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  1. Almost stopped watching because of the intro bit, but certainly gets more interesting afterwards
  2. This describes 'installing waves' in the computer belonging to an entity known as 'Morning Producer', and how 'waves' is the result of opening the 'nothing' that belonging to Cuba. As 'waves' is all lower case, we can assume it does not refer to the audio plugin company Waves; instead we can infer that some form of rapid oscillation occurs.
  3. antler

    PA Rocktober Sale!

    Already got AT4/Bias/TH3 so gave these amps a miss. Instead I used my complementary voucher to get Indent 2 and Instant Delay for free.
  4. Been waiting for this one! If they were to sale Voice of Wind: Adey, I'd probably get that too.
  5. antler

    VSL Epic Orchestra

    Keep in mind that better sounding libraries are generally larger in size and so take longer to load. If you're sketching out an orchestral piece, it might be a good idea to use one of the cheaper libraries while putting down ideas.
  6. Huh... I'm sure the countdown timer on APD said a few more days for the intro pricing. Was slowly getting off the fence and then realised intro offer was over. Oh well... GAS suppressed once more for now...
  7. Anyone know if you can output/export the patterns as MIDI from this, or is it an audio-only tool?
  8. Hmm... Seems like a good deal; can't get better than free, but a few things are making me think twice: Every page on the SynthMaster website is encrypted (i.e. you get the lock on your browser) except the checkout page where you actually enter your details I can't actually see their terms of service or privacy policy: I see the links at the bottom of the page, but clicking on them only returns me to the top of the page
  9. Is that like Babylon 5, but not quite?
  10. Take that with a pinch of salt: 78% of all statistics are made up
  11. As the saying goes: there are only 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don't I think I've met nine of them 😜
  12. For hybrid trailer sounds, I'm kinda torn between this offer and the 8dio one https://8dio.com/instrument/cyber-hack-bundle-for-kontakt-vst-au-aax/
  13. First time I've seen a company advocate the switch in that direction. I can see why though; it seems almost every audio software company (and maybe other types of software?) are suggesting holding off on upgrading because it breaks compatibility.
  14. Perfectly happy with my PreSonus Faderport 8 Disclaimer: I'm a hobbyist, rather than a pro who depends on it everyday for imcome
  15. Problem is if they declared it as such, the sarcastic nature of it could confuse people, e.g. "Is it really a holiday?" "Yeah, right..." "So yes then?" "Of course it is..."
  16. Sort of related to this, I too have a question about AC powered interfaces. My first gen 8i6 is AC powered and doesn't have its own power switch; the mains switch acts as the power switch. If I leave my interface connected to my PC by USB, is there any chance that when I power my 8i6 on, there may be a power surge from the mains outlet that could damage my PC? i.e. should I always power on my 8i6 before connecting it to my PC via USB?
  17. A small aside: I once saw some lemon oil for fretboard cleaning on Amazon. One of the reviews must have been a joke: it rated it with one star; said it tasted really bad.
  18. Yeah... I thought I'd give it a go with the BBC orchestra: not happening. It makes sense; both libraries are already discounted, and allowing the double discount was probably a mistake initially on their part.
  19. Bigger than Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Xmas, our annual, deepest-discounts-of-the-year sale has begun. The following Kontakt Player libraries are 40-50% off: Riff Generation: Outside In Edition (save $105) Taiko Creator with the Expansion (save $80) Shimmer Shake Strike with the Expansion (save $60) Fluid Harmonics (save $90) Fluid Strike: Tuned Percussion (save $125) All loop titles 50% off (save $40-$125 per collection). The sale ends Sunday, November 3. https://insessionaudio.com/
  20. @Monomox SSS is on sale right now, though only you can know whether the deal is good enough for you to bite. (Sorry... my bumping this post is a little OT; just realised that the deal on Little Epic Percussion has just finished)
  21. It's a nice sound. Seems like it would be useful for ambient tunes. (and, it kinda sounds like what I hear in my head when I see something that triggers my GAS 😜)
  22. I too thought that mixed patches (don't know if that's the right term) might 'limit' my creativity, and ended up getting a few libraries on sale recently that focus on each instrument type/section. I have no idea if my orchestral skill warrant that level of detail but I thought (1) it'll be fun, even if it is hard work writing each part; (2) if I don't stretch myself, I'll never get there. Time will tell... (and also hopefully feedback from the Songs forum) Another thing to keep in mind as well is that the more detailed a library, the longer it takes to load (as a generalisation). I'm trying to do an orchestral right now, and during the writing phase I'm trying to keep usage to GPO5 (which sounds ok, but loads more quickly than my other libs)
  23. In a nutshell, all the mentioned libraries sound really good. BBCSO seems to be have a lot more control: each instrument type seems to be sampled separately, with many articulations and mic positions. I think it was mentioned that this will run in SA's own proprietary player. The Project SAM ones sound really good too, but are slightly simplified, e.g. you might get a patch with strings and certain woodwinds combined; the instruments sound great played together, but you can't separate the sounds. It looks like these work in Kontakt Player (or at least Symphobia 1 has a Kontakt Player license), so you don't need the full version
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