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    probably not. Thanks for reply.
  2. Hrabe EM

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Hi. I describe you my question on this example. If I drag file with left button mouse and hold Ctr together It will create a copy of the same file to another place. Is it possible to change this command to do the same but holding Alt instead Ctr? I tried to change it many times, but in settings (Preferences) of Keyboard Shortcuts, I can't find, where this setting is. Because its not standart command on keyboard but in combination with mouse Thanks for some advice.
  3. Thanks a lot. I have it, but I didnt see it before, I think its something new in Cakewalk 🙂 . Thanks.
  4. Thanks. After installing fix Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Update_Setup_27.01.0.088 I can finally open my projects. I tried t o open several of them, so I hope it will be ok now.. Thanks a lot! But I can't import my keyboart shortcuts and I can't change them, because I don't see keyboard shortcuts in Edit-preferences at all. Thanks for reply
  5. I had to change numbers to 33, 44 and 66 and now its working. Very strange, that 3, 4 and 6 did nothing .-)
  6. thanks. Its working at me, but not the switches with 3, 4 and 6. Its strange, that its doing the same different controllers inside Cakewalk.
  7. Hello. I tried to control plugin Bias FX inside Cakewalk by Bandlab (Sonar). I tried to controll with Behringer FCB1010 foot controller. Its working BUT the numbers (which are the midi commands for switching pedals inside Bias FX) 3, 4 and 6 doesnt work and do nothing. But in standalone version of Bias work all without problem. Now I tried with another controller - Melloaudio midi commander. And its the same with it! The same problem inside Sonar. And I tried to controll Overloud TH and the same problem. Any tips for help? Thanks a lot
  8. Yes, I haven't selected this!...now its working!...some switches on controller work now, some do nothing (in standalone worked) but, now I try to resolve, but thank you very much!
  9. I have the foot midi controller and its working with Bias FX when iI use it as stadalone. I would like to use controller inside Sonar too. But I am helpless with it. I thought that I could create midi track which will send midi to Bias (VST) , but theres no possibility to insert send at midi track. anyone some hlep? Thanks everyone for some tip...
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