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  1. So sad to bring this news. Can't believe someone didn't announce first, but about the oldest guys around here and stuck in nostalgia that most maybe never heard of. Michael Nesmith. Guitarist for the Monkees. They were a manufactured group for black and white TV back then in the mid 60's. Weekly half hour slot with mostly brainless plots and a song or two. Understanding at the time was that these guys were a lip sync, clueless group of actors with no musical skills. Studio musicians backed them up as they danced around for the camera. Weird wakeup moment for me was one episode where they played "Valerie". For the time, Valerie was a balls to the wall rock n' roll statement incorporating fast Spanish flamenco. Guitar solo started with a closeup of the hands. Yeah right. But then they zoomed out and it was Nesmith playing all the licks. Beautiful soul. Passed on at 78 years old, peacefully from heart failure, natural causes surrounded by loved ones. Sail on brother. Just for info sake, Mike hit the lifetime expectancy on cue. 78 is the norm of how long a white male can expect to live in America if we haven't abused ourselves too much with alcohol, drugs, bad diet. Celebration sending this incredible soul into the arms of Infinity. John
  2. What I think you got to watch out for is buying the thing to find out it has to recognize a previous registered version before it works. May not be the case, but would verify before pulling the trigger on the credit card. Someone else here may know for sure. John
  3. Here's a link to a great tool that I use for finding NI 32 bit plugs, aax, or anything else. Also use to get rid of the Kontakt 8 vs 16 vs 32 or how many channel out 32 vs 64 bit dll's that are littered on your system. Called "Everything" Freebie and worth the download. There are other programs that can do this, just my go to for finding redundant or missing files. https://www.voidtools.com/downloads/ Like for Kontakt, all of the dll's start with at least Konta. In Everything, do a wildcard search for the dll's. Can run for instance Konta*.dll. This will show you all the vsti's and where they are located. If you want to get rid of aax files, do a wildcard *.aax and it will show you every aax plug on your system. You can manage them, delete them from inside the program. Hope this helps. John
  4. Guys, Thanks for a feast of recommendations. Haven’t watched too many of the newer CGI productions. (Thanks Shane for a great post). CGI is with us because things got to evolve, but too often currently the glitz is poured on to disguise lack of content. Keep the computer generated monsters invading with a 120 db sound track of bombs going off. Throw in the f word every other sentence and you got a short lived hit. Nothing a few decades won’t work out as producers learn to scale the fireworks back and balance special effects with substance. Back to 12 Angry Men as suggested by MandolinPicker. Old B&W film for the most part located in one room. No special effects, but a great flick. Focus was on the integrity of acting and content of the presentation. Had read an old article about the introduction of the silent movies. Commentary was on Nosferatu (the vampire movie). Humans to that time in our evolution were more keyed in to the rhythms of nature. Sunrise, sunset, beauty at the smell and sight of a flower. Senses were sharp. Nosferatu hit the new fangled movie stage. People jumped out of their chairs screaming. Many falling into unconsciousness over a terror never experienced before. End of the age of innocence as we adapted to a new level of violent assault against our nervous system . Fast forward to the present where we got to be chest deep in blood and gore, special effects before it even stimulates a brain cell. The principle spilling over into music production where a "hook" has to be in a new song within the first 5 seconds or the recipient will move on to the next cell phone blast. Perspective from a fading generation however, and likely missing many points of understanding. Like my kid told me once, I’m SO 1960’s. Stay safe all of you, John
  5. Hey Guys, Was another thread. MandolinPicker suggested an old black and white film, "12 Angry Men" as his all time favorite. Wanted to check it out, and a gem of a movie where acting had to replace special effects, profanity, digital crap. Thank you Mandolin. Was a real treat. So was wondering. We all got our top 20 list of favorite movies. But what if the earth were about to die with a megaton asteroid about to wipe us out. If we could send a time capsule into space to document our last moments. The flicks that were really good, and we had only one choice. What would the best movie of all time be. Can display my ignorance and old age, lack of experience keeping up with movies.. Don't even have TV plugged in. Been 20 years since I went to a movie house. So my main movie to send into space before the collision is... BEN HUR Alternate opinions, ideas, submissions so much anticipated and really really appreciated. Love you all, John
  6. Thanks Larry for sweeping the mine field. Always appreciated.
  7. I got a debauched fleet of 5 computers. They all work great and do anything I'm currently requiring them to do. One of them 5 years old but Intel i7 processor, lots of RAM. Etc, etc. All of them have failed the requirements for win 11. Fortunately, the MS bastards have given me the option to go out and buy or build a new computer. Otherwise face end of life support for win 10 and face destruction if I don't open up the credit card. Win 10 music computer flies stable and dependable. Thinking of milking the system up to the end of service deadline and just keeping it offline after that. Is anyone else pissed off over this or am I missing the greater good and should just chill out and embrace progress. John
  8. Forgot what was in there but the enclosed card and letter had seen better days.
  9. Not exactly music related, but worked in Tillamook Oregon and took awhile to get used to package and mail delivery norms. When mail was delivered by USPS and if a package was too big to put in your street box, or the mail lady was too damn lazy to get out of the truck and deliver letters, she would honk her horn several times. If you didn't dive out the door to pick up quickly, she just returned everything. She was however outdone by UPS. We received a Christmas package in July. It was soaked and looked like something had been chewing on it. It was delivered to us by someone we didn't know. The UPS driver had evidently been overloaded with packages and decided to dump his whole truck onto someone's carport. Unfortunately the house owner lived elsewhere and the house was his vacation place. The packages or what was left of them sat there for 6 months. Service with a smile or something like that. Way more inspiring than my horror stories of lost GC shipments. John
  10. You think you got it bad, NOAA says it will scorch hellfire here on the Oregon coast to 78 degrees tomorrow even with NO air conditioning. Starting to reconsider that I might be missing something. We are wimps out here. If it goes too much above 70, it's a climate crisis. Sadly, in my ignorant opinion of what is happening... Climate change is the driver, direct result of us forking up our planet with the collective mindset that it is so big it can never get forked up. Reckless deforestation a big player in taking out a major buffer against temperature and drought extremes. I hope everyone can stay cool and safe with this blast. I pray to Allah and the celestial virgins that I am wrong, but have concern that this is just a preview of what may happen later in this season when things get really hot. Stay safe, stray hydrated, stay cool. Don't leave your kids, your pets, your wife in a closed car while you get lost in the aisles of Walmart. Love you all. John
  11. Like some black dude said. Holiday is a cool token, but falls short of justice...
  12. John K

