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    They're still doing the dynamic discount thing for anything <$20, but now they allowed using loyalty vouchers. Also, there will be codes for selected plugins throughout the month. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products.html Pretty much completed my PA collection. Not bad.
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    Count down to Christmas with a new free Sample Pack every day https://www.pianobook.co.uk/
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    $25 Gets the whole sha-bang https://www.humblebundle.com/software/vegas-pro-2022-software
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    Run the IK Multimedia Product Manager. ARC 3.1.0: Added native compatibility with Apple Silicon processors General reliability improvements T-RackS 5.10.0: Added native compatibility with Apple Silicon processors Introducing The Farm Stone Room reverb General Reliability Improvements
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    Note that the EA has been updated to build 21 (see link in main post). There are several improvements and fixes including improvements for slow startup when there is no active internet connection. We plan to release this build tomorrow so if you can give it a quick look. New for Build Delete All now available in effect bin menus Additional support for quick grouping in FX Chains Issues Resolved in Build Crash when quick group bypassing FX Chains when other effects are in the bin Quick group support for track effect bin Delete command Don't require SHIFT for quick-group recursing FX Chains, if you're invoking from an effect already within ProChannel FX Chain Quick group delete (CTRL+SHIFT) FX Chains across multiple tracks fails to remove the plugin instance in the other track FX chains Quick group replace/delete (CTRL+SHIFT) effect from track effects bin should also affect ProChannel FX chain Improved project load performance Show Clip Stretch amount to 2 decimal places Incorrect plugin menu behavior Quick Group insert FX into ProChannel FX Rack inserts into track bin instead App startup can be slow when running on local network without internet ProChannel can be empty after inserting a new audio track
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    Orange Tree Samples has released Evolution Baritone Electric, a baritone electric guitar sample library powered by Native Instruments' Kontakt Player. They say: Evolution Baritone Electric captures the sound of a baritone electric guitar with a long scale length and single-coil lipstick pickups. We recorded the neck and bridge pickup signals separately, giving you control over their blend for an additional dimension of tonal flexibility. The bridge pickup gives you that classic twang, while the neck pickup delivers a warm, woody sound. Evolution Baritone Electric is based on our Evolution engine, which provides you with a customizable mapping system, chords and strumming patterns, and a collection of built-in effects. The library includes ready-to-use factory presets for a variety of classic and modern baritone guitar tones. Evolution Baritone Electric was developed in collaboration with Rosewood Recording Company in Utah. Guy Randle, the owner and recording engineer at Rosewood Recording Company, incorporated analog audio equipment to emphasize desirable tonal qualities of the guitar. Evolution Baritone Electric includes both the as-recorded signal as well as an enhanced signal. Key features: Nearly 12,000 samples totaling 10.5 GB of uncompressed samples. Articulations such as sustains, palm mutes, mutes, natural harmonics, plus special effects like string slaps, muted strums, divebombs, and others. Legato samples for slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. Built-in pattern editor for strumming and picking. Adjustable pick position using our proprietary physical modeling technology. Intro Price: $139 until December 14th, 2022 (Reg. $179). https://www.orangetreesamples.com/products/evolution-baritone-electric
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    Use coupon SNOW at checkout. MINIMUM ORDER before coupon is $79. This stacks with the current 30% off sale that ends Dec 5. Example: Dual Delay and Thorus in the basket for $41 each (sale price). After coupon $62 total. https://www.uvi.net/
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    Run the Steinberg Download Assistant to update
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    I hate to say this, but this is premature. Every year some big deals come out in December. It has driven me nuts because I wouldn't have bought A if I had any idea that a sale on B was coming. But my $$$ was gone. For example, I did know that there would be the yearly BIAB sale, and was expecting that. But I didn't remember how expensive it would be to buy the upgrade, plus $49 pack and a few Xtra Styles paks. By the time I get through studying this, I'll probably be out close to $200 or even more. Who knows what tasty additional products they are selling this year? And to think I almost bought OPUS/Hollywood Orchestra on impulse for $249! So don't be so sure that you have reached the end of your spendage. One year there was a big OT sale on the Inspires and the Arks. That's a pretty common thing these days, but not then. Nobody saw that coming. There is also always a big NI partner sale in December. Last year was a whole set of Evolution Series instruments that I bought and use all the time. And the Sonokinetic 12 Days will soon come a caroling. Hide your money!! 💸😮
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    The only thing on my wishlist was Needlepoint. Buuuuuuut, since the trick still worked, I put a couple more in my cart. So instead of just Needelpoint for 19.99, I got: Unfiltered Audio Needlepoint Diezel Herbert ENGL E646 VS ENGL E765 RT ENGL Savage 120 Friedman BE-100 Friedman Buxom Betty Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 Gallien-Krueger 800RB Fiedler audio stage For € 32. That's 9 extra plugins for 12 euro extra.
