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  1. This is the predecessor of their BLISS Sampler, I guess ? 🤔
  2. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/10-Delay/8565-Space-Station-UM282
  3. €29 for Polaris owners. Yippie😊
  4. FunkBass is a free sample-based virtual instrument plugin for DAWs and other plugin host software running on Windows and macOS. FunkBass was designed as a fast & light but solid tool to create simple bass lines in musical genres such as Pop, EDM, Funk Soul, RnB, and more. If you are looking for a virtual bass with tons of techniques, articulations, nuances, and effects, FunkBass is not for you – there are already dozens of such commercial plugins on the market. Our plugin is for those who prefer a simplified approach to “real” virtual bass and at the same time are aware that a virtual bass will never sound like a physical one. Inside you will find 8 bass presets sourced from a bass guitar, a decent set of playing techniques and effects: finger, slap, pick, chorus, fretless, fuzz, low, and sub. All of these patches can be selected from the top menu, also you have access to a basic filter with high/low cut, attack & release envelope, as well as gain and pan. There’s also included an LFO modulation section with LFO speed & depth knobs and wave type, source, and destination selectors. FunkBass is available as a VST/VST3 plugin for Windows and VST/VST3/AU plugin for macOS (El Capitan to Mojave, NOT compatible with Catalina and up). https://www.audiolatry.com/funkbass/
  5. GET ALL 7 OF OUR PLUGINS + 3 SAMPLE LIBRARIES ALL FOR JUST £30 The bundle includes: Vocalator Pro (VST/AU) LFO Pro (VST/AU) BEEF (VST/AU) Anarchy Comp (VST/AU) Duplex (VST/AU) Pulsar (VST/AU) Synth Essentials Vol. 1 (Kontakt Instrument/Ableton Instrument) 3 Sample Libraries (Wav) https://anarchyaudioworx.com/?mc_cid=23302f2e5d&mc_eid=39c91090df
  6. stony

    Wusik Station X1

    How many years had people to wait for the release of Wusik Station X10 after they paid for it ? Two Years ? And a few months after the release he is beginning to sell X11 upgrades ?!? - Of course again with release date sometime in the future ? - Ok, we all need money, but for me, this is fooling customers. And I am one of them... 😡
  7. stony

    PA AMEK EQ 200

    Get Deal $49.99 $399 AMEK-EQ-4999 Use this voucher code during checkout! Offer ends January 8 - 11:59 pm PST This is a fixed price offer! The price for this product will not change if you add more plugins to your order. But you will get dynamic discounts of 20-60% on any additional plugins you may purchase. *Local VAT taxes may be added, only if required by law in your country. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/amek_eq_200.html
  8. Yes, you can use the MEGA-SALE-20OFF code to "pay" a license transfer fee.
  9. Aquiver (and some more from Rigid Audio) are currently on sale at Plugin Boutique for € 4.65 This is a bit more, I know. - But you can choose DJ Swivel Spread, denise My Crush or Pulsar Smasher as a Freebie. https://www.pluginboutique.com/search?qs=match&q=rigid&oses[]=
  10. stony

    SSL Native Drumstrip

    Now also at Audiodeluxe: $18.98 in Cart. And earn $0.94 DeluxeBucks. https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/solid-state-logic-ssl-native-drumstrip
  11. stony

    IK Tascam Tape Sale

    Direct link to the complete collection at JRR: https://www.jrrshop.com/ik-multimedia-tascam-tape-collection
  12. stony

    PSP NobleQ

    Now at Audiodeluxe for $14 - And earn $0.70 Deluxe Bucks. https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/psp-audioware-nobleq
  13. stony

    Waves VU Meter FREE!

    Seems, that this news was too much for the VSTBuzz server... 😉
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