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  1. Thank you @DallasSteve, your thread allowed me to understand (even if it was not the goal) how to enter midi in Ovox, via the vst3 button. I think it will also help me on another plugin with which I have the same problem, but this time to send midi.
  2. Hello. I recently became a user of the Reason environment, and I use the Rack under Cakewalk. That's how I discovered the power of a modular interface that creates interactions between different plugins. I know that there are this kind of interfaces in several DAWs, like Bitwig, Ableton Live, FL Studio ... but it is lacking in Cakewalk, or in a less extensive way. I thought it would be cool to evolve Cakewalk's FX Chain in this direction and allow it to accommodate instruments, midi plugins ... to create more complex things. Yes, I already have the Reason Rack and I know that there are alternatives (VST host), but Rack only takes compatible plugins and it's always better to have something integrated into your sequencer. If the developers hear me, what do you think of my idea?
  3. Ok, it works perfectly now, but it's weird, I was sure I had tried this before. Well anyway it works, thank you mr msmcleod, and be careful if someone walks around with a sword saying "there can be only one". 😄
  4. Oh ! A guy who followed the same route as me looks like? I started to compose my first sounds on Atari / Amiga and Protracker, then on Octamed (which could play both the samples of the usual trackers, like the midi) before coming to PC with Cakewalk. Surely there are programs for converting tracker files to midi, or is there a modern tracker called Renoise that maybe can play and convert these old files.
  5. OMG! me who thought I was one of the oldest guys on this forum, you just showed me that this is not the case. Even your headphone is almost as old as me. 😅 I started the adventure in the 90's with Cakewalk Express, then I got down to business with Cakewalk Pro Audio. The only thing that I regret and that I find that we have taken a step back is the stopping of Studioware. The possibility of creating your own interface to control your external midi machines, but what a genius idea! If there is one thing that I would like the Bandlab team to re-integrate and in a modern way, this is it. In any case, happy to count you among the Cakewalk users, long life to you and to CbB!
  6. Thanks for wanting to help me @Will_Kaydo, but apparently that's not it. This effectively opens the part of the track dedicated to automations, but when I close this part, I no longer see all the automation contained in the track and which should be visible on a single line with the note information. Automation track open: Automation track closed:
  7. Hello. I have a classical music project that I have been working on for several weeks, it has a lot of complex automation curves. One day, without my noticing it, all these curves disappeared from the main window, but are still activated and visible if I open each automation icon of each track. Everything works fine, but not seeing them in the main page, it's annoying and disrupts my workflow a bit. Am I unintentionally doing a keystroke again and making these lines disappear, or is this really a bug? I did not find in the settings the way to make them visible, please help me. For information in case it is a bug, I use the last version dated Cakewalk (2021.01 build 98 64bit). Edit : I just found out that the problem is with Cakewalk as a whole, not just my current project. I must have done a bad manipulation, but which one?
  8. Hello. Again I have the same problem with the automation curves when using fast rendering of my music. When I try to output my music as MP3, Cakewalk lowers my expression automation line to zero and messes up two other parameters making them orphan. I have a feeling that this is going to be difficult to fix, but I send you my saved file with and without the bug, hoping that you will find the solution. Cordially. Without Bugs.cwb With Bugs.cwb Without Bugs.mp3 With Bugs.mp3
  9. Heeeeeeeeelp, I'm on the verge of hanging myself! I don't know if it's my machine or if it's Cakewalk, but for a while now I have encountered big bugs in the automation curves. I was doing a brass track and I was starting to draw a CC expression curve directly from the clips menu. At one point I clicked to make a right angle and there the program took me out of the track. When I wanted to come back to it via clips, the program tells me that there is already an expression track, without however being able to access it. I tried to make it appear via the automation lines button, but that created a lot of automation lines except the one I had already drawn beforehand. Before that on another project, I encountered the same kind of madness, except that this time I had created several automation tracks, whose content no longer appeared in the "automation lines" view. I'm not also going to tell all my stories of buggy or orphaned curves ... but you just have to remember that there is really something wrong on this side. Here is my brass file, hoping you will find where the problem comes from. I will try to reproduce the first problem I encountered, to also send you the file. In The Stone.cwb
  10. Thanks guy (or girl, who know)! 😅
  11. Thanks @Promidi but I know about it, and you will notice that my thread is almost 2 years old now. 😆 I am really happy that this feature has finally been implemented, thanks to the Bandlab team.