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    I wonder what they broke this time ?
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    Of course. The one bit that really knocked me off my feet when I first watched the footage.
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    Legato - Fix Upgrade. This upgrade fixes small errors on the patch 02 Atlantis Legato , and 01 Romantic Legato . Please replace these two files in the root folder. https://drive.google.com/file/d/17zo5XYYiOjp6rBUNZiYETEUfvuyq0Z6E/view
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    Another thing that increases the value of upgrading to TS 4 Max!
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    That was due to a mistake on my end when inputting the pricing for that bundle. I've since fixed that on the website, in case anybody else is wondering why they're unable to get a free upgrade like you did. I guess just count it as an early Christmas present.
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    I received the message "A newer version of T-Racks is already installed. Do you want to continue"
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    2022.11 Update 1 has been released. Thanks for your help everyone.
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    code YNY23 still works for 10% off carts over $50
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    We have just released a new 12.0.52 maintenance updates for both Cubase and Nuendo that fix the MIDI Remote issues that were unfortunately introduced with the 12.0.51 hotfix. There are no other fixes or improvement in this release. The updates are available in the Steinberg Download Assistant, as well as in the download section of our Support pages.
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    Pretty happy with that haul. Thanks Jan!
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    Nine Inch Nails with Gary Numan - Cars
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    The correct way to go about this is to buy either one, it doesn't matter which. Then play with it until you realize that it's not quite what you're looking for, so you buy the other one too. After playing with those you will feel like you're still missing something, so you go looking for another library. After buying whatever you settled on there will be another honeymoon period, until you notice that you're not really happy with some of the articulations and also the legato is lacking, especially when doing faster passages. And you really need some better solo instruments. So you go looking for another library... Buying orchestral libraries is a path paved with regret and disappointment, no matter how many hours you spend on doing research. In all seriousness: If your usage is limited either one may be all you ever need and some of the cheaper libraries may serve you equally well. The common consensus seems to be that HO is better suited for film scoring and BBCSO for traditional orchestral music, but HO might be a better all rounder. There are plenty of threads at VI-Control comparing the two, so spending some time there is recommended to get a better idea what's what.
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    Lol probably cuz I emailed them earlier, though someone else may have emailed them too. I actually watched the sale turn off in realtime at approx 4:34pm PT as I was looking at my cart for TVBO and WG2 MkII and about to buy but then the prices went up. I couldn't have that so I emailed bro lol
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    Santana - She's Not There (JUST heard this on my playlist! Funny how things work. 🙂)
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    The Zombies - She's Not There
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    @chris.r I did write and it was explained that the Korg ID site gets confused. Doh! I now have a code for a more acceptable price.
