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  1. Not working for me either. I've tried restoring my purchases in CS, authorizing it in the old Authorizer app, re-authorizing in Product Manager, and nothing.
  2. $89 intro, $129 regular https://roboticbean.com/products/portatron/
  3. Right, I'm on a Mac, sorry I don't know what the Windows equivalent is. But it's a preference file for what it's worth.
  4. What finally worked for me was a combination of deleting several ST4 .plist files (which was recommended by IK Support but didn't change anything) AND then using the old Authorization Manager to re-authorize my Syntronik 1 serial (which I did just on a hunch and it worked). I tried re-authorizing my serial number 2 days ago, but that alone did not fix things.
  5. I just tried doing that for Sampletank 4 (a few times actually) and unfortunately it did not work. I submitted a ticket yesterday for the original issue (which was that the SYN 1 libraries would not unlock in SYN 2), but after doing what lupis said, I got it to work this morning. So basically all is good in Syntronik 1 and 2, but Sampletank 4 still shows things locked.
  6. Tried the steps provided by lupis and that finally unlocked the Syntronik 1 libraries in Syntronik 2, but they still show as locked in the latest Sampletank 4.
  7. When I make demos on my Portastudio, I usually use one track for the entire drum part, the other 3 tracks for bass, keys, and a synth:
  8. Reason 12's factory presets and Soundpacks are just ok in my opinion - if you're curious here are some of the new Combinator 2 patches included in R12:
  9. I'm from another forum but I come here just for Larry's deals.
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