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  1. i bought a pc3x a decade ago and it was thousands down the drain. they look good on paper but roland or yamaha are the best keys in my experience edit:(my kurzweil had a wiggy screen like many other users-- died never recovered)
  2. This guy makes good sounding vintage keyboard libraries with relatively small file size. They are already a bargain at full price IMO. Require full kontakt https://www.purgatorycreek.com/
  3. davydh- pretty sure you can buy the bundle from boz and the pro channel versions are included in the installer. wait for a sale- Boz frequently has big discounts
  4. have a section of the browser devoted to pro channel modules from where they can be drag/dropped make pro channel modules resizable (min/max) by double clicking header bar fx bin in pro channel is goodd but what would be more elegant is drag vst into pro channel and they would be shown by header bar just samew as pro channel module but different colour. doluble clinking vst header bar could open up vst gui. more pro channel modules too please
  5. They do this everytime. In 3 months time it will be on special for $49.95.
  6. we're locked down in NZ for 4 weeks. crappy NZ media waiting for america to find a vaccine in next 4 weeks and very very mad at POTUS. we'll come out of lockdown with hardly any deaths but still vulnerable while rest of world will be moving toward herd immunity whilst not killing their economies. half expectiing our crappy govt to close our borders permanently so we become albania of the south pacific.
  7. yeah I seem to recall that. But there was some weird exception where it was only going to be offered to subscription versions of the plugins if memory serves. They've stopped talking about it seemingly too. Maybe it was up in the air when they were sort of partnered with liquidsonics with slate verb and the other liquidsonics stuff on the subscribe service? anyway sorry to derail thread about phoenix which is awesome. The computer construction guru on these forums Jim Roseberry always used to rave about it
  8. the plugin companies I have that are ilok cloud compatible are: McDSP, Liquidsonics, MIA laboratories, Process Audio, Pulsar, Sonnox, Soundtheory, Babelson, Endeavor Fx
  9. not all plugins are ilok cloud compatabile- phoenix verb isn't neither is izotope
  10. These plugins are GREAT. They are running that sale to the 4th so if you got trident half off maybe that would parlay that you could get compressor bundle at big discount which would likewise parlay you could get the full 15 bundle very cheap too. Worth investigating imho.
  11. i have all but one or two of their plugins now but last month had to spend 99 to use voucher. this month only 75 (net 25 spend)
  12. looks like the message got through $50 voucher now needs minimum $25 spend
  13. thanks terra! have amended original post
  14. https://d16.pl/godfazer sorry i screwed up and posted personal code. i already have godfazer so good luck to anyone who already used it!
  15. can you list the vsts you're having problems with dave?
  16. komplete upgrade, e instruments upright, liquidsonics seventh heaven
  17. you can use ilok cloud now with liquidsonics- no dongle but requires internet connection. Don't know whether they support computer activation
  18. https://www.wavesfactory.com/
  19. https://goodhertz.co/order/
  20. Hate to be a killjoy but the affirmation quotes are corny! Love toast notifications, hate the attendant affirmations Wish we could disable the quotes wihout disabling toast popups
  21. you can stack vouchers- i had a 75 one and got it for 24$
  22. Is it possible to show the bus color in a rectangle before the bus name in drop down menu for creating a new send. I always use the same colors for various busses and don't even need to rename them this way but can get confusing when they are named bus D, E, F, G etc
  23. This is a Japanese company. Up to 70% off What could be of interest to Sonar users as F-Rex is similar to the Roland R-mix plugin. https://internetmusicsoft.com/bfw_sales.html
  24. do the vst3 versions work properly now in Cakewalk? It used to be that the dials used to be stuck in circular mode as opposed to linear which made them frustrating to operate. I've always just stuck to vst2 versions in cakewalk. (the vst3 work properly in cubase and S1 but not samplitude)
  25. backwoods

    Magix Acid Pro 9

    Acid 7 was hopeless after a decade of neglect and magix have taken it and over a couple of years and updates made it worse lol. The forum is full of disheartened users ( and now ex users) eg https://www.magix.info/us/forum/thoughts-from-a-once-loyal-customer--1231297/ . I think they'll let it wither on the vine cos it has nothing going for it apart from appealing to nostalgic people. I've posted plenty of ideas over the years and one has actually been used- the collapse all pro channel modules with modifier key + click. totally weird for that a guy like you who tries to run down cakewalk all the time by comparing it to a shite competitor gets offended when that program is looked into and critiqued by a long time user (used acid since v4) I can agree with you that it would be nice if Project 5 still existed though 😂
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