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  1. I have Cakewalk by Bandlab installed and everything went without a hitch. All VSTs loaded. just recently I noticed that I no longer have True Piano, Perfect Space, Raptor vsts. my question is...would a fresh install of Cakewalk by Bandlab resolve this issue or is there a repair install feature in Cakewalk?
  2. Thank you thank you thank you Mr. Cook!
  3. Since I've just started using Cakewalk by bandlab I've yet to find the "Bounce to track" function where I can record my midi track(s) down to audio. Use to be in the Edit menu and now it's not. Does anyone know where this function is or has it moved/changed? Rich Intel core i5 SSD 16g ram presonus studio 24 interface Real Tek audio
  4. Thanks mate! It was indeed the antivirus prog. As the program is on an offline pc I never thought about the AV that was installed while shuffling back and forth between pc's. Thanks again! Rich
  5. Thanks scook for the link. This is the error message I get every time I try to record any audio in Sonar 8 as well as this latest cakewalk install. Could this be a sound device issue? My old pc which was running on Win Vista Home had a NVidia GTX 760 sound card. The new one has integrated Realtek High Definition Audio with PreSonus Studio 24c audio interface, HP 16gDDR SSD 1T. Any thoughts?
  6. Ok...so if I don't have an older sonar/cakewalk program would I still be able to install this cakewalk from bandlab even if I can't register this Sonar 8? Sorry for the noobness!
  7. So if I do not have a recent Sonar/cakewalk product will I still be able to install cakewalk by Bandlab? My Sonar8 Producers edition is a legit version but I can't register it. Cannot create an account to register.
  8. Will I be able to open these older cwb files in the new Sonar? Hope this question isn't too lame! : )
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