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  1. FREE WITH ANY 1 x PURCHASE (Offer ends 1st August 2021) https://www.pluginboutique.com/articles/1731
  2. filo

    PA Mega Sale

    I just introduced Mr. Friedman BE-100 to his DS-40 brother in my VST warehouse, thank you PA
  3. filo

    PA Mega Sale

    Is it possible to reset trial period for demoed and expired VSTs? Anybody asked them for that?
  4. filo

    Audio Assault AHM 5050

    Anybody noticed continuous crackling&hum from CR or LD channel? It is highly noticeable even with zero guitar volume. Definitely caused by amp section, I have switched off everything else including cab. I have no this type issue with my other (PA, Kuassa, VTar) amps and even with Dominator from Audio Assault.
  5. filo

    Electrum Guitar Amp

    Quite deep review here
  6. filo

    Electrum Guitar Amp

    Guys, I don't understand why it happened but I have got 20 "coins" just after my registration and then I have been able to use 15 of them for purchase of Electrum. Nice
  7. filo

    Electrum Guitar Amp

    The installers are full versions and fully working 15-days trial versions at the same time. If they are not activated they switch to demo mode after 15 days. Demo versions work normally but produce unpleasant noise in irregular intervals or lose some functionality or controllers (without demo noising). https://unitedplugins.com/download/
  8. filo

    Scuffham S-Gear Sale

    Their Matchlock as well
  9. filo

    Scuffham S-Gear Sale

    Different approach here. I have bought several amps from PA during sales and then I've tried S-Gear ... and going back to my PA's Fuchs, Friedman and Engl amps. And if we are talking about Nembrini, their Boss Diode DS is "must have" tool for me.
  10. filo

    Overloud Supercabinet

    Their IR loader is a nice tool. I have "improved" some IRs with it. I've got it for $5 only - it was (maybe still is?) offered to me as part of $7 Seacow IR cab purchase, also at the AudioAssault site. Back to the topic - I'm really glad I sold my TH-U Full and buy Kuassa/Mercuriall/PA VSTs. Overloud's rabbit hole (rig packs, expansions) is now even deeper with Supercabinet packages IMO.
  11. Don't waste your time with original demo, try this one
  12. filo

    Audiority Octaver 82

    I'm curious about accuracy and latency during tracking of guitar signal. Pedal octavers from AT5 and BIAS are usable but not perfect.
  13. Nice freebie, thank you Nembrini! I have tried it with Fuchs Train and I'm fully satisfied. It has different sound character from ChowCentaur (also free) which is good from my point of view.
  14. What does it mean? Implementing S-Gear into hardware so something like Quad Cortex from Neural?
  15. https://valhalladsp.com/2021/04/26/valhalladelay-updated-to-2-0-8-two-new-modes-quartz-and-phaserddl/ https://valhalladsp.com/shop/delay/valhalladelay/
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