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  1. Thanks chris.r,huviolan and Noel...to add a bit more detail..my Latency settings in the ASIO panel for the Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen are the same pre/post the .11 upgrade,ie 7.9 ms RTT.If I take a fresh project,import a single Audio clip in 4/4 time @80bpm,the said Linear Phase EQ when active causes audio transients and meter response to react about 1/2 beat behind the playhead position.Delay Compensation for plugins is set to True and PDC button is extinguished.When disabling the EQ in FX bin,the audio and meter response lines up with the playhead.I can't say definitively if some very small latency was present in .09 using this EQ,however it is very visible now.So I was just wondering if I need to make some adjustments in audio preferences to null this out. Thanks for the constructive comments so far,an interesting one to crack. Neil
  2. Further to an earlier post about playback latency since 2019.11,in my case this involves the use of certain T-Racks5 plugins,where about 1/2 a beat's worth of playback latency has been introduced that was not apparent on 2019.09.Worst offender is the T-Racks5 Linear Phase EQ which when temporarily disabled in the FX bin removes any additional latency.Has anyone else observed this effect? The issue is there on both legacy and new projects containing this plugin.Are there some settings that need to be reset? Audio interface is a Focusrite Solo 3rd generation,which was functioning without issue before the new build. Thanks again, Neil
  3. Just a passing observation,I have started to experience playback latency on some existing audio-only projects,however the same clips re-imported into a fresh project playback normally. All my audio settings(via Focusrite Solo 3rd Gen)are as before the 2019.11 update. Anything more esoteric that I may need to check here? BR// Neil
  4. Many Thanks everyone,many more replies there than I expected...Third generation Scarlett Solo looking very tempting. Neil C. UK
  5. Hi Forum, Can anyone recommend a reasonably-priced ASIO compatible soundcard for the Dell Inspiron 5748 to give improved results over the stock RealTek device? Many Thanks Neil UK
  6. The solution was hidden away in the Dell Audio app,which discreetly hides in the background adding spatial sounds and room effects. So for anyone else who may be a Dell owner and finding playback of their CbB mixes sounds totally out of whack compared to how they sound inside the DAW,this is the panel for you.
  7. Hi Forum, I may not be alone in noticing that the default Windows 10 Media Player seems to drive a coach and horses through any of the finely-crafted mixes and masters from my CbB,notably with excessive emphasis of bass frequencies and gratuitous amounts of uncommanded reverb. I have no enhancements,environments or spatial effects ticked in my soundcard settings or Windows sound options,so can any of the more Windows orientated experts out there please offer any advice on how this may be modified so that the sound of the original mix from CbB and mastered through TRacks can be achieved? Or is the codec set etc fixed? I know that it is a fair test of any mix to see how it stands up in different environments,but(probably due to audio engineering amateurism)the negative impact is quite noticeable and an incoherent result. Do any other media players afford a response that give better similarity to the mix as played back through CbB? Regards, Neil UK
  8. Thanks both...plenty to go at there! Regards, Neil
  9. Hi Forum, Not sure if this is the correct part of the forum for this genre of question,but hoping I could sneak them in... Q1. A recent large update to Windows has characteristically reverted some optimised Windows DAW settings back to default values.There are some good linked articles from eg PreSonus and FocusRite which I've used to try and eke a bit more performance from a relatively old and slow PC for CbB and other applications such as TRacks.Is there any source(s) of information on Windows 10 DAW optimisation available out in the wild that are considered to be the final,definitive word on this topic? Q2 in a similar vein.. Q2. Within Windows services,I've disabled as many of the more obvious services that normally are associated with running Windows as general-purpose OS for browsing and entertainment purposes,again to try and squeeze some more CPU time and less RAM usage from a fairly limited machine.Are there any more esoteric services that can be safely taken out using Services>Properties>Disable,without compromising safe running? I've followed all the advice on improving Audio Performance stated in the current CbB User Guide. Any comments very welcome. Thanks Neil UK
  10. Thanks Jim, That sounds very accurate,given that I have a relatively low spec laptop with a slower clock speed. All the plug-ins I'm using in this project are entirely TRacks5,so maybe there's a connection there. BR// Neil
  11. Hi Forum, I have 1/4 CPU cores spiking heavily in my CPU load monitor despite having Plug-In Load Balancing activated. Could anyone suggest a possible reason for this and potential solution please? Many Thanks Neil Cummins UK
  12. Hi Forum, Does CPU/RAM specification play any role in how well AudioSnap converts corrected transients from Online to Offline? My reason for asking is that I have made some small transient corrections in two guitar clips in a current project.When stretched and played online with Elastique Efficient as Online algorithm,they play back well,however when either mixed down or frozen using Radius Solo as Offline algorithm,the resulting transient audio becomes heavily slurred and unusable. My audio laptop is relatively low-spec in terms of CPU and RAM,so I was wondering what impact,if any,this may have on the Offline algorithm. If yes,what would users recommend for suitable settings for Offline and Online algorithms? Regards, Neil UK
  13. Hi Garrick, I think I put a similar post on here a couple of months back but with no reply.I vaguely remember that the manufacturer's website doesn't specifically state compatibility with CbB,but may suggest to try it. Evidently your experience suggests not as yet,maybe worth contacting them to see if compatibility with CbB is planned? Interested to hear if you have anything back from them,or manage to get it to work,as it's a VST I'd like to try myself. Regards Neil.
  14. Alex,Isn't the update included in the 2018.11 CbB drop which now allows a fuller version of Breverb 2 as a standalone plugin the full version? There's certainly more options and features there than the Lite version in ProChannel? Is your CbB up to date to 2019.01?
  15. Hi Michael, I recently posted on here about adding some Mid/Side capability to any of the EQ tools available with CbB,supposedly this capability exists on the original L-Phase EQ which was part of the high-end SONAR Platinum offering,and may re-appear again in CbB in the future. I think many forum users would recommend that whichever software EQ you purchase,make sure it has Mid/Side capability,as this is an important asset to bring into play when mixing and mastering. Regards, Neil
  16. Hi Forum, Have any CbB users had any success with any of the currently available 3rd party chord progression generators used as VST plugins,despite the fact that a couple of the best don't have CbB listed in supported DAWs? Captain Chords is an example,others are available.I play and compose my own guitar instrumental pieces so not specifically orientated to these tools given that they are more focused towards EDM,however the MIDI capability seems good,alongside the ability to write modal progressions etc. I've been a user of Band In A Box by PG Music for some years and they are currently trying very hard to get their VST DAW plugin to function inside multiple other DAW,with CbB included. Thanks Neil
  17. Could some Mid/Side capability be built into either the Sonitus EQ or ProChannel EQ to make them at least competitive with other commercially available or freeware? Just a thought. Regards Neil
  18. I have a ticket open with Bandlab support(with a request for screen dumps),with regards to some FX Chain presets referencing missing applications eg third party tools or non-Core build tools. An example is one called Metallic Hydrogen,which contains an instance of Zeta,which doesn't appear in my core build. Is this correct or is there a problem with my current build(the latest available 2018.11)? Thanks, Neil
  19. Hi Forum, Is it a limitation of the DAW that I can only display one VST only at any one time,or is this a changeable parameter in the VST Properties dialogue? In other words,if I have multiple EQ,reverb,compressor VST set across multiple channel strips,if I click on any one while another is active,it will change the display to show only the latest clicked instance. Many Thanks, Neil Cummins UK
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