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    V Collection 8 -- https://www.arturia.com/products/analog-classics/v-collection/overview#en Analog Lab V -- https://www.arturia.com/products/analog-classics/analoglab-v/resources Analog Lab V -- Direct Download Link (to avoid slowly navigating there) -- https://downloads.arturia.net/products/analoglab-v/soft/Analog_Lab_V__5_0_0_1195.exe Review from Creative Sauce
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    Just make sure you know what time the 12 Days starts in your time zone. If there's a freebie, it'll be gone in an hour. https://www.sonokinetic.net/sale/
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    What??? First I've heard of it.
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    Abso-freak-a-lutely sweet, free Analog Lab V in da house.
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    Same for me.. Arturia's site is s......l......o......w.... but it looks like a free update to Analog Lab V in my account. It also looks very nice..first post updated
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    I can't be out of money! I still have checks!
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    How dare they! We need to keep buying stuff. My checking account still shows a positive balance.
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    I have to admit that I rarely used the individual instruments and found Analog Lab a better option while still offering all the presets from every instrument. So I held onto Analog Lab and Pigments and sold VC 6 on KVR in the summer. I haven't missed it once. I put the money towards new individual super synths (Dune 3, Rapid, VPS Avenger, Diva, Omnisphere etc) Oh and I also did the same as Aidan for some old Analog flavours with the Cherry Audio offerings (which I really like along with their VM stuff).
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    Free Overdrive! AU / VST3 (AAX coming soon). https://www.schrammel.io/index.html
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    Release date 15/12/20 PeterIK https://www.gearslutz.com/board/showpost.php?p=15155458&postcount=595 https://cgi.ikmultimedia.com/ikforum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=25757&start=270#p110433
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    well we don't know that yet - if you judge the quality of a plugin solely by the number of presets, and assuming that those numbers are accurate, then yes...it's not an upgrade. ....it might even ben a 'considerable downgrade' . I suspect that isn't the full story. Have you taken a look at the videos and previews ? If I could ever get this stuff licenced then I could find out Incidentally I find AL to be the least useful of the collection .....just my opinion but I never really bother with it much. Prefer the actual emulations. EDIT abacab replied as I was typing and said the exact opposite about AL....just shows you there are as many opinons as there are people
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    Per the AmpliTube 5 news, if you purchase AmpliTube 4 or it is included with hardware. Total Studio 2 MAX does not unlock free AmpliTube 5 SE.
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    For anyone wanting to get Analog Lab V, here's a direct download link. It's 1.5Gb (AL4 was 1.1Gb in comparison) and took longer than usual due to the traffic load on their website but still better than trying to navigate slowly to the d/l page. https://downloads.arturia.net/products/analoglab-v/soft/Analog_Lab_V__5_0_0_1195.exe
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    Lol, yes sirrreee! Very nice Christmas present from Arturia πŸ‘ πŸŽ…πŸ»
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    FIXED! Installed a FebSmart USB 3.0 card with Renasus drivers dating to May 2020 and all is well now. Thanks to everyone who offered support ideas while I was challenged with this odd behavior. Happy Holidays to all and Stay Safe ! Roger
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    I love my Analog Lab 4 (like others here, I also have Pigments but no real need for the collection). Is there a likely (free?) update coming to Analog Lab, with the presets of the added gear?
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    Help us cclarry, you're our only hope (of changing that).
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    I also have the ob-xa v, which isn't in V7 (and pigments - and the FX etc) (edit - tony beat me to it !)
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    Yeah... 149 euros for me. I have V7 and the OBX a too. I don’t have it installed on my new PC. I’m trying to make use of all I currently have as is.. going to pass unless it drops to a much lower price in the future.
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    Yip and TBH i am getting a bit weiry of the Arturia stuff and the load speeds of same and the resources it eats. I am now spoilt by the Cherry Audio standalone synths recently, thats how the Arturia stuff should be?
