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    And there are STILL 4 days to go...wheeeeeeeeeeew... I've never seen so many vendors and sales... The Sad part is...the vast majority are not very good sales!
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    Mine too, but I think she was referring to me.
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    The 1.5.0 update to Supermassive adds two new reverb modes, Orion and Cassiopeia. These are WEIRD algorithims, and we’re offering them to you in the spirit of exploration! Both Orion and Cassiopeia can sound quite sparse at the beginning of their decay but quickly build in density with strange pulsing echoes and reverbs that ring out forever. Orion is “twice as big” as Cassiopeia under the hood, and has much MUCH longer reverbs and echoes than you would expect, due to some laws of reverb physics that are a mystery even to us. To help guide your curiosity voyage, we’ve created a number of presets under the LATE 2021 preset folder to showcase some of the applications of Cassiopeia and Orion. As always, ValhallaSupermassive is a FREE plugin, available for both Windows and Intel/ARM Macs. Just head on over to the Supermassive page, or go over to our new Demos & Downloads page and grab all of our free plugins, as well as demos for the commercial ones. We hope you enjoy!
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    True. But I sort of like looking at old Neve and Pultec GUIs.. it makes me feel like I am making records in the 70s and Jackson Browne is sitting next to me. All warm and fuzzy inside.. 😀
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    Like DeeringAmps said, some EZX's are stripped down versions of the SDX's with the same name, but there are some EZX's that don't have a corresponding SDX. In general, when compared to EZX's, SDX's have more instruments, more articulations, more round robins, more microphone options (I think), better positional sensing (if you use e-drums) and probably some other subtle differences I don't know of. You can also get the raw sound out of SDX's whereas EZX's are always pre-mixed, which may not be a problem for you. You can also build a kit that has both EZX and SDX instruments, but you will probably notice a difference in the sounds. Whether it matters is of course subjective. Aaand.... there's also the size difference. From my SSD: EZX Rock Solid: 783 MB EZX Reggae: 1.08 GB EZX Hip-Hop: 1.73 GB SDX Rock Warehouse: 17.6 GB SDX Metal Machinery: 18 GB SDX Indiependent: 24.4 GB SDX Metal Foundry: 33.5 GB SDX Progressive Foundry: 58.5 GB SDX Death & Darkness: 169.3 GB My strategy has been to buy whatever SDX I can get for cheap, but I try to select only those EZX's that bring something different to the table.
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    Do I hear an echo? 😀 So glad this is my last year. I can't wait until November is over. Then I collapse in a heap. I'll be reading your posts in bed. One positive thing is I have only been able to make big purchases so far--Arturia V collection update, IK TS 3.5, and Beyer-Dynamic DT 770 PRO headphones. There's a lot of stuff I want, but I don't know if I'll find time to buy them. Typing, typing, typing... and my wife mentioned something about a turkey today.
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    Now that’s some link
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    If you bought even the smallest bundle IMO you could effectively eliminate most of your other plugins. ..................Not that we ever would.
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    Here's a thread on VI https://vi-control.net/community/threads/just-received-this-email-from-spitfire-re-bbcso-update-issues.117643 I got this same email as well (but oddly there isn't a version of it on Spitfire's website at all) and sure enough I'd already updated to the 1.4.0 version and now my templates and all my saved projects fail to load (this is with CbB on Windows -- it effects every platform and every DAW). If I were to make a new project or fix one of those broken ones, when they revert the plugin ID back, that project would then be broken. This also applies to new BBCSO customers too, if you make/save ANY projects with 1.4.0 they will stop working when they release the next update. Which from that awful letter I'm guessing they are going to take their sweet time to get out? I'm not really sure why they can't just reset the ID, set the version to 1.4.1 rebuild and ship it? I guess that's asking too much. So unless you love pain and suffering don't bother using that new BBCSO you just bought just yet. And don't update it if you aren't already on 1.4.0.
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    run the (updated) Arturia Software Center EDIT as a bonus you get to spend the next 5 minutes clearing all the junk from your desktop....thanks Arturia
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    I am saving SO much more money on Spitfire. I haven't bought anything from them for two or three years.
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    I can tell you the BEST deal going right now...but it's 'spensif... BBC Orchestra Core (if you have discover) - Buy it first (This MUST be done it TWO (2) separate transactions) Then go back and buy "The Ton" for $90 and Media Toolkit for $29...and THAT gets you just over the $349 for Apertur3 FREE! That's 75% Off the complete package...that's a pretty SCHWEET deal! ***Alternately, if you already have BBC Core, the you get Albion One and The Ton, in one transaction and get Apertur3 FREE! Softube Amp Room for $40.50 after code BLACKWEEKEXTRA...smokin' deal Not much else that I can think of off the top of my head... #1 is a CRAZY GOOD deal though!
