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  1. GAS be d****d, I'm in . . . Thanx for all of your effort in making the video Zo!
  2. Almost forgot about this one . . . probably find an "Originals" that sounds interesting . . .
  3. Enjoying this purchase! Does anyone know if it is possible to assign the virtual knobs on the vst to the 16 physical knobs on the Arturia Mini-Lab? Some sort of template that can be loaded somehow? 🤔
  4. Yeah, considering going in this direction . . .
  5. I think Prime8 msrp is $39? Was able to finally dig this up:
  6. Also got free copy of Prime 8 in November. Also have Falcon and some expansion packs. Shows $599 down to $299 for me . . . Strange
  7. Power Bundle for same price . . . decisions, decisions, decisions . . . EDIT --> Scratch that, $199 is just for the upgrade
  8. Let us suppose, hypothetically of course, someone purchased HOOPUS recently, but did not activate/install/etc. The serial number is just sitting in the email. Could the purchaser "reject" the terms of the EULA, and then request a refund of this purchase from the TPR seller? If so, after receiving a refund, just maybe the original purchaser could reconsider that the EULA could be acceptable to them, and thus purchase HOOPUS/FP/SM bundles at an $80 savings. Asking for . . . um, a friend . . .
  9. @JoeGBradford @Brian Lawler @abacab I almost exclusively hang-out in the Deals sub-forum, so this thread seems the closest to what I want to ask. If improper, please disregard and kindly advise proper forum. So, apologies in advance for necro'ing and continuing the slightly ot discussion of iLok options. I am a hobbyist, so whenever I have the option, I choose a Cloud activation. I don't care if I lose access to plug-ins for an hour, day or week, so long as I still own them and eventually will have access to them without having to repurchase. When the choice is between only Machine or USB, I don't know which is "better," as both are susceptible to theft, malfunction and physical damage. And, potentially the need to repurchase some plug-ins. The question I have is: Can I use (repeatedly) the activate/deactivate function of the Machine activation to "simulate" a Cloud activation? Can I select Machine activation, use the plug-in, when done using the plug-in, deactivate the plug-in so the activation count in the online iLok Manager shows zero activations currently being utilized. And then the next time I need that specific plug-in, then activate it (again) to Machine, and when done deactivate (again) the plug-in so the activation count in the online iLok Manager shows zero activations currently being utilized. Rinse and repeat. Or, is there some type of iLok (universal) or publisher (plug-in specific) limit to the number of times I would be able to repeatedly activate/deactivate the license to Machine from the online iLok Manager? Really wish all publishers using iLok would offer a Cloud activation option, but when that is not a choice, would what I am thinking be a realistic possibility to get around this limitation? Thanks!
  10. Hmmmm . . . spent $250 on HOOPUS during recent sale . . . would be nice to see FP & SM for ~ $170 . . . just sayin' . . .
  11. New to all things IK-M. Does one earn JamPoints only when purchasing directly from IK-M? Or, can one purchase TS3.5M from a TPR, and when registering with IK-M, also receive JamPoints? TS3.5M would earn approx how many JamPoints? Thanks in advance,
  12. Annoyed that JRR discount codes still don't work, but did make purchase for Xils vst numbers 6 & 7 for this sale: PolyKB III & XILS 4 Analog Matrix Modular Synth Plugin. 🎹
  13. "Minimum Spend Your $25 voucher will require a minimum order of just $32. This means that your net (!) shopping cart subtotal has to be $32 or more before you can successfully apply the voucher."
  14. $400 worth of vienna vouchers for ($300 - $40) $260 ? repeatable? three times, $1200 for $780?
  15. Yeah, was looking to see if any combination of TT stuff made sense, given Thomanns' existing pricing . . . EDIT --> Any product available for $1.54 ? Pro Tools Support Renewal EDU $ 97.46
  16. Having purchased over BF/CM, this neither makes me a happy penguin nor have a warm fuzzy feeling towards SA . . .
  17. $36 at bestservice.com $47 at thomannmusic.com $79 at jrrshop.com EDIT--> No midi included with this ezx?
  18. drummer Rikk Currence . . . Recorded at the legendary Columbia Studio A in Nashville, TN now to see if there is an SDX "big brother" of this EZX . . .
  19. Yeah, no tax for me at DLsite/Eclipsed . . . but the "random" tax at Dreamtonics is (one reason) why I am avoiding them and hoping someone else will sell the license keys for Wiena
  20. Just noticed this on the DLsite product page for Kevin:
  21. Thanks! When it updates to 1.8.0b1 do we get a free voice bank, AI Mai? Or is that only for those who purchase directly from Dreamtonics? Is it possible to store the Voicebanks on an external (ssd) drive, or does it all go to c : \
  22. Ok, think I got it to work at DLsite. Was initially declined. My bank's fraud dept sent an automated message. I indicated that I did authorize the (declined) charge. Decided to try again because, what the hay. Very (pleasantly) surprised that the charge was then accepted! 🙂 Think about $85 for Studio Pro + Kevin !!! Downloaded (zip files), but have not yet tried to install. @pseudopop I see that there are 3 (?!) serial numbers for each Studio Pro and Kevin? Any other install tips?
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