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    Citizen DJ is a new website offering free samples from the US Library of Congress. The Library of Congress is the US’s primary library and contains more than three million sound recordings. It’s also part of the US Copyright Office; this is significant because it means that you can be confident that anything you download from Citizen DJ can be used for free and without restriction. The library is divided into collections of everything from free music to government films, speeches and interviews. The project is scheduled to run until September 2020. http://citizendj.labs.loc.gov.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/?l11_uid=66666
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    Get it here https://www.spitfireaudio.com/labs/?om_campaign=omme_0474a420-27b_26909_89892&om_profile=297e-aa2f18-008cc960&om_send=b2d5295f142641829073a1056c65d7d2&utm_campaign=omme_0474a420-27b_copy_of_new_labs_tundra_atmos_download_for_free&utm_content=variation_a&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ometria
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    I know we are all thinking about this and it is an important subject but I don't think these forums are a place to post about it. If you wish to do so try to be as politically neutral as possible. Keep in mind that information on Covid 19 is readily available all over the net. Lets keep these forums virus free. 😀 Please stay safe and well.
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    Whatever happens after this TSM2 blowout, IK needs to come up with something to replace or make the Group Buy as fun as it was last year. I didn't buy a thing but was entertained for weeks on this forum while it was going on. Fleer practically willed the 10th free to happen all by himself.
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    You should have thought about that before you posted...
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    @Sean Aitken I'm not sure what bug you are referring to. SONAR did not support mono in / stereo out plugins and neither does CbB yet. This is not a regression by any means. You can easily try adding any Waves mono in -> stereo out plugin to SONAR or CbB and it will only work in mono, because input and output interleave is always symmetric today. Waves is also aware of this. As Jon mentioned, it so happens that we have been doing some extensive work with an overhaul of the interleave and bypass management and have addressed many longstanding issues. However I have yet to look at the mono - stereo processing case. While I definitely agree that its desirable for this to work there are a bunch of dependencies that complicate it. I'll know when I look into it further.
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    How about a nice group sing-song instead? 2...3...4...
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    I think all Cakewalk users here want everyone to have a great time using it. I believe it to be a huge bargain that keeps on getting better with each new version. This also means that it is more complicated thus needing a group effort to get users working with it efficiently. These forums are known for being very helpful.
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    This appears to be going down a rabbit hole that even the Coffee house should not attempt, as well as somewhat political.
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    @Ryan Heath - Here's the except from the 2019.09 release notes:
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    Using more freebies from the Pianobook community. Time to wind down in theses stressful times (or at least until I download the new CWB update!)
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    I've been complaining and ranting a lot on here with every problem I encounter but while there are many good things I like about Cakewalk, one thing I would like to mention is how great this support forum is!!! Man, it is so nice to know that when you post a problem, there are answers and great help not long after. Thank you guys!
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    And the post you always love to see....it worked for me!
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    BOTTLEBLOW PADS FREE Lockdown Sounds 2 Stephen Gallagher is an award winning composer and music editor. He works in film, television and other media and is currently based at Park Road Post Production in Wellington, New Zealand. His credits include Lord of the Rings, District 9, King Kong and many others. Stephen is a user of e-instruments Session Keys. During lockdown Stephen decided to make some simple libraries and give them away for FREE as his gift to the music creation community. We've offered to share them with the world on his behalf. Direct download PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL NEED THE FULL VERSION OF KONTAKT 6.2.2 https://e-instruments.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=18cb257b1cae0cdfcd5254a6a&id=e2f866dc69&e=5133e4587c
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    Go to KVR, much larger community. I prefer Deals to be from vendors so we don't have to do a lot of scrolling. It would be a waste of time here. Your in a large group of people trying to sell off IK plugins so either keep the extra licenses or prepare to practically give them away. From my experience there is no harm in having additional licenses.
