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    don't we all own everything from IKM now ?
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    Audiority has released a new FREE plugin: Dr Phase, a faithful simulation of the epochal MXR® Phase 90™ phaser pedal! https://www.audiority.com/shop/dr-phase/
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    People be : digital sounds harsh They be like : let s add some more highs ....
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    Hey Folks! I have released a FREE Multiband Compressor Audio plugin! Also included is a FREE 8-hour tutorial that teaches HOW TO BUILD THE PLUGIN from scratch! VST3 for Windows/Mac & AU for Mac included as well. https://www.programmingformusicians.com/simplembcomp/
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    EveryPlugin has it for $83.11: https://everyplugin.com/spliteq.html
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    I've been checking out two upright piano libraries for KONTAKT on sale, cheap. Both are character pianos. They're not big libraries, but they sound nice in the demos. I searched and didn't find any posts about the LOFT PIANO, so I thought I'd post it here. But I've never bought anything from Echo Soundworks and was hoping someone here owns the Loft Piano and could give their thoughts on it. I have a few Wave Runner libraries and think they're pretty nice. Not detailed libraries, but they have a certain vibe to them and they're inexpensive. It's kind of like how I think of Past to Future libraries. They're not detailed sample libraries, but sometimes they just have a cool vibe. Wave Runner Audio: Cashmere Piano $15 USD Reg $29 "A mid-20th century upright piano recorded with cashmere between the hammers and the strings, captured with Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon microphones through Focusrite ISA pre-amps. Each sample was then run through tape and edited as a new instrument for the Cashmere Piano LoFi patch. A piano with lots of vibe, mood and character with its distinct personality highlighted with the choice of cashmere, warm ribbon mics and transparent pres." https://www.waverunneraudio.com/shop/cashmere-piano/ Echo Soundworks: Loft Piano - Direct for $19USD ($29 at ADSRSounds) The presets are really nice, especially the lo-fi presets, are pretty nice. It's quirky, not some super detailed library. https://www.echosoundworks.com/loft-piano
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    But it's very count-the-money-ntuitive. 💰 Where did I put my coat?
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    It's really counterintuitive.
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    100% free to download until Jan 1 for everyone. The form asks for e-mail and name and phone number. I left the phone number blank but still received the download link e-mail. Email I received from Slate: Hey Music Maker— We are excited to announce that every sample pack we make is now 100% free to download until Jan 1—including 4 brand-new packs covering modern R&B, Pop, Ambient Electronic, and modern Guitar. All royalty-free, all ready to drop into your tracks today ✔️ These Sample Packs will inspire your next track by putting the world's best musicians at your fingertips. Get thousands of grooves, hits, one-shots, vocal chops, melodies, guitars, keyboards, drums & more to accelerate your creative process ✨ We work with the best musicians in the industry—top session players, powerhouse vocalists, and international sensations. We record them in an environment designed to bring out their best performances, then our legendary producers get to work 🏋️‍♂️ We slice, dice, process, and extract these tracks until they're the kind of samples we get excited about using in our own productions. All 100% Royalty-free, and all free to download until Jan 1 ⏰ Get your free Sample Packs https://slatedigital.com/free-sample-packs-bf21?vgo_ee=gFU1LJxqb4cL9KTKnvVMavlMy%2BOWWuyaZunZiCXh6gI%3D
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    VSTBuzz reacted and lowered the price to €9. - That was quick... 😉
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    I wouldn't hold my breath... (If I were still five years old I would. And stomp my foot, too!)
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    The group of serials that didn't work properly are fixed now. I was told this a little while ago: There was an issue with some serials not being accepted by IK PM earlier in the AM but now all SKU/serials are working now confirmed by the testing team.
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    Already downloaded and installed!
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    $69.99 with 30 Jampoints...I'm in...that gets me the new Fame Reverb and the Tascam collection for less than either one individually! (Thank the Lord for Paypal 4 pays!)
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    Krush: With its bit crushing and downsampling algorithms, Krush combines the crispy taste of the digital realm with the warmth of its drive stage and analog modeled resonant filters. A modulation section allows you to quickly add extra life to the sound by modulating any parameter. Update v1.2.0 (4 nov 2021) added: VST3 format. added: Native Apple Silicon Support (M1 ARM Chip). fixed: potential crash or audio burst when switching filters. fixed: copy/paste menu not opening when right-clicking the preset name. improved: minor changes in the graphical user interface. https://www.tritik.com/product/krush/
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    Apologies, as I am a mere n00b and don't intend to TC . . . but I believe ADSR has the product for less. As a n00b, I could be very wrong, but if I am correct, I just don't want readers to potentially think that the E25 is the best deal available. ADSR: $9.99 for TWO drum machines (Drum Synth 500 and Boom) AND FREE Baby Audio "Parallel Aggressor" Since I don't know protocol, I will refrain from including a direct link.
