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  1. Right, that's for a bundle, the small unit is for $11.70. I was waiting for this sale, this Boss is even better than Dr.Drive in some situations. Works great with my Friedman DS40.
  2. valid for approx 10 days https://neuraldsp.com/
  3. WEEKEND SALES 70% OFF using code BOSS70 on check out (offer valid until April 11 11:59 PM CEST)
  4. Anybody here with the same issue?
  5. @TheStevenDid you try to expand preset combobox? Here is my VST3 instance from Reaper:
  6. filo

    Kuassa 50% off at JRR

    All Kuassa amps and some of their plugins are 50% off. You can do even a little bit lower with GROUP code. https://www.jrrshop.com/kuassa?dir=asc&order=name
  7. Can you recommend me any PA preamp or "magic" EQ which is not primarily aimed for guitar but works very well for this purpose? (up to $39) I already have their guitar pedals (od, dist, rat) so I'm thinking how to spend my money during this sale. I have tried several amps but earlier purchased Fried DS40 is still unbeatable for me. Both Fuchs amps have some strange artificial noise (on clean patches). It is not a real deal breaker but I have hoped for the same quality as DS40 has. update: After noodling a while around clean sound I have found similar artifacts even on the DS40. So Fuchs Supreme is the right second option for me.
  8. Just found this in my mailbox: MEGA-SALE-20OFF (No Minimum Spend!) Use voucher during checkout – Code can only be used 1x (once) All offers end April 3, 11:59 PM California Time
  9. I remember amazing PA sale from the last Dec-Jan period with $25 and $21 vouchers so I hope it could be repeated. I have got the Friedman DS40 for $19 and it is my best purchase I did.
  10. @Piotr Still CPU hungry as the others?
  11. Sorry, my fault! It is €99, not $99
  12. filo

    TH-U 60's Pack

    I have sold full TH-U a year ago but content of this pack is very tempting for me so I have decided to try it. At first the negatives: - I have to say I'm really disappointed from the embedded IR loader. I have tried every switch there and even with para EQ after it (LP filter) it sounds way different (worse) from the NadIR which I use as my main loader. I have tried IRs from several sources (Seacow, OH, YorkAudio) with the same bad result. So for the usage of reverb or delay I would need another instance of TH-U. No big issue thanks to the light CPU consumption but it is not as straightforward as it could be. - Zero free presets for the Rig Player. I thought the Overloud has something prepared for trying their flagship item - just for taste how it works. Pity. - Embedded cabs. No surprise for me that's why I prefer external IR List of my positives is fortunately longer: + Satisfaction Fuzz - generally I hate sound of fuzz but this one is something different + Analog boost - it reminds me a treble booster and it can help a lot + Amps - every type in the pack is at least usable, I really like Rock 59, Rock 64 and Top15. And with mentioned fuzz or booster I'm able to get very saturated and tasty sound I like. + Looper - appreciate count-in and quantization. I would like to use it for re-amping purposes (as first VST in FX chain). It is easier and faster for me than record riff into the track at first So for $50 (JRR with GROUP code) I could get 3 nice and 3 usable amps, fuzz+booster, easy-to-use looper and the Rig Player for future enhancement. Now I have to make a deal with my annoying inner voice ... "STOP! You already have everything you need for playing at home! Why do you want to purchase another amp sim?"
  13. https://ml-sound-lab.com/collections/amp-sims/products/amped-cb4-free-trial €59,99
  14. https://neuraldsp.com/plugins/soldano-slo-100 €99
  15. Of course I can but there is also a disadvantage - any of embedded post FX is for nothing unless 2 VST instances are used.
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