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  1. And you can also combine amp and cab from different rigs. I really like 006 and 077 cab from Tone Impera and use them for the amps from other rigs, mostly Pivy65 and Brit1987.
  2. Agree, something like this but without TH-U. https://www.jrrshop.com/overloud-th-u-all-for-metal-bundle
  3. As Brian said, AT-M50x is no progress from Beyers. Senn HD599 or maybe AKG K361
  4. Something in my head says .. NO Check whole Audio category, there are Beyer cans and Audient interface for $50 there. https://www.oniliaun.com/Audio/page/2/?sort=p.price&order=ASC edit: There is no Paypal option in payment (credit/debit card only) and I like my money.
  5. Even cheaper on JRR: $83.16 with GROUP code.
  6. filo

    TH-U Marco Fanton Pack

    Another one is on the way https://overloud.com/products/mf-tb-008 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7-VFGYy4Sk&feature=youtu.be&t=396
  7. If I were you I will download TH-U and during 15 "demo" days check all items (effects, amps, ...). Then I will choose one edition with the most of my favorite items and buy it. Also think about using of Rig Player and 3rd libraries instead of embedded amps&cabs because this is a real TH-U Swiss army knife, imho.
  8. Today I have found this free synthesizer, Cheeze Machine 2. Just email registration is needed. I'm really satisfied with a sound of that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JStnVbKusfY
  9. filo

    Overloud up to 55% Off

    Choptones Tone Impera Rig from Time+Space. I have used my first 1000 loyalty points, so $13 total. Not bad, thanks for a hint!
  10. Piotr, don't be so shy and tell us
  11. There are 3 new rigs available: Marco Fanton's T&B, Choptones Carved Vai, Choptones Brit 1959 https://overloud.com/products?field_type_target_id=7
  12. I have JS4 and CbB but I can hardly say I'm using it, just messing around. I have tried audio jam- worked, MIDI jam-worked, use JS4 as engine for SSD5 Free-worked and that's all for now No errors, no freezes, great home forum with deep knowledge information and friendly advice.
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