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    Check out these free sample sets / instruments Also DSK make some ok orchestral and other free VSTis https://professionalcomposers.com/best-free-orchestral-sample-libraries/
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    You can start with the Cakewalk TTS-1, which is a General MIDI synth (see here if you don't know what that means). It's got 128 instruments available, 16 categories with 8 instruments each. The categories are Piano Chromatic Percussion Organ Guitar Bass Strings Ensemble (things like String Ensemble, Choir Aahs...) Brass Reed Pipe Synth Lead Synth Pad Synth Effects Ethnic Sound effects Percussion So, plenty you can do with that! The sounds range from not too bad to pretty awful, but there are many software synths you can get later that are much more realistic, some dedicated to a single group of instruments like Addictive Drums or Addictive Keys. Hope that's helpful!
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    There have been, and are, some incredibly helpful community members who have really given huge swaths of their time and effort, into helping others here in the community forums, like the venerable Billy Arnell (BA-Midi) who sadly passed away some years back. He bent over backwards to help huge numbers of people, and partly out of respect for his tireless efforts to help everyone he could, I try to engage in helping folks, when possible, as well. (He was much better at it than I, as I am more versed in things approached from a keyboard player's perspective than his wider knowledge of all things Sonar). I, too, believe in the collective strength of these community forums, and the more we all engage in helping each other, the better each of us becomes, and the better the product gets as well, as the development staff does pay attention, and even frequently participate, in these forums, so it is in all of our best insterests to keep strengthening our collective will to engage here. I have been helped countless times, from countless others here, and that is so awesome. Bob Bone
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    Thanks to Mike from Creative Sauce for the video. A few small snags I ran into on folders , installation and scanning with this program. Probably simple things many will not have issues with. Maybe this will help someone else who isn't entirely familiar with how the program works. I installed Miroslav and Syntronic to separate folders. I seen these as separate programs to Sampletank. What was slightly confusing to me is that even though SampleTank and those other programs can be bought and played separately , they can be collectively brought into the Sampletank GUI so long as you scan the folders each is in. So SampleTank really is more than only SampleTank. It's more of a universal hub. I think this should be clarified. All programs can go under the ST GUI so that when you open it they all show up. A few more things. I noticed I was missing sounds advertised as appearing in ST 4 MAX. What they don't tell you is many of the listed sounds are actually ST3 libraries. Since ST 3 appears in the GUI you need to select it for all sounds to appear in the meta data search. When libraries are selected the words will be red. If they are not red you are only looking at the libraries selected and appearing red in the ST browser. What is confusing here is that The sounds advertised under ST 4 MAX are not all under ST 4 MAX in the gui if you only select that library. Just little stuff., but if you don't know you don't know and it probably should be made more clear.
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    Mike from Creative Sauce gas done a video about the package. Not watched it yet but will be interesting to see what he thinks
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    I only have one thing on my shopping list currently which is waiting for a deal on xlnaudio retro color. Damn Kenny Beats and his twitch sessions coupled with my son's lack of independent funds. At the moment we are working 24/7 shifts at home, me during the day mastering whilst he does his beats whilst I am sleeping. My neighbours are no longer talking to me but luckily the neighbours daughter has got that glint in her eye when it comes to my lad which will buy me some time
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    Cool, man! Your input as a sometimes frustrated new user is helpful, too, believe it or not. The developers and beta team members read and participate in the forum daily. The thing is, Helos, a statement to the effect of "this is really frustrating and I would like it to work better" is not an attack on the product and fortunately these days is usually not seen as such. If someone takes the time to set up an account and complain, as long as they're not a troll, it's because they want the program to work better. It's valuable to get the perspective of a new user who is invested in learning how to use the program because people who have been using it for 5 or 10 years don't even see these issues, they've memorized things like pressing (not clicking!) Delete to remove a marker and don't remember like I do that I only found it out by Googling. And once we know our way around, the inconsistency and illogic fades away because we're not struggling to figure everything out. We just put up with it like a sticky door lock where you have to jiggle the key a certain way.
