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  1. Please update the Simplified Chinese text. Thank you.
  2. Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of my great motherland, I am very happy! Today is also happy to welcome the update of Cakewalk by BandLab Release: 2019.09! This version is very powerful! Great! I like it very much! Thank you great developer! Thank you BandLab! Thank you to those who are selfless and dedicated! I love you! - Endless gratitude from a Chinese boy!🥰
  3. I can not speak English. I use Google Translate to communicate.
  4. I found that when I quantified a 16th note to an 8th note or even a longer note value, the note value will change normally, and when I am from 8th note or a slightly longer note, the value is quantized to a 16th note or shorter. The note time value will not change, I don't know how to solve it. bandicam 2019-02-14 22-10-23-229.mp4
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