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  1. Hi , i have an issue with bandlab which is driving me mad !!, firstly , no sound is coming out of my speakers which come out of my pc ( win 10 ) , i get other sounds such as videos but nothing from Bandlab , which driver settings do i use ?. Secondly , when i plug my midi keyboard in i can see that Bandlab is communicating with the keyboard as when i hit a key i can see the meters moving , but, as before no sound is coming out when i load up an instrument , when i load up a synth vst there is no movement on the vst keyboard ( you cannot see the keys being depressed when i hit my midi keyboard) , Bandlab is recognising the keyboard in preferences but nothing happens . When i try to change the driver settings in preferences either nothing happens or it crashes bandlab , if anyone could help it would be appreciated . 10-4
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