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  1. 40 is highly underrated. I think this should have been released maybe 5 years ago when he was at peak and before there were 500 less Drake sample/preset packs. There have been countless reveals of exact presets used on Drake hits.  I'm sure these are quality. Just wish timing was better

  2. Peter has to be the most patient software rep on the internet.  We all love sales but they have been slamming this man every time they don't get something practically free.  I will be passing up modo 2 for now because i honestly am still learning modo one and feel like i am so overloaded with vsts that i will never master them all.  Modo 2 is tempting because it does offer things I wished 1 had. The upgrade price is not outrageous. I have paid ik upgrade prices full before and did not feel ripped off.  In any case, Peter is not the guy setting the prices. As a former business owner, it is never wise to cater to customers who ONLY buy things at super super deep discounts. This thread proves those types will only expect that perpetually. Each company needs to clone Bapu.

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  3. Free is the right price for this( at least when compared with $50). This effect is easily done with any DAW's stock plugs. The humorous interface gives it style points tho.

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  4. 1 hour ago, kevin H said:

    I know I have seen complaints about this developer going MIA after every release, but I went ahead and took advantage of this sale.  At this price can’t complain.

    But look up developer on kvr/gearspace threads and make decision on your own.



    He can be slow to answer but eventually responds. 

  5. Rational me: "you have too many synths and not enough HD space. "

    Rationalization me: " every tine you use one of your IK products it ends up being a good fit.

    Rational me: " This covers a lot of the same ground as the v collection stuff you still have not completely explored"

    Rationalization me: " plenty NOT covered as well"

    Rational me: "do you really need to spend more?"

    Rationalization me: " you might spend more on tacos in a month!"

    Greedy me: " do not touch the taco budget!"

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  6. Sometimes I wonder if consumer entitlement is trying to catch up with corporate greed.  We are seriously complaining that a company that regularly keeps products that are on par with products costing far more are not giving us enough coupons? I have yet to buy a PA product that was worth less than what I paid with or without voucher. No, I'm not a fan of subscription models but it's hard to complain about their prices, even if it is the Waves method of undercutting their own list price every month.   

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  7. 10 minutes ago, cclarry said:

    The Maag EQ4 is wonderful on vocals!  I don't think you'll regret either of those purchases!

    Thanks. I am sure I will love both but my son is starting to tease me about these acquisitions lol

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  8. I can't point out anything wrong with this synth, but I have just never been able to see a reason to use it instead of the other 100 synths I forgot I picked up cheaply and don't use either.

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  9. 5 hours ago, paulo said:

    Is there any way to install the PA stuff without installing their  "Installation Manager" ?

    I just use individual installers. Go to license management in your account and individual installers are there

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  10. 22 minutes ago, abacab said:

    That's probably what bothers me the most. The wasted potential that could have been. If they had just been a bit more aggressive with GUI facelifts, bug fixes, and customer support, they likely could have remained a leading brand. But the management clearly had no vision for that. I cringe every time I read their marketing blurbs these days...

    Relying on P.T. Barnum's wisdom isn't the ideal way to run a business:

    • Many people are gullible, and we can expect this to continue.
    • You can fool most of the people most of the time.


    They did give effects a facelift. They work exactly the same but look a lot better.  Very simple but i suspect because target was mpc users who use much smaller screen

  11. 14 minutes ago, abacab said:

    At one time, AIR Music Tech was an exclusive instrument bundle for Pro Tools. You know, THAT industry standard! :)

    So under the hood it was leading tech, at one time.

    But since the inMusic acquisition, they have apparently been squeezing every dime out of the intellectual property, while keeping any new development investment low. Not my idea of a grand business model except to corporate MBA's with their eyes focused strictly on the bottom line, rather than the customer.

    As an AIR, SONiVOX, and AKAI customer for many years, I feel that inMusic could have done much more with what they acquired. I feel that I got some good value from their products for a while, but from a loyalty perspective I'm not likely to buy into their new stuff.

    I totally agree that inmusic business model sucks for consumer. Poor customer service, products that seem abandoned, lack of updates( tons of products have no vst3 version and products like noc cannot run vst3) and a lot of nebulous marketing always has me hesitant to purchase anything by them. At the same time, some products offer great value. As ugly as air instruments are, they are still very usable. A good chunk of pop music can still be made using primarily air synths. I stuck hybrid in a song last week because it just fit.  With that said, i can't see myself buying anything new either. I already have most of the old ones.   Even if I had interest in the synths, it would be wiser to catch MPC software on sale since you could get all of them for the price of one and have a decent drum machine/sampler/production station as a bonus.

  12. I certainly wouldn't buy hype separately at that price or even for sale.  It's a good stock synth option though. Hybrid is super ugly but quite functional.  My favorite air synth by far is Loom II.  I think one thing actually in Air's favor is the copycat nature of pro and amateur pop creators.  The fact that MPC based hip-hop/ pop producers use these plugins may sway people who simply want to use what was used on a song they liked.

  13. These are basically the stock synths that come with MPC. They are decent emulations and I use them mostly because they work well within the MPC environment and are low resource. I don't think at that price they are worth it individually though with so many other options.    Hype synth is most versatile. I like the sound of mellotron best, but pales in comparison to both arturia and gforce options.

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