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  1. I use the PC -authorised Oz9 version and not iLok,and still see the same as everyone above,however as I'm a first time Ozone customer a few months back,I have no benchmark.Plus my system is quite low spec and I have to make a lot of compromises when using both Oz9 Adv and Neutron3Adv as the Machine Learning embedded in some of the component plugins is very CPU cycle-intensive. I've seen various accounts on YouTube that Oz9 loads a lot faster than Oz8,however I can't attest to this claim in the context of CbB. Regards. Neil.
  2. I get by with CbB Bob with a Dell 5748 with an i3 processor and 8Gb of RAM,but with as much Windows 10 disabled as possible in terms of apps,services,no anti-virus running and following lots of the DAW optimisation tips and tricks that are well publicised on forums like this and on YouTube. The number of plugins used simultaneously will have a significant impact on CPU cycle usage,and so using track freeze and archive techniques are well worth reading up on to save on CPU time. Tools such as Ozone and Neutron which are starting to employ Machine Learning are very heavy on CPU time,and I have to make compromises in how many instances can be run at once. So with some judicious tuning and acceptance that you may hit your system limits at some point,then you should be able to get some decent results. BR// Neil.
  3. Lindsey Buckingham may have done something similar on the opening track on the 1987 Tango In The Night Album,not entirely sure though.
  4. Same issue...upgraded to BLA v6.0,restarted machine and two more goes..success on third attempt.
  5. It also allegedly defragments your SSD uncommanded,I'm not sure if it is an actual defrag attempt or a trim,however not recommended for SSDs. I'm holding off going to 2004 for now. BR// Neil
  6. Clip gain automation worked a treat,the small muting effect is almost imperceptible underneath the backing. Thanks Craig!
  7. Hi Forum, Can anyone recommend some good techniques within CbB capability to remove an annoying spike artifact on a guitar intro take that I want to otherwise keep,the backing track at this point in the song is mezzo-piano,so the artifact is spoiling the piece. I could record it again,however... Yours in much hope.. Neil Warrington UK
  8. Many thanks for the replies Guys...plenty to go at there! Cheers, Neil
  9. Thanks Teegarden, I probably should have phrased the question better to Bloatware removal tools such as ShutUp10.I have a fairly low spec machine which is at the limit of available hardware upgrade paths,and highly stripped down in terms of background programmes and services,Cortana off,Windows Defender off when disconnected from the Internet etc,all in the cause of some extra CPU resource.The only 3rd party software on there is audio-related. So I suppose my question was if applications such as ShutUp10 directly affect either DAW or plug-in functionality.I would assume from your response that this isn't the case? Regards, Neil
  10. Hi Forum, I suppose this one may be able to squeeze legally into this forum if I mention CbB...Does anyone use/recommend/discourage the use of Bloatware or PowerShell scripts such as ShutUp10 to try to eke more audio optimisation from their systems,having done most of the commonly-used tweaks that most users will have adopted? The level of intervention available in these scripts seems quite deep,and I was wondering if they have any impact upon DAW or plug-in performance,eg rendering them inoperable or degrading their performance. Thanks Neil Cummins Warrington UK
  11. Hi Paul, Just out of interest,I have a crash issue with a brand new ST4 SE installation out on a ticket with IK at the moment,and the same issue has been raised on this forum in another thread by several members.Does that crash you illustrate above occur during playback,making moves involving ST4 etc or as in my case,once a project containing ST4 is closed and then re-opened? This happens using either the VST2 or VST3 ST4 plug,with CbB and ST4 built up to date.IK have been in contact with me with some steps to try but no resolution so far. Thanks Neil.
  12. @Simeon Amburgeyand @Starise...in my case,here's a a typical scenario:- 1. Create new project eg using Simple template with 1 Audio and 1 x MIDI track. 2. View Synth rack and load ST4.The crash occurs for me with either VST2 or VST3 version loaded. 3. Select instrument in ST4 and correct MIDI channel. 4. Import MIDI file into the ST4 MIDI track. 5. Test play for audio response,all good so far.So I can use it to generate music... 6. Save project,then exit. 7.Log straight back into project...and crash with the dialogue box as shown above. 8.Sometimes.....if I freeze the synth track to generate an audio file,the project survives up until maybe changing instrument in ST4,then it will fail again as above. 9.ST4 standalone works fine. CbB and ST4 both up to date builds,I'm running Windows 10,not a high spec laptop but doubt this is relevant. ...05 February update...no change after the CbB 2020.01 load,still seeing the same crash on opening projects containing ST4. Neil
  13. @Starise...I've trouble ticketed the exact crash message you have posted to IK,as I'm getting the same with a brand new ST4 install. Neil
  14. Thanks for the quick response David,I used to like that functionality too!
  15. Hi Forum.Since updating to Build 63,I cannot multiple select/delete/enable etc in the Console View with CTRL+Mouse select,eg to open all instances of ProChannel,bulk delete a module from the signal chain,select ProChannel as Pre/Post FX bin.And so on. CTRL+Mouse click will only affect the single channel the move is being requested on. How do I restore this function please,I can't locate anything specific in the current User Guide? Many Thanks, Neil
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