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    Back to the OP... these are not your fathers doorbuster BF sales.
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    Exact that's why i went zenology pro and expansions , the best bang for the buck imhio as you get all the fantom sounds , as for legendary synths , only the 808 on my mind , they really really did exellent job on those drum machines , the 606 and 707 are superb also , but last release have sync issues , be absoolutly sure to really test syncing before expanding purchases ....
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    Speaker Shaper sounds great. My favorite of all speaker-sim plugins. IMO, on par with the UA OX Amp Top Box (hardware)
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    You can try this setting The reason for the change from 8th note to 1158 Ticks may be as follows: Hope it can help! 🙂
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    Yup, got a wishlist of 3 plugins I want. All are exceptions. So I'm not biting.
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    I do love the usual PA technique..... ANY plugin (terms and conditions apply - not ANY plugin)
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    I was lucky and picked up core and aroo during different sales. I haven’t used them as much as I’d like to but my first thoughts is that aroo, like Albions is mostly pre orchestrated. It sounds really good and can get things out of it quick. I like the modular (building block model) that Christian talks about in video below. BBCSO is not pre-orchestrated so you get all the parts. Of course Pro gives you a ton more. Bottom line it forces you to orchestrate and it’s more classical in nature. It sounds amazing too but you need to put in the work. I got core on sale anticipating a pro upgrade sale at some point. To move from core to pro during this BF it’s $330. I picked up something else so will wait for Christmas/Advent sale. Beside I don’t have the 650GB that Pro adds so doesn’t make any sense for me. if you haven’t check out this video:
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    I’ll take Taylor for $99 and will pass on second one haha
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    I think half of the planet already own digital sensation lol
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    … or should. But it’s true. If someone would ask me advice on starting out with mixing and mastering, I’d tell him to buy FabFilter’s Total Bundle and get on with it.
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    Hello Everyone, starting as of today November 25 until January 1, 2022, AmpleSound is having a Winter sale: -Buy 1 product: 20% -Buy 2 products: 33% -Buy 3 products: 46% -Buy 4 products: 49% Purchase: https://www.amplesound.net/en/purchase.asp ADD an extra 10% off if you already have an account with us. Please login to your account before making a purchase. Last and not least, we also want to mention that the following Electric guitars were updated to version 3.5 -Ample Guitar SC -Ample Guitar TC -Ample Guitar LP -Ample Guitar Semi-Hollow -Ample Guitar Vintage Cherry -Ample Guitar Peregrine Falcon New Features: -New parameter system, with better efficiency and compatibility with the VST3 format and various DAWs. -Optimized Amp system and FX module, with higher efficiency and lower CPU usage. -Updated UI of main modules, improved display and animation. -Optimized multiple sample rate support. -New voice-based SAHDS modulation system. -Riffer now supports 64 measures at max, with navigation markers. -New standalone host - Rectangles. Bug Fixes: -Fixed a non-responding issue in Logic 10.7 update. -Fixed redundant info such as pitch bend being generated in Logic's Undo History. -Fixed some MIDI note errors when exporting to DAW from Riffer. -Fixed overlapped CPC windows for some particular button. -Other bug fixes. Ample Sound users can update for free through the MyAmpleSound webpage. https://www.amplesound.net/en/account.asp HAVE A GREAT DAY! AmpleSound Support Team: service@amplesound.net AmpleSound Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmpleSoundTech/ AmpleSound Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmpleSoundNet AmpleSound Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amplesoundtech/ AmpleSound Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@amplesoundtech AmpleSound Youtube (new): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf4X6NYi8s2rQMfh-IJAPMw AmpleSound Youtube (old): https://www.youtube.com/user/AmpleSoundTech/featured
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    I'm sure you're not mediocre in any sense Larry but do I agree with everything else you say....as always I'm trying not to subscribe to Disney+ to watch the amazing looking "Get Back" but I bet you never hear them discussing 'value for money' during the entire 8 hours of the series.......although I do believe Zak Wyldd posts here under a pseudonym (Fleer possibly?) because he's desperate to save $50 on an IKM amp sim, he missed the Group Buy apparently.
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    I remember when I was new to this whole 'deals' thing. I saw Waves Diamond bundle for sale reduced from about $2000 or something down to $300 and I thought AMAZING......I've learned a lot since then....mainly that it's not about the plugins/samples/daw but about the talent
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    HI Mr wookie , every song you make i reach for my best headphones ( not the pink ones) sit back a let it take me on a journey . great track loved the guitar tones .. and lots of surprises cheers P
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    Just in...cclarry Dealometer news reports...Black Friday 2021 rated thumbs down.