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    Analog lab V is now available in V Coll 7 plus a load of updates
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    I finally managed to download the demo! Have to say it sounds excellent and is great fun to play πŸ‘ Tons of factory patches and every one I have tried sounds well put together with a good combination of High and Low string patterns. I still have a lot left to audition. The .blob file is around 4.2Gb so not huge. I guess it wouldn't satisfy perfectionists or anyone with picky clients (TV, Film etc) but I will certainly put it on my list to pick up when it's in a sale. Anyone else having problems downloading try this link (which support gave me)... https://support.ujam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012413020-Download-links-for-every-ujam-plug-in-free-trial-full-version- (Useful link to have as it has download links for all of their product demos.)
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    Both @Craig Anderton and @marled are on the money - how much you cut is really dependent on the material around it. If it's a very sparse arrangement and you're going for a natural sound, you might leave more of the low end in there (getting rid of any problem frequencies like rumbles or proximity effects with certain mics, etc.) but in a dense mix, you can certainly stand to cut both male and female vocals a lot higher and more aggressively because you won't really hear that cut in context, and it'll clean things up considerably in the mix.
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    I've created a project temple of sorts. I initially set-up and mixed one song in the " album " project - completely. I then saved off a copy of this project and called it " buncha empty tracks ". I then erased all track and automation data and re-saved. For new subsequent projects related to the " album " I simply open the " buncha empty tracks " project and import my new track data. Then immediately save as to the new project name and include the save to audio project folders. I will add or delete a few tracks here and there related to the exact instruments or vocal tracks etc. But generally all of my track effects - Buss effects - folders - Track labels and general order and locations of the tracks and busses are the same, including ( basic pro channel eq's , comps - etc. ) So starting out a new project is basically import the tracks and go. The tracks are already labeled correctly so I simply import the kick to the kick track , have gates already assigned etc. - I treat it essentially the same as saving track templates and folders - without all of the re-assembly required. Another process I do is to create a buss with no effects assigned except maybe an analyzer such as SPAN and keep that handy for playback of any reference mixes or a clean mix buss that isn't processed through the master buss.
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    I contacted PGMusic and they confirmed me that it’s a trusted reseller. So I will buy from them and save.
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    Just tried the ProChannel version of all the Softube plugins and it still crashes when added to a track. They updated everything I had (all of Volume 4) but no fixes for the broken ProChannel support. Here's the change log for 2.5.9:
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    You gave yourself a footjob?!!
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    And if you're already an owner, it's in your account. Thanks for the heads up!
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    Is Sonar Platinum lifetime included?
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    EZDrummer similar to others makes $$ from you buying their midi loops. Like you say, a money pit. If you know how to match midi grooves up to drum software decent midi grooves can be had in much larger quantities and for much less elsewhere. It's basically just changing the mapping. Not sure if EZDrummer is general midi spec. I doubt it because that would be counter productive to their marketing. I bought a whole slew of drum midi a few years ago for much less. You would search this as drum midi. Mapping is usually straight forward. Load midi. Low noted are bass drum, high notes are cymbals. Those in between are either percussion, toms or snare. If you want to avoid mapping just use the paks. If you want to save money buy drum midi from 3rd party and map it. I still have trouble finding beats that match my songs and sometimes find myself playing lame beats in. I'm not really a rocker but was experimenting with the new basic kits. It's a religious Christian Rock tune. I'm not pushing that here, just showing you how the drums sound . I was pretty happy with the drums. Still some work to do on vox and guitars.