    Wusik No Brainer

    Grem, Authorization is either from a simple serial number or the synth delivered already activated. No strangled online crap or restrictions. Like Paul said however, the new stuff is way late. Got into the group buy 2019 with Wusikstation 10 only a few days away. Wusik arp on the horizon. Other things to be added to the faithful who went for the group buy. None of this has happened yet and may never happen. Screwed in one sense though I can understand the COVID and other excuses given for not delivering on schedule. However, if what you see is what you get in the here and now, still a great deal. Comparing the likes of AAS Lounge Lizard where there are many layers of articulation so the harder you bang, the more subtleties evolve. The Wusik romplers allow velocity response for volume but no volume dependent envelopes that mimic real life, since playing one sample per instrument only. The preset is either loud or soft. That's it. Can however craft great multis since you can play 4 slots with different instruments and control envelopes and effects for each slot. If volume dependent articulations are not needed as in a hi volume song, nothing is lost or noticed. Sound installer is universal across the samplers and about a 16 GB download. Can't beat the price for what you get. John
  13. John K

    Wusik No Brainer

    About got PO'd with this because have invested a chunk of change into these synths and romplers over the years. Good products like Wusikstation, EVE, 8088, ZR, and others. Wusikstation is sorta like Sampletank as a reference. Guess you can get over $ 850 off because all 20 of their virtual instruments are on a flash sale for $ 27. Can't see this lasting too long. Demos are available. https://www.wusik.com/w/index.php/purchase/ John
  14. John K

    Spacetrax update

    Friends, Spacetrax released 1.1 Some improvements with the sequencer and the GUI. More good things planned. Wanted to highlight something crazy and unique to this synth you may want to check out. That’s with the arpeggiator. The respected developer has hinted that the normal run of the mill functions will be added soon as an option, but for now, something off beat that will put hair on your chest if your fingers are nimble enough to navigate it. Spacetrax arp follows the DAW clock but does not force a brainless drag to the nearest note restriction. That’s why traditional arps have a “humanize” swing function to drift math exactness off a bit to introduce a failed artifact of human error. Anyone using humanize drifts knows how useless and artificial it is. Spacetrax follows the DAW clock but does not drag the note to the nearest 1/16 or whatever. Human interface and variance is however corrected to the clock with each new beat whenever playback or recording is engaged. Sort of like playing a flamenco guitar strum ability if you want. Have to download the program to hear what is happening. Can't describe it properly. http://synthblitz.altervista.org/spacetrax.html Everybody stay safe, John
  15. Time does indeed fly, and goes faster the more we go through it...
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