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  1. Of course, first you have to buy the Icon thing to be eligible for the big one. - TC is not Universal Audio... 😉
  2. I did it. And I had it. Uuuups... 😉
  3. There was no auto-discount in cart. - So I contacted the (very, very fast and helpful) customer support. - And now, my price is reduced to $58. (I also owned 2 parts of the bundle). 😃
  4. Here the same. 22 hours after my Synth Drums order (with wave wallet credits) there is whether an order nor a download link in my account. Just contacted Wave Alchemy and asked for support... Edit: They delivered in the meantime. - All fine now.
  5. Free, since this sale started. - So: no error...
  6. Worked for me with my serialcenter email. - Thank you, satya!
  7. $33.59 at JRR Shop with Code: GROUP at Checkout. https://www.jrrshop.com/ik-multimedia-t-racks-sunset-sound-studio-reverb-plugin
  8. I am also from Germany. And it doesn't work for me either... 😭
  9. And you are sure, that the OB-X is included in this Bundle?
  10. The Code FORUM reduces the price to $69.41
  11. No. You need Kontakt Full in Version 6.7.1 and above.
  12. Now it is showing $49.99
  13. I am not interested, but: Liverpool. Klopp rules! 😉
  14. From the experience with the drummer of my former band: A rhythm machine keeps playing even when the beer supplies are gone... 😉
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