be set. Can say so far that the amps are more responsive to touch than in Amp 4. edit... Just saw Paul's response. Is the TV able to get the 1920 x 1080 resolution? Question then if the computer resolution takes priority over the TV.
  13. In reply to Brian Walton's suggestion on increasing the screen resolution. This worked, thank you. Set the screen to 1920 x 1080 and Amp 5 launches. Slow but it comes up Now to see if I can get sounds from it.
  14. Brian, Thanks for the feedback. Will try different resolutions and have a feeling that it might be video related. Installed on a second laptop computer but same result with a barrage of new error messages telling me everything is screwed up. Standalone crashes itself. Vst and vst3 crashes Reaper and Bandlab. Think they sent this one out of the barn too quick. IK forum has a lot of similar issues reported so hope they are on a fix. For now, glad I didn't buy the thing yet. Sorta envy those that can get some part of the program working. John
  15. Same problem here Brian Win 10 i5 machine. Standalone crashes. Vst and vst3 crash both Bandlab and Reaper 6. Tried uninstalling, reinstalling, reactivating. Too much time wasted. Guess it must be nice otherwise. Deleting and sticking with Bias FX 2. John
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