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    Dawesome will release a new synth called Kult this month: This is a preview for a new synth I am currently working on. It will be released in Dec 2022. The oscillators are based on so called "strange attractors" from the mathematical theory of chaos. These are curves in 3D (or more dimensions) and can be transformed to sound. Audio living as a curve in 3D space offers a lot of unusual sound shaping capabilities - be prepared for anything between lovely tenderness and gritty bite. Spec: * 2 complex OSCs, choose from 30+ models * FM and AM synthesis, Formant Filter * 2 "analog" filters, 2 comb filters * MPE * Arpeggiator * monosynth mode for leads and basses * intuitive modulation system If it's anything like Abyss or Novum, I'm interested.
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    $149 https://audioplugin.deals/palette-complete-by-red-room-audio/
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    How it works here https://www.bestservice.com/deals/get_your_free_vienna_voucher__4663.html
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    Same here, thanks a lot Larry, I've been waiting for this kind of bundle for a looong time !..
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    Thank you Larry, I've been waiting for Humble Bundle to offer a Vegas Pro update. I've been running version 15 for years and it's starting to feel a bit tired. This should be a big improvement.
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    Here is an update they gave me the full version now as a holiday gift wee I'm happy made my day
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    https://www.classicfm.com/discover-music/secret-chord-leonard-cohens-hallelujah-music/ For context: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hallelujah_(Leonard_Cohen_song) "When at age 50 Cohen first recorded the song, he described it as "rather joyous", and said that it came from "a desire to affirm my faith in life, not in some formal religious way, but with enthusiasm, with emotion." He later said "there is a religious hallelujah, but there are many other ones. When one looks at the world, there’s only one thing to say, and it’s hallelujah""
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    Thenatan Bells & Brass (Free with purchase @ ADSR Sounds) https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/software/thenatan-bells-brass-trap-vst-bundle/ Thenatan Bells & Brass Trap Bells & Multi-Layered brass VSTs Thenatan are proud to introduce you to Bells & Brass - Easy-to-use but extremely powerful instruments that can be programmed and tweaked quickly, for instant jaw dropping results. Gloriously thicc, tight, and authentic sounds. Whether you need deep and sinister horn stabs for your hip hop beat or a bells lead line for your trap beat - this bundle has you covered.
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    The Cure - 10:15 on a Staurday Night
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    More news on Asterian. They added two more vocal modes (see below) ! Also, the intro pricing will be extended by 1 week.
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    *Patiently waits for the English translation...*
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    From today 🙂 Where did all the key changes go? https://www.npr.org/2022/11/30/1139707179/where-did-all-the-key-changes-go
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    That sounds good! But I'm winging it with just the EZkeys Upright Piano. Maybe I'm spoiled but I also have the Arturia Piano V3, the XLN Addictive Keys Studio Grand, the Waves Grand Rhapsody, and numerous pianos in NI Komplete and IK SampleTank MAX. I particularly like the NI Noire and Una Corda. Too many options already!
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    It runs on your own computer. No need for upload to the cloud for rendering. You get both standalone and vsti plugin versions when you purchase Synthesizer V. No iLok or similar dongle is required. It uses a serial number registration. Not aware of any sales as yet apart from intro offers.
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    Nembrini Audio has announced the release of Wah Pedal, a new free Audio Unit, VST plug-in and AAX plug-in for macOS and Windows, saying: Nembrini Audio's reinterpretation of a classic delivers deep, delicious vintage wah tones. Nembrini Audio Wah is modeled on the Wah pedal created by Thomas Organ Company and manufactured by JEN in Italy. This is the unmistakable wah tone heard on Hendrix classics like "Up From the Sky," "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)," "Little Miss Lover" and "Still Raining, Still Dreaming." The Nembrini Audio Wah reproduces these timbres. Price: Free. https://www.nembriniaudio.com/collections/free/products/wah-pedal
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    @Deesnay Welcome to the songs forum. I suspect you would get responses if you posted just the one song at a time. Recording sounds well done here, unfortunately I only speak Shyriiwook and a splattering of English so I do not understand the lyrics, which are nice a clear and well balance din the mix on the first song.
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    The walk through video is both hilarious and convincing. A winner! UJAM should win an industry award for best product intro YouTube videos.
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