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  1. You're right! Brain fart... Was remembering the old SO... 🙄 Guess I blew 80$ by not checking jrr... 😳
  2. BAD DEAL... Platinum cost me $499 from EW...Diamond is dinky... JRR ripoff as EW has it for less Error! Brain fart... Disregard... Was thinking of their old orchestra
  3. Hey dude! Downloaded last week & I agree... It's like a Spitfire/Orchestral Tools level of "The Orchestra"... Very flexible, intuitive, & sounds INCREDIBLE! Haven't used any of my EW crap for 7 or so years but could not resist buying JUST FOR THE ORCHESTRATOR ... Best $500 addition to my absurd 12TBs of orchestral libraries (insanity) in years Roger just mentioned you commenting on this and figured I'd chime in. Hope ur doing well ❤️
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