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  1. when the keyboard is selected the Tascam becomes unavailable, it will actually start and stop and faders move but no audio output
  2. to be clear it won't let me have the Tascam as my audio device AND the Novation as an ACT; it is one or the other through rigorous testing scenarios.
  3. If the Novation is plugged in, then Cakewalk says there is no audio device connected. If I reinstall the Tascam drivers then Cakewalk uses them but as soon as I plug in the Novation then Cakewalk stops recognizing the Tascam. I tested this with at least 50 reboots with various scenarios. If the novation is disconnected the Tascam works but then when I plug in the Novation it isn't available. If I restart Cakewalk it recognizes the novation but not the tascam interface.
  4. Is Cakewalk actually truly compatible with ANY control surfaces?? I just got a Novation Launchkey 61 MK3, mostly based on "info" and recommendation from Creative Sauce. Big mistake! It immediately takes over as "audio interface" and disables my Tascam 20x20. I've spebt the last 4 hours trying to make it cooperate but no bueno. I'll be sending it back to Sweetwater. What's the deal with Cakewalk and control surfaces? Are they all dismissive of Cakewalk or is it a Cakewalk issue? Steve
  5. Thanks, scook I had to readd the effect i had removed and at that point everything worked as expected. I deleted the envelope which now showed up in the envelope lane and then re-deleted the effect.
  6. I am getting a green automation line with movement data in it, on a master bus where there is no automation lane. no automation on any of the buses. I included two screenshots, one showing the ghost automation on the master bus, the other showing an automation lane with expected results. Any insight much appreciated! Steve edit** I created the blank automation lane on the first shot to show how the green line doesn't match the automation lane. I deleted that master bus automation lane for the second shot, where you will note the automation lane logo is not dimly lit like it would normally be with a lane activated
  7. i have three tracks of cakewalk truepianos. all the audio comes out of one track while the faders on the other two do nothing. If i freeze one, it freezes them all; strangely rearranging their order as well. Can't remember if I cloned one of the tracks to get the others, but I thought that issue was fixed. Any way to split the synth into three, one for each track? To regain each tracks fully independent functionality? Thanks, Steve
  8. Thanks, Scook. I knew it was a drag move. I'll be more careful next time😬
  9. What is the expected result of dragging audio to the timeline? I was expecting a midi track to be created with the audio notes. Thanks Steve
  10. Is there a quick way to "select" a looped section? In other words, create a loop section and then select that section
  11. Starise, It is just poetry. I actually wrote this song when I was about 19 years old - about 30+ years ago. There is no "intended" meaning behind the lyrics. The "shots" are opportunities, I think. They aren't shots of drugs, that is all I can really say.
  12. Thanks everybody! The video was done with Vegas Movie Studio 15. I'll re-visit the reverb. I did consider fading it out slowly as the snare doubles tempo. There are several basses on this track - I have a version with the vocals replaced by three basses. I'll try to comment more but usually don't feel qualified, lol. Steve
  13. Thanks, Kevin! Yeah I probably got carried away with the reverb.
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