  12. Hello. I can't seem to put multiple articulations on different lines. For this to be possible, Do I have to create several groups of articulations of the same instrument?
  13. I just found out what would be a bug. I wanted to update one of my old compositions which has instruments separated into audio and midi tracks, and by combining them into a single instrument track I noticed that something was missing from this track. Indeed, when I wanted to add an automation on this track, I did not find in the list the parameters of the instrument, but only the basic midi parameters (expression, volume, pan ...). Is this really a bug or would there be a trick to make my instrument's automation options reappear?
  14. The issue I reported in the 2020.08 Feedback topic is still present. I activated the keyboard at the top of the window as recommended to take control of the Reason Rack and be able to write, but it's still the Cakewalk keyboard shortcuts that have the hand. I did a test with Kontakt, and there I had no problems, I can write, but it's strange because with or without the keyboard icon activated, I can still write. In short, there is a problem on my machine between the VST Reason Rack and Cakewalk.
  15. Cakewalk developers are gradually optimizing the DAW workflow. We can now assign all the outputs of a VSTI to several instrument tracks, and therefore put several audio effects on them. Everything is now clear and combined, audio, midi and effects in one track ... except the midi effects. I had already made the request before and therefore I join frankly the point of view of @Matthew Carr, it is necessary to continue in this perspective of combination, a track to control everything rather than being lost in the menus.
  16. I have a problem with Cakewalk and a plugin (not sure if there may be a similar problem with other plugins). I use an instrument in the VST Reason Rack, so that certain parameters communicate with CWB, I have to put it in a "combinator" where I can manage the controllers to be linked to my instrument and controlled by Cakewalk (OMG, no $&€%@" midi learn !!?). To see clearly in the Combinator interface, I can name the rotary and the buttons, but the problem is that despite being in a window detached from Cakewalk, every time I try to type a letter, it is the CWB keyboard shortcuts that take priority over the Reason Rack, so I am manipulating the DAW in the background and therefore cannot write.
  17. Hello ! I don't know if this problem has been reported here, and if so I apologize, but I don't have time to read the 7 pages of this topic, knowing moreover that I am not very good in english (thanks google translate). So here is my problem: On a project I'm working on, every time I try to turn the music into mp3 via the quick exporter, it sets all my controllers to zero (control via automation curves), and Cakewalk no longer recognizes them when I replay my song from the beginning, until I enter each track to handle them. Listening to the mp3 create, I notice Cakewalk recorded it with the problem included. I will try it with the file menu exporter to see if it can work. Edit : The file menu exporter works fine, so the problem is with the quick version of the program. I would like to add a suggestion for something that is not a bug, but is annoying. You have updated the instrument tracks by allowing the use of Midi automations, but it would also be useful to have the possibility of including the Midi plugins in these tracks as easily as an audio plugin, all side by side. For the moment we are obliged to enter the track parameters to put a Midi plugin or to divide the instrument track to be able to put a Midi plugin directly. In short, it's boring especially if you want to copy a midi plugin on several tracks.
