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    Space Echo for only $249.99 after $150 off! https://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/ik-multimedia-t-racks-space-delay-download
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    Thank you Waves now I have WaveShell 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 I'm happy.
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    I don’t think I need it but whenever I missed one of the ssl $29 deals i regretted later. FOMO is real people haha
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    Falcon is a GREAT synth but it has a tragic flaw. The whole design of it is to layer lots of stuff into one complex patch. Brilliant. But it doesn't work. You want to layer patches but it only uses one core at a time. So it uses massive system resources and forget it. Unify is multi-core, so you can load many Falcon patches in it and save a preset there. It works! Unify shows what Falcon can be! During BF I load my new libraries and effects into Unify. You don't have to scan (although that's very fast), you just drag the .dll file in and you're good to go. No dealing with Cubase. But Unify is well worth it just for the stuff that comes with it. You get a lot of wonderful patches from John Lehmkuhl's career as a sound designer. So many of my come-with Unify stuff ends up in my templates of favorite things. Love the ambient guitars. You can think of it as a rompler with super powers. And they keep making it more powerful with numerous added features.
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    Yum Audio offers the LoFi Pitch Dropout (€75 value) plugin as a FREE download until November 30th, 2021. on their official website https://yum-audio.com/LoFi-PitchDropout/
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    We've got that Black Friday feeling... And whilst we're not quite dancing on the ceiling, there are loads of great discounts and deals to get excited about, so we're also jumping in with an extra special discount for T+S newsletter subscribers for this weekend. Use discount code 10%BFWEEKEND to save 10% off most titles at T+S Exclusions include; AAS, Acon Digital, Best Service, Bitwig, EastWest, Gothic Instruments, Native Instruments, Nugen Audio, Output, Overloud, PreSonus, Reveal Sound, GFORCE, Sound Radix, Spectrasonics, Synchro Arts, u-He, Umlaut, VSL, Zero-G, Zynaptiq. Limited to one use per customer, ends 29th November 2021 at 23:59pm GMT https://www.timespace.com/pages/offers If it's your first purchase at Time Space use this link to get there...you get 10% off and I get 500 Points! https://prz.io/86z0VkFnsYtbZY
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    Larry must a machine. When he was gone, I mean down for the month he was being upgraded and fit for another few years 🤣
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    kinda like tipping your crack dealer, but hey, the effort is appreciated here, done. @cclarry maybe consider a YT channel to curate/highlight some of the better choices/deals, perhaps with invited guests? (since you have so much free time 🙂
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    I don't need any more reverbs but I demoed this and loved it. it has some interesting ways of blending tails in the mix that really worked well for an ambient project I was working on. Heavy on CPU, though. Downloaded.
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    https://www.waves.com/lpn/black-friday-2021/free-plugin Supposedly quantities are limited, so if you want this one, better to get it sooner than later. It took about ten minutes to receive my S/N (though the ad said it could take up to four hours). Here's a useful video:
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    Do the right thing and donate the rest of that money to Larry's Coffee Fund
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    Just Wow is all I can think of 😆
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    Think of it this way - if you buy with the subscriber discount, you'll get a discount on your product; you then get some loyalty points to add to your existing loyalty points for a bigger discount next time.
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    FREE Cinematic Sample Pack OUT NOW! https://www.ghosthack.de/free_sample_packs/coriolis-effect-volume-2/ Upgrade Your Cinematic Sound Library Now - 100% Free! "Coriolis Effect Volume 2" is a royalty free cinematic sample pack infused with high tension & drama for music producers and filmmakers alike. And the best thing is, for a limited amount of time it is 100% free!
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    Do you sleep? I imagine computers and music equipment all over your house and lots of empty cans of Red Bull!
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    2B Reverbed Use code BLACKFRIDAY to make it FREE! https://2bplayed.com/product/2b-reverbed/
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    The birth and death and maybe re-birth of the universe in under five minutes. Using DaVinci Resolve with some video clips from Pixabay and iStock. Soundtrack NI Reaktor Kontakt Rise and Hit Arturia CS-80 Air Music Hybrid Omnisphere Cherry Audio Memorymode Thanks for watching/commenting. -Bjorn
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    Unify (Standard Edition) Unify sounds interesting, but even after going through the website, I really am uncertain at the end of the day what it actually does. Something about being able to layer patches from different plugins? But only for their listed "Master List of the our 35 Unified Libraries" ?
