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  1. Can say exactly the same about the $19 Friedman DS40. And Audiority Dr.Drive (free) + Audio Assault/Seacow Mr.Shall BX IR pack ($7) are perfect neighbors for this amp.
  2. Confirm that, thanks! I really didn't expect I will pray for the end of this never ending sale.
  3. What I remember I was quite lucky this year. I remember only the Brainworx bx_rockrack V3 from Plugin Alliance. Fortunately it was only for $9.90. I always check date when the VST was made since that purchase, especially in case of amp sims.
  4. The Engl E765 RT for $9.99? I couldn't resist Thank you @Abstract!
  5. Not the only one I have tried I think all amp sims on the market and have found the Kuassa amps most suitable for me (sound/CPU/price). I don't need extra hi-gain stuff so I have bought Caliburn and Matchlock at first and a new Clarent is on my radar already in my arsenal too. I'm not a huge fan of their cab sim but external IR works very well. One interesting KVR comment about Clarent from their factory player Dimi: One good practice is to keep your master at moderate level. The tone stack is more responsive and not buried by the saturation of the power amp section. It works like in the real world. Also too much pre-amp gain will affect how the tone stack works. The brightness of the amps is not a hard thing. Play with the mics position and keep it more to the center of the cone.
  6. https://www.kuassa.com/products/amplifikation-clarent/ $25 intro price
  7. Is it just a facelift plus IR loader for $29?
  8. I'm looking forward to Piotr's comment
  9. Can confirm what @Brian Walton said: just send an e-mail to Ralph, I'm sure he will give you a reasonable price (l did it last year)
  10. If you've been enjoying the free version of Jamstix 4 and have been debating stepping up to the full version, this is your time. Jamstix is now on sale with deep discounts. For example, 'Jamstix 4 Studio' is just $99 instead of the normal $249 price. If you already own Jamstix 4, now is the time to get those expansions you've had your eye on. All of them are on sale, Jamcussion is only $29 instead of $69, MetalPak and BonzoPak can be had for $19 each instead of $49 and the big MiniPak bundle, which is already a great deal at $59, is on sale for just $39. The sale ends on December 31st. Secure Online Shop Please note that the macOS version is still in Beta. We recommend that you delay any purchase for macOS until the official release is out. There will be similar discounts available at that time so you are not losing out on the holiday sale.
  11. I know nothing about AA general quality but getting of e.g. Dominator amp with included 10 pre-post effects for $7 is very tempting I will definitely try a demo.
  12. Everything except Reamp Studio .. no surprise
  13. Finally I have found something to buy! And it is happened thanks to Larry's "Exponential Audio R4" thread, thanks! :-)
  14. Exponential Audio PhoenixVerb $9.99 https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/17-Reverb/5225-PhoenixVerb-Stereo Important Notes: Exponential Audio products are not available in iZotope’s Product Portal You are only provided with 1 x iLok computer activation for each Exponential Audio product licence.
  15. I didn't say better but equal at least I'm aware that it is very very subjective. Here is my list of used free stuff (except amp sims) : Booster/Overdrive/Distortion: AXP (CharBooster), NickCrowLab (TubeDriver), Analog Obsession (OverDiver, JAMP, Gunner), Nembrini (NA 808), TSE (808), Mercuriall (TSC, GreedSmasher), Audiority (Dr.Drive), Ignite (TS-999) Modulation: Mercuriall (ChorusWS1), Nembrini (Analog rack chorus), TAL (Chorus LX), Oblivion SoundLab (OSL chorus), Adam Szabo (Phazor), Acon (Multiply Chorus), Full Bucket (Full Bucket Phaser) Reverb: Acon (Verberate Basic), Michael Wills (DragonFly reverbs, early reflection), Linda Audio (IronVerb), Valhalla (Supermassive), Denis Tihanov (OrilRiver) Delay (before I bought VDelay): Musical Entropy (Spaceship Delay), Sender Spike (EchoBox D7), HY Plugins (HY-Delay4)
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