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  1. True. And message for all other newbies: Think twice and prefer quality before quantity. I did $150 + $50 purchases and it would be better to did just one at $200 level. Maybe next time
  2. I'm a little bit confused: How to qualify for the promotion. Purchase any of the qualifying products from the IK Online Store, Custom Shop or IK authorized resellers. So I have bought 150 Gear credits at first and I want to purchase Electromagnetik as my qualifying product. But how to do that? There is no option for paying with GC in IK online store and Electromagnetik is not available in Custom shop app .. Am I miss something?
  3. Is there any (maybe official?) list where is stated what GB freebie I can get? I know new Tascam collection is not included in GB and guess it is not about just this item.
  4. I would like to use it for tweaking/reamping.
  5. Do you know if it is possible to move looper to the beginning of the chain? I haven't found any answer, just the same question: https://cgi.ikmultimedia.com/ikforum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=26293
  6. Unfortunately I have found a huge dealbreaker for me - undo/redo commands are not implemented in AT5! I'm unsurprisingly not only one who miss this feature: https://cgi.ikmultimedia.com/ikforum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=26237&start=75#p112674 @Peter - IK Multimedia , do you have any explanation why it is not supported? Or Does IK have any future plans about this feature?
  7. Amplitube SE + Collections primarily. But I'm still not convinced I need more amps then I have now. Pure GAS nightmare. 🙂
  8. Could I ask you for help? I have zero experience with buying anything from IK online. Now I'm thinking about joining to the GB sale at $149 level. I have 43 jampoints. What is the best (the lowest costs) approach for me? I know there are virtual Gear Credits but have no idea if I can use jam points for decreasing of final price (paid in GC). Or combine e.g. 100 GC + 43 jampoint + $6 by Paypal/Credit card ... Thank you for you advice.
  9. filo

    PA Suhr PT100

    Damn, tell me about it. 10 minutes of noodling and $15 are somehow gone 😉
  10. So my 2 cents: - installer is included but there is also simple *.vst3 file in the package - CPU consumption on my machine is average 0.4% (NadIR 0.2%) - I have to increase output gain to 8dB to achieve similar volume level as from NadIR - Undo (Ctrl+Z) - set value to default by double mouse click - 3band parametric EQ - this is really useful for my needs. - no "before/after" comparison feature - no "Save modified IR" feature - no folder listing (jump to previous or next IR) Overall it is really not bad for 1.0 version. I will definitely keep it.
  11. filo

    Nembrini BG Extasy

    Nice. I think the most interesting part is at the end (11:40) Comment from TGP forum thread: I have 2 Ecstasy heads from the 90s that I toured extensively with. Mercuriall is much, much closer to my real Bogners. I set up the software amps exactly as I ran the blue channel for live gigs and compared. Mercuriall Euphoria really feels and sounds almost identical in tone with controls set the same. The Nembrini has way more gain than any Ecstasy blue channel, and is more scooped with fizzier highs and a woolier bass. Nembrini can be adjusted to sound good as well, but if we are comparing software to hardware, Mercuriall nails it down in a 1:1 test using the exact same knob and switch settings as the real amp. Nembrini at those same settings sounds more like a Mesa than a Bogner.
  12. filo

    Nembrini BG Extasy

    I like his channel. Excellent play and non-metal content.
  13. You are right - Dimitar Nalbantov, from Bulgaria. Great player. https://nalbantov.com/
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