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  1. 11 hours ago, Zo said:

    5) My goal is to make people : discover , try , understand tools ..... 

    As soon as i have a 2023 internt connection i will try to do some live  ;) it will be long , fun and will ***** even mlore people  ....can't wait ahahah ..

    = = = = =

    Not trying at all to convince people lol , but for 19 , boy boy boy


    GAS be d****d, I'm in . . .

    Thanx for all of your effort in making the video Zo!

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  2. I think Prime8 msrp is $39?

    Was able to finally dig this up:


    Vintage Vault 4 Pricing
    Full Price

    Upgrade from single product(s)

    Upgrade from Vintage Vault


    Owners of any version of Vintage Vault are eligible for upgrade pricing (see table for details)

    Owners of individual product(s) included in Vintage Vault 4 totaling in value of $149 or more (MSRP) are eligible for upgrade pricing (see table for details)

    Upgrade pricing is available to people who have purchased individual products anytime, including those obtained during promotions

    NFR licenses may not be upgraded

    Resale of individual products obtained in a bundle or used to upgrade to a bundle are not allowed

    Owners of any version of Vintage Vault and at least one of the new products included in version 4 have been contacted via email with a special Vintage Vault 4 upgrade price.

    Vintage Vault 4 special pricings are valid through Feb. 27th, 2023 only

    Regular upgrade prices will take effect on Feb. 28th, 2023 (see table for details) and will be available to all qualifying customers

    Resellers are not eligible to those offers


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  3. Let us suppose, hypothetically of course, someone purchased HOOPUS recently, but did not activate/install/etc. The serial number is just sitting in the email.

    Could the purchaser "reject" the terms of the EULA, and then request a refund of this purchase from the TPR seller?

    If so, after receiving a refund,  just maybe the original purchaser could reconsider that the EULA could be acceptable to them, and thus purchase HOOPUS/FP/SM bundles at an $80 savings.

    Asking for . . . um, a friend . . .


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  4. @JoeGBradford

    @Brian Lawler


    I almost exclusively hang-out in the Deals sub-forum, so this thread seems the closest to what I want to ask. If improper, please disregard and kindly advise proper forum.

    So, apologies in advance for necro'ing and continuing the slightly ot discussion of iLok options.

    I am a hobbyist, so whenever I have the option, I choose a Cloud activation. I don't care if I lose access to plug-ins for an hour, day or week, so long as I still own them and eventually will have access to them without having to repurchase.

    When the choice is between only Machine or USB, I don't know which is "better," as both are susceptible to theft, malfunction and physical damage. And, potentially the need to repurchase some plug-ins.

    The question I have is: Can I use (repeatedly) the activate/deactivate function of the Machine activation to "simulate" a Cloud activation?

    Can I select Machine activation, use the plug-in, when done using the plug-in, deactivate the plug-in so the activation count in the online iLok Manager shows zero activations currently being utilized. And then the next time I need that specific plug-in, then activate it (again) to Machine, and when done deactivate (again) the plug-in so the activation count in the online iLok Manager shows zero activations currently being utilized.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Or, is there some type of iLok (universal) or publisher (plug-in specific) limit to the number of times I would be able to repeatedly activate/deactivate the license to Machine from the online iLok Manager?

    Really wish all publishers using iLok would offer a Cloud activation option, but when that is not a choice, would what I am thinking be a realistic possibility to get around this limitation?


  5. 20 hours ago, Esteban Villanova said:

    You can bring it down to 35 with jampoints. Valid 'till Feb 8.

    New to all things IK-M.

    Does one earn JamPoints only when purchasing directly from IK-M?

    Or, can one purchase TS3.5M from a TPR, and when registering with IK-M, also receive JamPoints?

    TS3.5M would earn approx how many JamPoints?

    Thanks in advance,

  6. Annoyed that JRR discount codes still don't work, but did make purchase for Xils vst numbers 6 & 7 for this sale: PolyKB III & XILS 4 Analog Matrix Modular Synth Plugin.


  7. Just now, Brian Walton said:

    and you have to spend quite a bit to hit $50 anyway. 


    "Minimum Spend

    Your $25 voucher will require a minimum order of just $32. This means that your net (!) shopping cart subtotal has to be $32 or more before you can successfully apply the voucher."


  8. Yeah, was looking to see if any combination of TT stuff made sense, given Thomanns' existing pricing . . .


    EDIT --> Any product available for $1.54 ?

    Pro Tools Support Renewal EDU $ 97.46

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  9. 1 hour ago, TheSteven said:

    Note: none of these SanDisks are the Pro version which can be twice as fast (up to 2000MB/sec. data transfer speed)



    Well, yes, but . . .


    For those looking at this product for the 2000MB/s (or 16Gbps) to use with their Mac thunderbolts, be warned that many people see a maximum speed that is less than 1000MB/s read and write when they connect it to their Mac computers using Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) port. Technically, the Thunderbolt port can handle 40Gb/s, so that is not the bottleneck.

    This portable SSD doesn't use Thunderbolt technology natively. Instead, it uses a USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 interface that is capable of up to 20Gbps of transfer speed using dual-lane USB 3.2 Gen 2X2, essentially using both lanes of USB-C connectors to deliver speeds up to 20Gbps (or 2.5GB/s). However, there are not a lot of motherboards PC (desktop/laptop) that have a USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 interface. As of this date, no Mac products support the new USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 standard. So it will run only at the USB-C speed depending on which generation it is.

    For example, the Thunderbolt (USB-C) port on the iMac Pro is compatible with USB 3.1 or 3.2 Gen 2, which is one lane at 10Gbps (or ~1000MBps). So if you have an Apple/Mac machine, this will not work at its fullest speed.

    Most people will only have a USB-A (USB 3.0 maximum speed 5 Gbits/s), so if you plug it into one of those ports you will see a speed of only around 450 MB/s.

    So, unless you have the latest USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 on your computer, you will see never see speeds exceeding 1000 MB/s.


  10. 31 minutes ago, pseudopop said:

    The first serial is the one to use. I have no idea what the other two are. :D



    Just noticed this on the DLsite product page for Kevin:


    Serial Number (Product ID)
    After completing your purchase, you will be issued the following numbers on the download page:
    ・Serial Number 1: Activation Code
    ・Serial Number 2: Support ID)
    ・Serial Number 3: CharaMin Studio License Key)

    Serial Number 1 is the code needed to use Synthesizer V AI Kevin.
    After installing and launching the program, you will be prompted to enter this code before use.

    Serial Number 2 is the code needed to receive product support from AH-Software.

    Serial Number 3 is the license key needed to activate the 90-day trial version of CharaMin Studio.
    Upon launching CharaMin Studio, you'll be prompted to enter this number along with your registered CharaMin Studio acocunt information.
    *In order to create an account, please make sure you have a valid email address.


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  11. Ok, think I got it to work at DLsite. Was initially declined. My bank's fraud dept sent an automated message. I indicated that I did authorize the (declined) charge. Decided to try again because, what the hay. Very (pleasantly) surprised that the charge was then accepted! 🙂

    Think about $85 for Studio Pro + Kevin !!!

    Downloaded (zip files), but have not yet tried to install.

    @pseudopop I see that there are 3 (?!) serial numbers for each Studio Pro and Kevin? Any other install tips?


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