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    Given that he has a voice with all the sonic charm of an elderly vacuum cleaner that hasn't had it's bag emptied or it's filters cleaned since 1950 , it must be hard to not improve one of his songs.
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    IK has a GB? We should start a thread hehe
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    My female cousins were going to see the Beatles at Olympia...I had to endure their "practice screaming"!
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    You received your ARC and MEMS mic if I recall so you could just keep remeasuring your room. That sounds like a fun time
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    Find someone from here for your 25th freebie https://www.freehugscampaign.org/
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    '73, poor quality but cool to have it documented
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    There have been to minor releases with fixes and some new features: (I found them by accident by checking my PB account for updated software) V1.0.2 - Oct 15, 2021 - New option: Sync start/stop to host's playback - New option: Quantize start - New option: Follow song position - New option: Show/Hide ghost notes - New feature: Undo/Redo note changes - New feature: Rename tracks and change their colors - New: Each track has its own ‘chord inversion’ and ‘add bass note’ options - Updated quick guide to cover the new changes - Added a new ‘How it works’ chapter to the quick guide V1.0.1 - Oct 2, 2021 - Fixed issues with loading/dropping MIDI files in some hosts - Improved rhythm generation algorithm v1.0.0 - Sep 30, 2021 - Released
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    That's the one PF tour I was lucky enough to see. Saw it outdoors at the old County Stadium in Milwaukee. Very trippy. Great windowpane. Drove my '61 six window De Ville to the show with 4 mates. No memory of the drive back to Madison, but I'm still here, so I guess I made it back OK. 😋
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    I was self-employed as a picture framer for many years. And a guy walked in one day asking if I could frame some artwork for him . Turned out to be ALL the original album artwork by Storm for Pink Floyd. Had them in my possesion for a week. But in those days technology was simple .So could not take copies. It was terrifying. As the slightest damage would have been disaster.
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    A stunning addition to the Evolution guitar series of libraries for Kontakt, Evolution Dry Relic excels at realism. With one part detailed samples from a well-worn Gibson acoustic and one part powerful and flexible engine, this is my new favorite for acoustic guitar programing. See the full written review of Evolution Dry Relic here: https://bit.ly/3ne4vHJ At the time of posting Evolution Dry Relic is available now for $139 (reg $179) - https://bit.ly/3AlNsrN Evolution Dry Relic normally sells for $179.00 from Orange Tree Samples - https://bit.ly/3AlNsrN
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    Run the EW Installation Center to update!
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    Basically it IS the end. We've reached the goal, so now you can pick what you want. I wasn't referring to "the very end" just to the end of the offerings, which ended when we reached 25,000, so feel free to pick away!
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    I have 3 products left that I can pick, but at least 10 that I could choose from. But I feel crippled in my ability to do so after Larry's warning not to make selections till the very end....eventhough Peter indicated no new additions are planned... Also using a $200 tier selection on a $25 or less item is giving me anxiety. 😂 🙃
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    This is my most used soundtoyz plugins , people think teemolo but this is way more , it gives life to anything !!
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    Locker room ambience! I went there as a kid to see the Wings and got to go into the locker room once. I've never seen so many cans of Budweiser and packs of Marlboros.
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    guitar instrumental.
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    $29 https://www.soundtoys.com/product/tremolator/
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    for your viewing and listening pleasure...
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    What, no Stroh's? (And thus the reason they made Slapshot.)
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    This is I have to say the best cover I've heard. It gives me goosebumps. But then again, we're all different in our own special way 😉
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    If you don’t have speaker correction it’s useful. I moved to sonarworks so I could also correct headphones but still use arc to compare sometimes.