  18. I already made the request on the forum, and it is the only thing which could make me quit Cakewalk, because the instruments based on keyswitchs are often used. I think we should move this post (or another on the subject) to the top of the list as often as possible, so that it is visible by the developers and so that they understand that it is an essential option for a Modern DAW. Cakewalk was a DAW ahead of its time, but since its fall and the takeover by Bandlab, I feel like it's stagnating. Of course I thank Bandlab for saving my program from disappearance and updating it against bugs and other things. But my feeling about the options they're adding here and there, while welcome, is that they don't revolutionize the way we work either. We need new options to work with our new tools (Keyswitch manager, MPE, midi 2.0, NKS compatible, vector interface ... (bring me back Studioware 😢)). I would be willing to pay to have my DAW really up to date technologically.
  19. Like you, I envy the other DAWs and wait for the developers of Bandlab to give us the gift of implementing an Expression Map like. It is also one of the elements that could make me leave Cakewalk after decades of loyalty. Especially since now Studio One also has a keyswitch manager, like Cubase (of course), FL Studio, Reaper, Logic ... While waiting for the Bandlab team to reward us with such a tool, there is the drum map solution, which for my taste is quite constraining: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSMtr5u1KpM
  20. Hello. My dedicated graphic card recently stopped working properly and I had to fall back on the GPU included with my processor (core i7 4790k). The problem is that every time I exit Cakewalk while playing to go to a web page (for example) I hear crackling noises, as if every action I do in the image affects the sound. I told myself that my CPU / GPU has trouble managing the image and calculating the VSTI and DTD at the same time. But when my computer goes to sleep mode and I turn it back on, I have a message from Cakewalk saying that the Intel audio / midi device has been disconnected, and that it wants to route the outputs bla bla bla ... I do not understand why it speaks to me of Intel audio / midi when Cakewalk is fully configured on my dedicated sound interface (Motu 828 mk3)? So how do I make Cakewalk stop interacting with the Intel audio / midi device (my CPU / GPU) when it is not activated in the settings? Best regards.
  21. Hello As said in another post, believing that my audio interface was not working (motu 828 mk3), I was making sound with the internal card of my motherboard and asio4all. But I discovered that the problem came from Something else, so I put my Motu back in function, but now I'm having a new problem. I try to configure my machine (core I7 4790k, 16gb of ram) and my interface with Cakewalk, but it's hard for me to have a clean sound without parasites. The only times I get a correct sound is when I has turn off the management of multi core. I do not understand, I feel that everything worked better with the sound of the motherboard than my professional interface. Does this come from the Motu or is my core I7 no longer able to make Cakewalk work properly, or is this Cakewalk itself? I don't know what to do, I think it's Cakewalk the culprit and I'm about to quit the adventure with this DAW that I use for decades, so please prove me that I'm wrong and reconcile me with my DAW. Best regards.
  22. Thank you for your clear and precise answer Scook. Effectively putting the Non-Linear option solves the problem for LP-EQ. But what should I do if I don't have that kind of option in a plugin like for Vocal Doubler for example? And why is the problem there, even on tracks not affected by the plugin?
  23. Hello! For years I thought that my audio interface Motu 828 mk3 no longer worked, while it was my microphone that was dead. Today I try to put my home studio back on, integrating my two old external synths through Cakewalk and my Motu. So I clicked input echo to be able to apply the Cakewalk plugins in real time on my external synths, I lowered the latency in the asio drivers, and I muted the inputs on the interface so as not to have some kind of chorus effect. Everything worked well until I added some plugins like Izotope Vocal Doubler, or the Cakewalk L-Phase EQ (LP-EQ). I don't know why, but its two plugins (and probably others) generate a monstrous latency on the input echo tracks, even if they are not on the tracks in question. Is there a solution to the problem or is it a Cakewalk bug? Another problem, it seems that in the project settings I can not put the clock on internal, obviously the option comes back every time on the audio clock.
  24. I know it's really too late to ask this question, especially as the CAL/Studioware has been abandoned for a long time ago, but I don't understand why it all remains hidden if it's functional? It's just a line in the menus, why not hand over the Studioware editor to those to whom it's useful?
  25. How do you created custom Studioware Panels when they are not accessible?
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