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  1. i have three tracks of cakewalk truepianos. all the audio comes out of one track while the faders on the other two do nothing. If i freeze one, it freezes them all; strangely rearranging their order as well. Can't remember if I cloned one of the tracks to get the others, but I thought that issue was fixed. Any way to split the synth into three, one for each track? To regain each tracks fully independent functionality? Thanks, Steve
  2. Thanks, Scook. I knew it was a drag move. I'll be more careful next time😬
  3. What is the expected result of dragging audio to the timeline? I was expecting a midi track to be created with the audio notes. Thanks Steve
  4. Is there a quick way to "select" a looped section? In other words, create a loop section and then select that section
  5. Starise, It is just poetry. I actually wrote this song when I was about 19 years old - about 30+ years ago. There is no "intended" meaning behind the lyrics. The "shots" are opportunities, I think. They aren't shots of drugs, that is all I can really say.
  6. Thanks everybody! The video was done with Vegas Movie Studio 15. I'll re-visit the reverb. I did consider fading it out slowly as the snare doubles tempo. There are several basses on this track - I have a version with the vocals replaced by three basses. I'll try to comment more but usually don't feel qualified, lol. Steve
  7. Thanks, Kevin! Yeah I probably got carried away with the reverb.
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