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    What is amazing about these Evolution libraries is that while you can start by just playing the presets, if you want to do more there's an incredible amount of adjustments you can do. I was a fan from the early days and ended up consulting to the business and becoming friends with Greg, the tree keeper. But I have been using keyboards to emulate guitar since the 80s. I own a ton of other guitar sample libraries and VSTs and other devs, and some are good for doing simple things. But none has the same depth to the point where I find I can get deeper into a library after years of having it. That may not sound like a big deal, but it's actually huge. I commonly start out sticking to presets and using the basics of a library. But the Evolution stuff -- even though I had early input into the line -- Greg did some genius things that were just way over my head, the depth of these libraries is amazing and I'm still learning about different things I can do with these libraries that are not possibilities with any other guitar libraries I own or know of. To those who own these libraries and have spent serious time with them realizing everything you can do, it's truly astounding. That's not me promoting a friend's business, this is me as a musician being analytical about these libraries. If you delve into them, you are going to find a depth that you don't find in other libraries. Can other users share similar experiences? I mean, I think it's been like a decade or so since Greg/OTS came out with this line, with Strawberry, and even this past weekend I was learning about new ways I can customize that library that blew me away. I suppose part of it is that I stuck to just using presets for so long and didn't venture deep into things. But I really don't know of another guitar library with that kind of depth or any other library beyond drum VSTs like AD2, and Superior Drummer. And I own probably a couple dozen other developers guitar libraries and VSTs, from the complex heavily scripted ones to the simplistic UJam VSTs (my least favorite guitar VSTs of all; they're just incredibly limited to the point that I have never found any of them useful; whereas NI's guitar libraries that come with KOMPLETE are limited, but nowhere near as limited as UJam VSTs, and I find them way more useful for basic strumming -- although they're no competition to the realism you get from the Evolution libraries, especially when it comes to playing beyond chord strums).
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    @Peter - IK Multimedia Well done on the promotion! Took longer then you hoped but all in all hopefully you gained new customers with this fantastic Group Buy!
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    Thank God someone didn't yell "Freebird!" It would have taken an hour a 49 minutes.
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    Now what are we supposed to do? ...I suppose I could start learning how to use all these awesome plugins.
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    We want our 25th freebie. We want our 25th freebie. WE WANT OUR 25th FREEBIE!
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    I wanna party with those guys.
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    Jimi Hendrix Experience - All Along The Watchtower
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    If you have Ting & Skaka; Log in and buy the Percussion Bundle, the price of Slammer drops to $33.33.
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    Yup! We had camped on the beach at Galveston Island the night before, so arrived at the gates early. We were among the first to be admitted to the University of Houston stadium, and took up a position right in front of the stage. But as the set progressed, the crowd started pushing forward until we were caught in the crush. So then we moved back to about the 50 yard line, where the sound board was located. That was actually a good move, because the quad sound was so much better from the middle of the field. Surround sound! 😎
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    has been asked many times. Tracks 5 Se, Tracks 5, Tracks Deluxe all have different components. check the gear tab. Some of the IK Own modules overlap. Also, Deluxe does not contain all of the Tracks moduels and many of the best stuff is missing from Deluxe. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/tr5se/index.php?p=gear https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/tr5/index.php?p=gear https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/tr5deluxe/index.php?p=gear , FWIW.. if you are in the $150 tier. Tracks SE has the better modules as it contains the more useful vintage emulations .
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    Hi folks! I have 5 more Cakewalk secrets for you, and I bet there is ONE that most of you don't know WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/A_95DhSWmOU
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    I once tasted their cosmic mysticism upon the ether of bare disembodied awareness, which gazed upon the scene of the self’s dissolution with benign indifference in an existence without Plug in Deals on an explosive flight through the metal hurricane with potent sounds of neon plaid.
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    Firth I've heard of it.
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    Yeah with the floating pig and other stuff I can't remember!!!
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    The Who - Pictures of Lily:
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    I saw them for the first time on the Animals tour back in '77 (?). They played the whole Animals album, then took a break and came back out and played Wish You Were Here in it's entirety. They had the movie for both sets behind them palying with the music. Was really unbelievable! They took another break and came back out and played some songs from DSOTM, Breath, Time, Money, Eclipse. It was the best concert ever!!
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    Reid was foreseeing the future when he set his title "Not a Deal - Something New Coming from Spectrasonics on Tuesday!"
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    "AmpliTube Slash is a suite of Slash's signature guitar effects, amps and cabs that he uses on tour and in the studio. We worked closely with Slash to recreate his rigs perfectly and Slash says we nailed it. Now you can play and record with the exact sounds that make the legend. Hear for yourself." https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/slashcs/index.php?p=gear
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    Fantastic plugin, use it on everyting for the past 5yrs - Bargain at this price
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    Oh heck, here, have an encore!
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    They have added it already so don't hold your breath.
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