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  1. filo

    Kuassa Summer Sale

    What kind of discount? Price is the same as on the Kuassa page ($24.50) Edit: I see, I have to put item to cart at first
  2. Your are right, that's the reason.
  3. Can you successfully log in?
  4. Hi, I'm not sure if it is a feature or bug anyway I would like to ask you for advice how to rid off this behavior. I have bought the Brainworx RockRack and have found that the VST settings are saved immediately after any change without pressing Save button. I have a bunch of plugins but RockRack is first with this kind of behavior. Is there any solution how to cancel mentioned autosaving?
  5. Sign up for the IK Multimedia newsletter here Go to your User Area to download your free AmpliTube 4 CS Go to the My Products section of your User Area to find your AmpliTube Metal serial number Install and authorize it by inserting its serial in the Authorization Manager Or if AmpliTube 4 is already installed and authorized, open the Custom Shop inside the AmpliTube section and do a Restore My Gear AmpliTube Metal gear will be unlocked and ready to be played inside of AmpliTube 4! Enjoy. Do I have to do all these steps till July 15th, 2020 or is it enough to have a serial number available in my User area and download/install Amplitube 4CS + Metal pack later?
  6. This one? https://www.revenera.com/blog/software-monetization/2019/06/software-piracy-stat-watch/ Top 20 Software License Misuse and Piracy Hotspots
  7. You can't pay with PayPal. I don't need more clues. http://vst-club.com/payment.php
  8. I saw a great Plini & Nolly video comparison yesterday (thanks Zo!) and decided to try both of them. Till now I messed only with presets and did a little bit gain/eq tweaking but overall I can say than I'm excited from Plini and quite disappointed from sound of Nolly. The trial period is 14 days so there is enough time to go deep and check all possibilities/options. But I'm afraid that there is already deal breaker for me - CPU consumption. I have a desktop PC with i7-4790K@4.00GHz (passmark 8000) and laptop with Ryzen 5 3500U (passmark 7100). I have tried Neural on my desktop and have got crackles from Plini's VST (Stereo, HQ oversampling) even in project where I have deleted rest of all audio tracks and leave only one Jamstix, one Plini and several stereo buses (IR, delay, modulation, reverb). In summary, one Plini instance eats more power than dozen tracks with free VSTs which some of them I can't call as super efficient like e.g. Mercuriall Harlequin or JCM800. I have checked a Plini's changelog on Neural page too and there is a mention they already try to do something with CPU consumption so I don't expect any substantial progress in this area. ## [2.0.1] – March 12th 2020 – Overall CPU usage increased on Mac & Windows devices. FIXED. EDIT: Interesting post here (v1.0.2 -> v2.0.1 CPU comparison) https://unity.neuraldsp.com/t/plini-update-2-0-sample-latency-cpu-usage/1065/19
  9. Forgive me my ignorance what is the BF?
  10. It is a long list DS/OD: Mercuriall, Ignite, AnalogObsession (GreedSmasher, TS-808, TS 909, DoDod, Gunner, JAMP, TSE 808) Preamps are mainly from Nalex, Ignite, Poulin, Vadim Taranov, NickCrowLab and Mercuriall Taranov's CabDriver between preamp and poweramp. PowerAmp: Ignite TPA-1 Ignite NadIR loader: Redwirez, Seacows, Leon Todd's IRs, Catharsis Modulations: TAL, Acon and Mercuriall choruses, Phazor, BlueCat's Flanger Reverb: Valhalla Supermassive, Dragonfly Delay: Spaceship, Echobox D7 (and purchased Valhalla Delay)
  11. I went even further - I sold my TH-U Full license after I realized that there is no "wow, that's what I want!" rig there. Can't say they are bad but for me it was a typical rabbit hole. So instead of never ending tweaking I have sacrificed some time for searching free alternatives and found many usable amp and effect VSTs which are highly comparable or even better than TH-U for my ears.
  12. Yes I can, but in my case overall percentage is not as accurate as I would like to see. And there is no reset option for max values there.
  13. Hi, is there a way to measure CPU utilization per plugin? Something similar to Reaper:
  14. Vadim Taranov, I guess.
  15. THE HASR FREE PACK RETURNS!! We are so happy to offer up a terrific pack of free stuff from some terrific developers!! Brought to us by: Vadim Taranov, Seacow Cabs, TSE, Valhallir, SinMix, Aurora DSP, Luan Albani and more! https://honestampsimreviews.com/2020/05/24/hasr-free-pack-2-0/ The are seven preamps included: Jambi, Invasion, TheKnight, TheNSbAmp, PV530, PigSnout, Krunkenstein.
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