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  1. Thank you very much, the problem was solved easily, another question, now my cursor is working properly, but its display is very fragmented and it jumps in a fraction of a second. Is it possible to make adjustments to make the cursor display smoother?
  2. Digidesign MBox 2 I have been using this audio interface with cakewalk for more than 10 years
  3. Everything is normal, but the time cursor disappears and the seconds or bits also stop, but the music continues. Cakewalk - [Untitled Project1_] 2021-10-21 02-17-11.rar
  4. Hello, dear friends. After running the time cursor project in version 145 disappears after a few hundredths of a second and you cannot see which part of the project is running on the frequency indicator. How can I fix this problem?
  5. Great new downloader When I use Bandalab downloader, due to frequent packets, due to the existence of filtering servers in my country, with the slightest problem and the smallest packet, the download process took days and was inconclusive, because Bandalab Assistant was not able to continue the download. I had to go through the download process several times to get the desired result, but now with your new downloader, the download was done without any problems in the first time of use. Thankful . ❤️
  6. This is the link to my favorite audio reference file https: Reference : www.soundcloud.com/roosari-abi/khatereh-hossein-alizadeh You may be wondering why I want to use audio Snap? Well, the steps I want to do are, after finding the tempo, I quantize the file and cut it into pieces, and after applying the Glitch and effects I want, I produce new music, composite music. This link below is the same reference file I wanted that I reproduced last month with earlier versions of cakewalk reproduced last month : www.soundcloud.com/karimkhan-ir/the-wind-x-hossein-alizadeh-karimkhanir-free-beat Hossein Alizadeh - Khatereh - 320 - RadioAva.Com_490_.rar
  7. Detects the average tempo of a failed audio file and displays the number zero And but After using audioSnap , I can not do other processes such as pledging or cutting the fable, etc. It must be a feature Render AudioSnap so that I can use all the features well.
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