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  1. Okay I fixed it, I were need to reinstall Bandlab Assistant
  2. I have problem with that, Bandlab Assistant bugs out downloading CbB (I've reinstalled and nothing)
  3. Niceeee, for me it would be very helpful.
  4. So yea, what theme does looks like Logic Pro?
  5. This theme reminds me now Ableton Live! (Sadly there is no FL Studio theme), but Ableton Live is the easiest DAW which is for me too.
  6. Hard to say, I think i prefer: Dark, White, Purple, Blue, Red.
  7. Oh well. Something you have right in that.
  8. A f____. I was didn't seen this is that section. XD *Just don't mind me, I'm so tired, I woke up everyday at 04:00 AM.*
  9. Yeah, i haven't. If you have problem with that, just don't even text.
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