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  1. 3 Channel Californian Amp Sim Modeled on the Mesa Boogie Triple Crown 100* A part of the new breed of American amps, The Crown can get you any tone your are after. Features * Switchable Power Tubes * Pre/Post Tonestack * 3 Versatile Channels * Tight Switch on all Channels * Movable 3D Mics, and adjustable IRs * Double Tracking Emulation * Tuner $10 https://audioassault.mx/collections/plugins/products/thecrown
  2. Thank you! It is not just for me there are several asks in the video discussion. Yes, but these "just examples" sound great
  3. And it could be even more useful if there was a download link for used presets there. "SILVERPLATE R", "SILVERPLATE CLEAN", "SILVERPLATE RIFF2", "GERMAN 34", "GERMAN 34 CRUNCH", "VHandcraft 4 R", "DIEZEL CLEAN 7STRING", "DIEZEL RIFF", "MINIPLEX 4", "MINIPLEX 2", "MINIPLEX 7 mr" I didn't find any of them even in the ToneNet database ... any chance to get them somewhere?
  4. I've spent some time to check all amps listed above and I'm in. Thank you both!
  5. I jumped into the IKM train during their last Group Buy but I made a stupid mistake - instead of buying AT5 and smaller amount of collections I decided to "save" my money and bought AT5 SE and all collections. Point is I didn't realize that AT5 SE + all collections are not equal to AT5 MAX or even AT5. There are amps like e.g. Silver Jubilee which I can't buy in Custom Shop. In fact I would like to get Silver Jubilee and PRS Archon so that's why $60 would be acceptable upgrade price for me. Just GAS, you know
  6. Anybody knows if there was any good deal ($60 max) for upgrade from SE to AT5 in the past?
  7. Did you also tried their new Shibalba amp? This is the first one from AA where IMHO the touch response and "playing feel" are similar to e.g. Brainworx amps (Friedmans or Suhrs). I'm driving Shibalba's lead channel with NA Clon Minotaur and using York Audio ORNG IR. Very nice result so I'm looking forward to see $10 price tag in the near future. That's my Audio Assault hunt territory
  8. Agree. I've just demoed this Suhr and I really like it. Versatile for my needs, sounds good with P90 and SH11 as well. I already spent my April voucher so I hope the next sale will be earlier than BF
  9. filo

    PA Amp Alarm

    I have got a Buxom Betty for $9.99 with $25 voucher, sweet.
  10. This is what I'm waiting for, thank you!
  11. filo

    Audio Assault 5150

    I've tried it with York Audio impulses and for $9.99 I'm more than satisfied. Thanks for this alert, Larry!
  12. Anybody knows when PA do trial period reset? Maybe once per year from trial start date? I would like to try (again) some of their amps but I have all of them blocked now with "trial period is expired" message.
  13. So if I see clearly the Suhr SE100 is the last guitar amp from Brainworx which is not ported from UA ecosystem to "normal" Plugin Alliance plugin area. https://www.uaudio.com/uad-plugins/guitar-bass.html I'm looking forward to see it there.
  14. filo

    TH-U Rockguy

    This is interesting: TH-U RockGuy is both a TH-U expansion pack and a Standalone plugin, meaning that it can expand the model list of an existing TH-U installation, or it can also be purchased as self-contained pack which includes all the TH-U editing features, including the Rig Player, the Amp Tweaks, the Tuner and the Looper, with no need to have a pre-existing TH-U license.
  15. https://valhalladsp.com/2021/11/23/valhallavintageverb-updated-to-2-2-0-cathedral-mode/ The Cathedral algorithm is an updated and expanded version of a reverb I originally developed in 2014 for the Spin Semiconductor FV-1. The VintageVerb version can use a lot more delay memory than the FV-1 version (with higher Size settings), that results in a very clear and open reverb decay. We’ve also expanded the filtering of the Cathedral algorithm, for a more realistic decay, while retaining the balanced ensemble modulation of the FV-1 original. The 2.2.0 update is available to anyone that owns VintageVerb - just go to the My Account page and grab the latest installers. Don’t own VintageVerb yet? Check out the demo version on our Demos and Downloads page! We hope you enjoy the VintageVerb update, and thanks for your support!
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