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  1. THE HASR FREE PACK RETURNS!! We are so happy to offer up a terrific pack of free stuff from some terrific developers!! Brought to us by: Vadim Taranov, Seacow Cabs, TSE, Valhallir, SinMix, Aurora DSP, Luan Albani and more! https://honestampsimreviews.com/2020/05/24/hasr-free-pack-2-0/ The are seven preamps included: Jambi, Invasion, TheKnight, TheNSbAmp, PV530, PigSnout, Krunkenstein.
  2. Hmm. Copied all three Wamplers vst3 files to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\ where I have other plugins. CbB doesn't recognize them. I have also tried to rename vst3 to dll and push them to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST2 but with the same (negative) result after scan. Anyone here who has similar issue?
  3. filo

    OSL Chorus

    Direct links https://oblivionsoundlab.com/downloads/plugins/osl-chorus/OSL-Chorus-v1.0-win.zip https://oblivionsoundlab.com/downloads/plugins/osl-chorus/OSL-Chorus-v1.0-mac.zip
  4. filo

    Valhalla Supermassive

    What is an advantage of that?
  5. What are you using now? I'm asking because I'm nearly on the same situation (sold TH-U+RigPacks and tried Revalver)
  6. filo

    Valhalla Supermassive

    WoW! I'm just playing on my guitar and presets in ECHOES-Guitar section are fantastic. Kudos to Sean, this is a "must have" VST for any ambient guitarist.
  7. I'm looking for some VST which will add a body fullness to signal from Parker's bridge piezo pickup (Fishman) Is it the Re-Guitar right tool for this?
  8. Totally agree! Personally miss some information about supported platform (Win32, Win64, AU,...). It will save a time during searching.
  9. filo

    LostIn70s free keys

    Got it! I had to install redistributable vcc++ package and (what is more important) reboot machine after that. Without rebooting it was scanned succesfully but not seen in the plugin list.
  10. filo

    LostIn70s free keys

    I have tried both and directories are still the same like for any other VSTs which I'm using, so nothing different or special. I like v1 so if there is no sound progress on v2 I can live with that.
  11. filo

    LostIn70s free keys

    Did it but even after rescan can't see ToneDeluxe.
  12. filo

    LostIn70s free keys

    I have tried his ToneDeluxe in my CbB and only v 1.1.1 is working normally. Version 2.0.4 is undetectable with VST scan , I don't know why.
  13. Hi guys, don't know if I'm doing something wrong or it is a bug/feature. I know how the Cakewalk Preset manager should works but have no explanation for this behaviour: I have named my test preset "ZeroAll" and save it to the file (included in attachment). There is no mention about text "ZeroAll" inside of that file, just presets 1-default - 12-default. Weird, I have saved a preset so I have expected just one inner element. As you can see below my preset was saved to position "1 default" and all others are the same. I appreciate any advice, thanks. ZeroAll-formatted.fxp
  14. Can anybody compare SSD 5 Free and SSD 5.5 Free? Is it worth to upgrade? I'm using SSD5 (Free) with Jamstix4 only so don't care about e.g. any UI or UX improvements of SSD.
  15. Hi guys, I have found a pretty nice option how to set 1-band parametric EQ directly inside of particular rig. All you have to do is edit *.rig file in c:\Users\msc\AppData\Roaming\Overloud\TH-U\Rig Models\ and make EQ changes which you want. Then overwrite original rig file or make another with modified parameters (like I did). I have made a simple example for Peavey 6505 Solo rig (generic TH-U, no extra rig pack is needed). The modified file is also attached, feel free to try it. There are several other option for customizing but the mentioned 1-band para EQ is the most important IMHO. Peavey 6505 Solo MOD - 6505 4x12 Slanted.rig
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