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    https://beatoblackfriday.com $99 Includes Ear Training Method Beato Book 4.0 Quick Lessons Pro Guitar Course 90 Transcription PDFs
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    UJAM have their Mellow upright bass at 70 % off. https://www.ujam.com/bassist/mellow/ Anyone have this ? As I have a number of dble/bass vst but always want more (with a bit of character)
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    If you'd be interested in buying me a coffee, just make a contribution here on Paypal... cclarry122700@hotmail.com If you'd care to drop me a line outside of the Cakewalk forum, then this is my primary email address also! PLEASE NOTE: This is NON-OBLIGATORY...just a kind gesture of appreciation for the effort expended!
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    That's hard to do! Looking like I want a lot of stuff. But may only get what is the most bang-for-the-buck!!
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    Just letting off a little steam 😮
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    Then again, 10% off is not enough for that.
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    It's $39.99 right now at IK. I got that as one of my Group Butt freebies, LOL!!!
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    @RSMcGuitar I was going to comment the Enterprise but then saw the picture of it 🤣
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    Vital is a very cool synth!
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    I started up TR5 to see if I had this and sure enough I didn't. So thanks Larry for posting this, saved me again! I can choose this as a freebie from the GGBO21!! :)
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    ahahah now we're talking , for viennois choose one coffe you like and add some Van houten , to stabilise cacao , instead of sugar (brown ) i sometime use honey
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    Coffee party at Larry's in the morning, BYOC ( Bring Your Own Creamer )
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    I've still got 25 to go....I'll get there before the time runs out... they're all redundant anyways...LOL
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    Another thing that has saved me A LOT of money? Sites with a feature that tells me "you already own this." That's saved me hundreds of dollars. Anyone else with me on that one?
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    Coffee...not Redbull....no Taurine for me....Bull Giz...YUCK!
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    Guyz be sure to check bundles and upgrades https://store.tcelectronic.com/upgrades/ For exemple as a vss3 owner i can have the whole bundle for 299 ....f....k
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    It's not down due to poor maintenance; it was brought down by sabotage: Plugin Alliance!!!
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    Their site has been down all morning. It really is beyond ridiculous when a company that sells software can't maintain their website for easily anticipated spikes on well known major shopping days. If this was 1997 I would understand. But 2021??? Their business is mainly transacted on the web. Do better Waves. Your website is in need of a better Waves Update Plan. Don't ever be shocked if these guys get hacked and our data is stolen. They clearly don't have their act together. This is why I always use services like PayPal on transactions at their site.
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    This is just plain wrong. There is only one type of instrument track. It is a presentation of an audio+MIDI track pair. The inspector for an instrument track has two tabs. One for the audio track and one for the MIDI track that make up the instrument track. The video does not show It shows opening the MIDI tab in the instrument track inspector. The audio tab has the same FX rack that is shown in the Track View. The MIDI tab has the MIDI FX rack for the instrument track, however; it is not shown in the Track View. This is what the OP claims he meant by In the Track View, instrument tracks also hide the MIDI output so the MIDI inspector tab is handy when adding a drum map to an instrument track.
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    So glad I decided to wait before buying that SDX.
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    Just read that these are Irritated Synth Textures...
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    It appears the channel strip 2 and bus compressor have been updated to 1.0.55 SSL 360 is now at
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    Just posted a “Flashback” from Tuesday’s livestream. Lost Piano is another huge win for Westwood, and is now NKS compatible working with the Free Kontakt Player.
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    Again, you gentlemen, and ladies, prove why you are the BEST! Some of you are FAR TOO GENEROUS! Honestly, I wasn't making it this month, and this saved my *****...and I MEAN THAT! I'm STILL fighting with Social Security to get my benefits...which should start in January! So for the past 6 years I've lived on $180 a month! That's a MAJOR TASK! So, this forum has kept my mind ( and my heart) busy while I've waited to get my SS benefits! My only other source of income has been the pittance that I get on KVR...and that is now virtually nothing...so, if all goes well, ONE MORE MONTH to endure before I can "actually live"! I lift a BIG cup of Coffee to you ALL! So, my hats off to you ALL for your kindness! 💯 May your Holidays be HAPPY and FESTIVE and may the Good Lord bless you ALL! THANK YOU!
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