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    Apologies, as I am a mere n00b . . . While this may not be a true BF deal, I believe ADSR has the product for significantly much less. As a n00b, I could be very wrong, but if I am correct, I just don't want readers to potentially think that the E25 is the best deal available. ADSR: $9.99 for TWO drum machines (Drum Synth 500 and Boom) AND FREE Baby Audio "Parallel Aggressor" AIR Drum Machine Pack
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    You can get in the JRR Blowout Shop for the BARGAIN PRICE of $635.99! https://blowout.jrrshop.com/waves-platinum-native-download-license
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    Don't forget the Deals page on KVR, which lets you sort by expiration date. https://www.kvraudio.com/deals.php
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    Shucks! I thought I was the only one doing this
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    They got my money with that move. I felt like buying something lowcost...i have an account at VSTBuzz which i don't have at Adsr.
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    4 brand-new sample packs just landed in your All Access Pass covering modern R&B, Pop, Ambient Electronic, and modern Guitar. And as an All Access Pass holder, you get them for FREE 🔥 Meet your new sample packs: 💥 SATIN R&B Pack NEW The sultry sounds of modern R&B as you've never heard them. Guitar riffs dripping with personality, and the famous Rhodes keyboard used by Columbia Records' Hollywood Studios. One of our favorite sample packs of all time. 💥 PASADENA Pop Pack NEW Pure pop magic in a bottle. Get tons of readymade song starters with melodic guitar hooks, piano & synth loops and full-stack chord progressions. Includes tons of live & electronic drums brimming with vibe. Build songs that'll stick in your listeners' heads with PASADENA. 💥 VIBRATIONS Ambient Pack NEW Nearly 500 samples of atmospheric overload. Add instant drama to your music with otherwordly landscapes, cinematic atmospheres, and downtempo grooves. Open new dimensions in your music with the rich textures of VIBRATIONS. 💥 AXE Guitar Pack NEW Our ultimate guitar pack is now yours. From soulful nylon to high-energy Rock, timestretched Hip-Hop to in-your-face Metal, AXE delivers a universe of natural & warped guitar tones to make your next hit come alive. All 100% Royalty-free, and all available in your All Access Pass. https://app.slatedigital.com/authenticate/sign-in
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    He said "Tickle your fancy" ... not "Pickle your fanny"!
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    @Keni / @gmp - The export dialog checks for duplicate filenames at the time you add the task. After that, there are no more checks. The task queue is designed to be run without any user intervention/interruption, so files will be overwritten if they already exist.
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    Westwood Instruments has launched a new title, that is somewhere between a piano but not quite a synth. Get lost in the "in-between". Intro price $79 (Reg. $139) This is Westwood Instruments First Kontakt Player library so it will work in the Free Kontakt player. Stay tuned for more. https://westwoodinstruments.com/instruments/lostpiano/
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    Total Bummer Max 3.5, for sure.
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    Just think in a year you can have a core for each instrument in the orchestra if you have the $$$ for this CPU 😆
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    Use your survey or monthly voucher instead of the one above makes this $14.99
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    his Black Friday we’re releasing a BRAND NEW PLUGIN: Sign up now to get it FREE! https://www.waves.com/lpn/black-friday-2021/free-plugin-signup
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    Also https://rekkerd.org/deals-deals-deals/ then click on the Ends in the header to sort.
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    Obviously it was sent to those of us who still have floppy disks on their systems. (got 2 of those 'systems' buried in the garage... I'd get rid of them but I'd have to dig them out first)
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    I know everyone is wowed by the price buy eventually you are painting yourself into the WUP corner. There's not a lot of long term thinking here.
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    Along with their Solid series and Transient Master.
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    Success! We have found our new bass player. His timing is good, he can sing harmony, isn't a drug addict, alcoholic or general flake. He's a Reaper user, but I can overlook that. It was a long day. I sang and played for 9 hours straight, something I haven't done in a very long while. Now comes the slog of working him in in time for the next gig, which fortunately is nearly a month away. I am beat. But it was a good day today.
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    Me so I can amaze with my 1 finger masterpieces 🤣
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    Doesn't bother me. I've done some playing in church for wedding services. Music is music, and there is a lot of very good church music. It just doesn't pay enough for me to make my monthly bills. - - - - - - If you get a chance to go to Montreal, Canada, check out the pipe organ and choir at Notre Dame Cathedral. The organist is outstanding, and the choir is every bit as good as the finest recording choirs in the world. During their breaks, some dude in fancy robes said something in French. I went to a mass in Vienna, Austria. There was a pipe organ, choir and classical symphony orchestra. They played some Mozart, Bruch and others. During their breaks, some dude in fancy robes said something in German. As you might surmise, I went for the music, not the ceremony. I'm not religious by nature, but I'm not opposed to those who like that. When attending their churches to hear the music, I do my best to be respectful and play along with the sit/kneel/and other rituals. After all, I'm their guest. Notes ♫
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    I saw something rare today, something I haven't seen in years. Something so unusual I would have whipped out my camera had I not been so stunned by the sight of it. What I saw was a bass player who sets up, plugs in, and before we start - get this - he tunes his instrument! I know!
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    "Sir, in the box labeled 'Religion' you wrote 'Vegan'. I'm sorry, but that's not a religion" "You've never met a vegan before, have you?" (That's a joke my dad told me back in the early 70's. In the original version, it was "vegetarian", as that word was known back then. "Vegan" is of more recent coinage.) Actually, the term "Vegan" is quite old. It's an ancient Navajo word meaning "bad hunter". I once considered becoming Vegan, but soon realized it would be a big missed steak.
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