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    Wait a minute....are you taking Jim's word over a guy with 12 posts?
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    Been demoing this for a few days and it sounds very, very good on cleans, crunch, and lead. Looks like this is going to be added to my collection very soon. Thanks all!!
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    Getting a little surreal now. Had an email from T&S stating as I had bought K13. Could I give a review. Erm....... want to say "you've had my money since 3rd June. How about you dispatch it. And I'll review it! Gawd help us.........
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    That's because what you are buying here is last year's version. The new version will come along immediately after they have finished milking this one and that will probably have AS2 in it, or then again they may hold it back for the new top level Komplete 14HHSYRTYHE (Ha Ha Sucker You Really Thought You Had Everything) version that will only go on sale once everyone has upgraded to K14 UCE.
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    Probably gun shy. Every time I’ve posted anything here I do it with hesitation. I don’t ever want to come off as a salesman. I just like to help people. This forum has improved tremendously I will say! I used to see a lot of negative comments and it seems that most of that has been taken care of. Now, I point people here every chance I get!
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    Uhhh... yes. First, not all virtual-instruments stream samples from disk (Superior Drummer 3, EZ Drummer 2, Addictive Drums, etc). Those Vi's that do stream from disk... buffer the transient of each sample using a small bit of RAM. I'll use Reaper as an example (MacBook Pro in this case)... as it's cross-platform and extremely small-footprint. Open an empty project, add a single instance of Kontakt... and load up The Grandeur (acoustic piano). With just Reaper and The Grandeur loaded, OSX shows 4.51GB of RAM being used. Now, add a second track with Super Drummer 3... and load the "clean" Ayotte kit. OSX now reports 6.61GB memory being used. On a MacBook Pro with 8GB, you've got less than 1.5GB of free RAM. I wouldn't consider a two track piano/drum project to be "heavy orchestration". 😁 If a machine runs out of physical RAM, it'll use the VM swapfile (in lieu of physical RAM). That kills performance. Professional composers working on TV and Film are running a minimum of 64GB RAM (most are now running 128GB). Many of these folks are clients...
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    Some of use mean middle school girls on this forum use desktops that we've built. I've built a 9900K system for the M1 price and no soldering required. I do think it's great that Apple went full blown proprietary. Too bad they are still pricey.
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    The m1 sounds amazing - why would you return a computer that can load an instrument containing 5.26GB (compressed)/13.7GB (uncompressed) sample data (which is the size of the actual sample data, irrespective of the CPU's instruction set), as well as all those other instruments into 8GB system RAM, and continue running smoothly at low latencies? Sounds like a great DAW; wouldn't it have been better to hold onto it, and then upgrade/trade up when the next version comes out? Can you remember which other instruments (you mentioned strings, horns, guitars, piano, and vocals) you loaded into Kontakt? * https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/keys/the-grandeur/
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    Depends, are they really really really really good posts?
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    Ahem, read his first line in his post (i quoted it for you here). If you don't know Jim is a pro DAW builder who is meticulous as all get out. I accept what he says as I know him to be thorough.
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    Keep sipping that Apple kool-aid, and M1 will magically be better than Intel or AMD... 😉
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    I helped someone with a similar problem. He was running iZotope Ozone as a plug-in something like 20 tracks. That will bring any system to its knees
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    @Ronny.G - We've fixed the issue with templates that you reported in your first post. This will be available in the next release. Your latest issue sounds like it could be different, but it could also be related to the original bug... did you load any track templates in this project? The original bug means that the MIDI ports are in a strange state after importing the template. This might explain why you cant change the ports after importing. For the moment, I'd advise against loading/saving synth templates with routing until the next release. Routing from hardware MIDI ports should be fine, but if the template contains MIDI routing from synths within the template, that's where the issue arises, and it pretty much messes up all the ports. Like I said though, it's been fixed for the next release.
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    There is an intro price of $65 available now on the Audiofier site. I wonder if the price will be lower in the stores. http://www.audiofier.com/tetrality/
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    I liked Tape Face. Haven’t played with it as much as I’d like to but for $25 it’s a steal and on couple of tracks I tried it on it sounded as good as some of my other emulations. Here is a gearspace thread where others seem to like it quite a bit also: https://gearspace.com/board/new-product-alert/1354236-kiive-audio-releases-4-new-plugins.html Everyone is also raving about FILKCHANNEL which is on sale but not on flash sale like Tape Face. I’ll have to check it out next.
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    That is not LatencyMon, that is their registry management tool. Download LatencyMon from this direct link and install it: https://www.resplendence.com/download/LatencyMon.exe
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    Kuassa's Vermillion is great on cleans.
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    It would blow away your older MacBook Pro. I'm not much of an Apple guy... and not a fan of ultra small form-factor machines for "workstation" purposes. A laptop that's passive-cooled with 8GB of RAM is suitable for it's design purpose (Surfing the Web, office duty, etc). With 8GB RAM, a small handful of virtual-instruments would have the machine RAM-starved. Open up Chrome with half a dozen tabs active/open. You can chew thru RAM quickly. Even using compression to stretch that 8GB further... it's running lean. If small-form-factor also means small-cooling, that's going to limit performance. Some folks will try to tell you the M1 (mobile CPU) will out-perform something like the 5950x (desktop CPU). If expecting that level of performance, the laws of thermal-dynamics (tight enclosure) are going to disappoint you. 😁 If you're expecting a great performing mobile CPU, you'll be pleasantly surprised. It will be interesting to see what Apple does in a desktop version of the M1. My idea of a great small-form-factor machine: Lian-Li TU-150 mini-ITX case - allows full-sized Noctua 140mm cooler Full-sized cooler means you can run a high-end desktop CPU... at full speed. Up to 64GB RAM Multiple internal SSDs (including M.2 NVMe Ultra) Small... but zero performance compromise Runs near dead-silent
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    I made this video so that you can use some good vsts with Cakewalk all the links to the vsts are in the description of the video. Hope this help people looking for free vsts to use.