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    FREE Airwindows releases CONSOLE 7. You can download it for free, please support Chris for such an amazing job. http://www.airwindows.com/console7/
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    So... First i love choirs Second... One way to get choirs sounding tight is to enter the midi for all the parts... Then, make a mix for each part and boost the volume of that part maybe 7 db louder than the other parts... Really significant increase... Now share the recordings with your choir and let them practice to it. This isn't a click track but it will have the same result. They will all be on time and singing with, or harmonizing with, the part they are supposed to be singing. This is tons of fun. It's like standing right next to a really loud singer who is perfect every time... You just do as they do. Now, when you pull the tracks together, you have a great starting place. Everyone is in key and on time. From there, you boost the vocalists that are tighter at any moment, trying to give them all moments to shine. You don't want to pitch correct more than necessary. It can help to have vocalists slightly off and slightly dimmed. It will make the singer nailing it Sound better. As long as the one who is tight is louder, it will be cool. The mix will sound like someone was pointing the Mic from singer to singer, a different Mic for basses and sopranos and altos etc. It will be magic that the Mics focus on the best singer at each moment. In this video, i show how to use melodyne to compare two instruments playing the same part... You can also accept multiple takes from each vocalist. Use panning and gain control to make your virtual choir super big and way cool. Panning different parts differently also helps. Don't be scared to move your parts around on the Sound stage, centering the most important part of the moment in ways that are impractical in a church. The centered part can be a little louder than things panned to the sides because it is coming through two speakers, not one. In lots of choirs I've worked with, they often change the score to simplify it because it is hard to do it right live. They cater to the weakest link often. But with this technique, everyone can sing it right with some practice.
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    you get about 30 really high quality synths/keyboards so price per synth is a bargain......
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    Uninstalled and reinstalled and was still unable to connect. It appears that Windows firewall may have been blocking Softube central. I added it to the allowed list and its all working fine. It was never a problem before.
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    *Whew!* Scared me! I thought the 2020 curse was continuing.
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    I ended up wiping out practically all left hand piano parts, cause I couldn't make it work with the bass guitar. That's why a good rock and roll piano player keeps their left hand on their beer mug! The exception is Boggie Woogie. Just listen to Asleep at the wheel Route 66 and how the piano bass and Upright bass track perfectly together.
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    if they are doing the same as last year, there probably will be a couple of Black Friday-like deals in the week before Christmas.
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    Important update: Please download the new Dragonfly Reverb 3.2.3. This fixes a bug which could cause bad behavior immediately upon loading the plugin, including a blast of noise that some people experienced.
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    Great song - killer ballad and vocal - both big ticks for me. I agree with @emeraldsoul on the drums but given the brilliance of the rest, it's a minor crit for me. BGVs were a stand out. Thanks for posting. Andy
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    Just adding to what John is saying, while you might have a fundamental frequency of a voice or an instrument audible, sometimes you'll find that once things are in a mix, certain frequencies - even the fundamentals - start to sound wooly because they're sharing frequencies with other instruments, or even more of the same instrument once they're layered. For example, I do a lot of metal and typically a rhythm guitar in metal is a pretty chunky sound. Layer 4 rhythm tracks together and you get a huge build up in the bass frequencies that you need to dip so it all sounds balanced again. Then you add bass guitar and kick drums and suddenly it all sounds wooly again. So you roll off the low end to make way for those other instruments. By itself, those guitars sound super thin and weak, but your ears are going to fill in the missing parts in context when it's combined with the other instruments in the mix. Vocals are the same. You'd be surprised at how much you can roll off of the low end before you start to notice anything going missing once they're in the mix. This doesn't mean that at exactly 300Hz (or whatever) you cut everything off entirely under that, but you can do a gradual roll-off to nothing so you're not putting more stuff into a mix than you'd actually hear in context. I'm sure I'm not saying anything most people that mix don't know already but when you're first starting out, there's a big disconnect between "this thing sounds good" and "this thing sounds good in context." It may not be "faithful" to what's down, but I can guarantee it'll sound a lot better and more professional when you find the space for each instrument and get rid of the stuff that's not necessary in a complete mix. Context is the key. There's some really good advice in this thread that I agree with. My 2 cents: If you're doing vocal prominent music (pop, etc) then start with the vocal, give yourself a decent amount of headroom for that first, and then bring up all of the other instruments around it. If you're finding it's starting to peak out then drop every track down proportionately. Then start carving things out with EQ, and evening out the peaks either with a compressor or clip gain envelopes. You'll likely find the vocals are very dynamic, so certain words or attacks into words will really crank up the levels, so getting into each clip and just turning down the peaking parts will give you a much more even result and make it a lot easier to slot things together, assuming there's no gear related issues making your life harder than it should be.
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