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    Year round sale prices are the new retail.
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    I've noticed far more emails incoming than ever before, but honestly most had nothing in the headline that made me want to even open them. This is what happens when the "sales" are year round - and the excuses for sales become increasingly lame - come traditional "proper" sale time there's nowhere left to go.
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    and genuinely free download, no strings
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    FabFilter deals are also at ProducerSpot, and you will earn an extra $10 as store credit (10% back from any purchase!) https://www.producerspot.com/seller/fabfilter New Volcano 3 plugin just $89 https://www.producerspot.com/product/volcano-3
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    Up to 58% off Sugar Bytes, including Factory for $59 instead of $139: No extra discount https://www.jrrshop.com/sugar-bytes?dir=asc&order=name
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    Time Left To 12 Days Of Christmas 11 Days 01 Hours 54 Minutes 22 Seconds
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    Again, a heartfelt thanx to ALL! You've definitely made this month brighter and lighter!
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    Plogue Black Friday, 50% on almost everything https://www.plogue.com/store.html
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    Good Points...if you write to whomever you bought it from, being that close, they will usually do a refund of the difference...
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    Thanks for sharing your feedback on here guys! We have new update coming up later this week + a lot of new updates with new modules coming up in the near future!
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    As a first-year anniversary celebration and in combination with the Holidays, Audio Brewers announced the start of 'The Art of Brewing Audio' an event in which composers can share their music and in exchange, can receive a Free Limited-Edition Sample Library that will only be available for this event. The Event consists in composers and musicians sharing any of their creations that contain at least 2 Audio Brewers libraries (can also contain any other libraries or live recordings). The composition can be shared through Social Media or even privately through e-mail. In exchange, Audio Brewers has created a Limited-Edition library called 'The 2021 Collection' which will be given to all participants in the event. The event runs from today through 1 February 2022 and everyone is welcome to join. After the event ends, the library will not be distributed anymore. For more information about the event follow the link below: https://www.audiobrewers.com/blog/2021-brewing-audio For more information about the library, follow the link below: https://www.audiobrewers.com/shop/p/2021-collection Requires full version of Kontakt, v6.2.1 or above.
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    Cpu is the only thing that made me skip'amp room ....
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    Have you been naughty or nice? Santa Claus 🧑‍🎄 might be able to help you 😉
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    Quadra is exellent , even inspired to make a video but demo mod is badd .... i tested another synths and i have the feeling that it sound the same (same reverb , waveform ext) i'lm feeling only design and archytecture changes , but still good enougth .....
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    another canadian word ? lol Yep !!! not sheeep beeee !!!
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    Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel
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    It's a laptop, Asus tuf dash f15. The thing is while recording the memory din't exceed 46-47%, that's why i exclude the pc from my potential cause list. I have installed the latest version of Focusrite Control - Ok i find it out thanks to you, i gonna explain what happens exactely(maybe i can help someone too) First, at the beginning, i had bought a behringer umc22, the thing with this one is there is no more drivers supplied from behringer. So i installed ASIO4ALL, and this one didn't work with cakewalk, i didnt search longer and send it back and buyed a focusrite 2i2, thats a pretty sure investment and despite it's not the best, it's the most known. So i plugged it and it worked well, i got input, output, everything, and well compatible with cakewalk. The thing is i never deleted ASIO4ALL, so cakewalk didn't switch to asio, and stayed in WASAPI. I just have deleted this crap yep and switched my driver to asio and now it work well ! Unhearable (for me at least) latency! Thanks to you for answering me!! Really!
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    SLY & THE FAMILY STONE Medley Everyday People Dance To The Music on The Ed Sullivan Show
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    As time wears on here in Cakeland the developers seem to be listening and fixing lots of stuff requested along the way. Just now while exploring options in the Browser for next tutorial I discovered a few new things I thought worth sharing The notes tab in Browser: First I added a picture and sure enough after saving it now shows in the start screen cool. Didn’t know that. In the past I new about entering a Song name here but never tested the rest. If you export using the simple ( original) dialogue the name you put in notes will be what the wave file is named. But not any of the other info. The new advanced dialogue uses the project name by default. I then went to export as an MP3 and was surprised by a new dialogue that allows you to change the bit rate and stuff. Also you can check a box and the info you included in notes will be embedded in the file. So we now have a very advanced MP3 export dialogue Good stuff Cakewalk team.
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