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    So far when I commit an arrangement, any multiple track disappear. if I made notes in a separate arranger track I lose them. Maybe there is something I just don't get but I would like to keep all arranger tracks when I commit the arrangement. They should move/copy with the associated primary track. Otherwise I don't get the purpose of multiple arranger tracks.
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    I haven't had much time in the DAW lately. I brewed this up last night in about an hour. All done in Cakewalk. Maybe I'll upload it to Bandlab too.
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    Most BS comment in this thread. Hugh you seem to be speaking like Jim is referring to x86 architecture. Might want to read his posts again. For reference: Jim stated the speed of NVMe and Ram. Did you notice that he didn't list a machine/cpu/architecture? That's because it don't matter. Let that sink in.
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    Bome MIDI Translator should do this and a lot more.
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    You should not use input echo to record audio tracks unless your using guitar sims. Use your audio interfaces direct monitoring system. I've heard where you can actually have issues if you use a super high buffer setting. Most folks use around 256. But I think a Lynx is one of the better performers.
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    yeah but if you're getting material from someone else and have to tweak it, you can't always go back and ask them to re-perform it or because a producer has asked you to change tempos on their material... i'd like to see the audio snap work as well.
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    There may be something in SampleTank called Groove Player but Groove Player in the context of CbB safe mode is the plug-in used by the DAW for its metronome. Anything running inside a plug-in like is not going to show up as a separate prompt in CbB safe mode.
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    Live In London - Supertramp
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    I think this is the best critique I have read about Cakewalk by Bandlab. I also have to agree. I doubt it could be said better.
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    I had a very minor update to Halion6 which I may have missed before. When I find my pants, I will muster up enough presence to edit this post with the number. Ok, no pants but as long as my camera is off, everyone is safe. The changes were from Halion 6.4.20 to 6.4.30 HALion 6.4.30 / HALion Sonic (SE) 3.4.30 The following lists all new features and improvements in HALion 6.4.30 and HALion Sonic (SE) 3.4.30 ID # Area Issue HAL-8539 General Fixed crash during AU validation at Apple Logic startup HAL-8550 General Fixed possible crash in Ableton Live HAL-8605 General Fixed text glitch which occurred when renaming programs in the slot rack HALLY-8590 Flexphraser Fixed issue where the Flexphraser did not work for a specific combination of settings HALLY-8598, 8650 Scripting Improved lua script execution
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    I edited the post before I heard you groan, but I bet you use that one before the day is out.
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    Their Matchlock as well
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    Turn of your internet. I had to do this last night. Normally it never causes problems but out of the blue I was getting a drop out on a project that I just started. I upped my buffers a bit and it still happened. It happened about 5 times and I then disabled the internet and it never came back.
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    Mark, I was expecting Bowie-esque and there it was right away. Nice. Very intricate and varying stuff going on in the background which made for a fun listen. I agree with noynekker about the volume of the vocal and that perhaps it could be EQ'd up in the range he mentioned. Great job! -Bjorn
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    You can download latency monitor tho find out what problems you have.
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    Use the promo code DUET at checkout to save 40% off all products. Duet is a Pre-release - not yet available https://www.beladmedia.com/
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    Least I can do in thanks to you, Robert, and the others mentioned!
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    No need to watch videos... 😀 I'll grab one with 16GB RAM... and put it thru some real-world circumstances.
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    Speed: PCIe 4.0 NVMe currently sustains ~7GB/Sec DDR4 sustains ~20-25GB/Sec Response Time: NVMe is ~0.05ms DDR4 is ~0.00005ms NVMe is sequential (not Random Access like RAM) While NVMe drives are fast... they're not a good substitute for RAM. There is no magic/voodoo with machines. Slower hardware means slower performance. The M1 MacBook Air is passive-cooled.
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    Super Furry Animals - Smokin'
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    If that means more (some?) music on there, I heartily agree. I confess I haven't visited it since Bandlab bought CW and I checked it out. I was bored to death by the abundance of utter dross from wannabes whose only musical instrument is an iPhone. A plethora of 'beats' and an almost total absence of music. There, I said it before someone else did. 😄😉
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    This is typically how I'd do this: If I'm doing this in an existing project, I'll normally pick some blank space after end of the project (say 16 measures after the end). I'll add a tempo change at that point, setting it to the slow tempo, record the track, then cut/paste the clip into the part where it's playing the faster tempo. Then I'll use CTRL+SHIFT to stretch it to fit... and try to remember to delete the tempo change I added at the end!
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    Everyone has a right to express their opinion. That's a what a forum is. If you don't agree with it, fine. Don't read their posts. To say you're getting tired of reading this or that opinion kind of smacks of elitism. Just because you disagree with how they see the world, that doesn't make you right and them wrong. Or vice versa. You can also block people whose posts, writing style, age, or whatever, you don't like. I do. But honestly, nobody cares if you're getting tired of reading opinions you disagree with.
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    Play the bass part on guitar, use Melodyne to convert the guitar part into MIDI (i.e., drag into MIDI track), clean up the data as needed, drop the notes down an octave, and trigger your bass instrument of choice.
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    This plugin is free, and works well with polyphonic sources: https://www.audiopluginsforfree.com/graillon/ You can assign an automation lane to the "Pitch Shift" parameter, giving you an envelope from -12 to +12 semitones: You may want to play with the "Preserve Formants" setting, which can help when going above 5 semitones.
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    I would add a different color scheme for MIDI meters. At a glance - it would be an improvement to discern midi from audio meters immediately , like making the MIDI display a selectable color.
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