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    The Doctor asked my wallet what lead up to it's hospital stay . I can not tell a lie so I had tell him the truth . Kenny
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    I may be the King of Deals... but Bapu is the King of BUYING Deals!!! 💲
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    This thread was aptly named "Threadripper" . You guys are tearing this one up🙃
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    Murmurations are awesome!
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    My friend Art Austin is one of the few classical musicians that I know who is a fantastic improviser. We get together from time to time, when there weren't any pandemics, just to play. Nothing memorized, nothing notated, nothing agreed upon, not even tempos, keys or chord progressions. We just listen to one another and respond. I find that improv is the time to give expression to the spontaneous musical impulse, the most direct and immediate form of musical expression. As a composer, improv often serves as the place where ideas are discovered and turned into composition. Composition is about structure, refinement, development and organization, improv is about music-in-the-moment-- and nothing else. I hope you enjoy listening. Art Austin, clarinet Jerry Gerber, piano PLAY
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    Hate to say it but seems ok for me too! You'll have to keep quiet until after you download next time Larry as we all just pile in there once you tell us 😉
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    +120 Presets 🌎 Price: Free (Free Download - Registration Required) https://sounds2inspire.com/revivalseries_free_vstation_presets/?fbclid=IwAR0oqzkXwKQj5psD9HiORFQMbMKILoPSCTjYJ2hFB_NEBqAGInq93EPGJos
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    Wow what a great song, not heard that before. I don't think you needed the additional instruments either - this song is all about the vocal and you 100 per cent nailed it. Sublime vocals and BGVS too, also enjoyed the guitar work - what's the acoustic you're playing BTW - I have a feeling I might know but would be interested to find out? Really lovely stuff, look forward to hearing more. Andy
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    If you want to play samples in a midi track you need a sampler or use a virtual instrument which already contains samples of the kind you need I'm not an expert on samplers so others may be able to help better in respect to that. I just use virtual instruments and audio loops there are plenty of free ones around
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    Thanks for the Arranger function - really helpful to give a clearer visual structure to the project. But most of all thank you for removing the default 'Bypass All Audio Effects' shortcut - this was a constant source of finger trouble for me!
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    I am with Bjorn on this that in the opening section it sounds like to much reverb and a little boxy. However it is a nicely composed and relaxing piece, thanks for sharing.
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    Yeh it,s cool chennel for cackwalk when I was watched above vedio I have understood it's great channel for cackwalk I have obtained lot of valuable information by that vedio.
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    Are we allowed to choose currency at the time of checkout on the IK Multimedia site? The promo page shows prices both in USD and Euros.
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    Just got a good price on a new Kurzweil PC4 so I went for it.
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    Folks, you can believe what you want. Has everyone really forgotten what happened in Italy and Spain just a month ago? But if it is the flu, I don't recall any point in a past flu season where mass graves were being dug all around the world. https://www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-covid-19-victims-bodies-burials-morgues-cemeteries-photos-2020-4 https://www.bbc.com/news/health-52031539 https://theconversation.com/overloaded-morgues-mass-graves-and-infectious-remains-how-forensic-pathologists-handle-the-coronavirus-dead-135275
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    OK, so there does seem to be a recent update to the player. You can try updating here: https://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=downloads_halion_sonic_se_3&L=1 Sorry for your issues and hopefully this update can help?
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    We're pleased to announce the 2020.04 release, our biggest release to date which also celebrates two years of active Cakewalk by BandLab development! This release introduces an exciting non-linear Arranger Track feature that is very useful for song creation and creative experimentation. Also included are many other significant feature improvements such as ProChannel module presets, instrument track improvements and many bug fixes, all in keeping with our goal of making CbB as reliable and enjoyable as possible. Thanks, The Bakers For new feature details, see New Features. Should you need to revert to the 2020.01 release, you can download the Cakewalk 2020.01 Rollback installer. 2020.04 Features & Enhancements Behavior changes Add Track menu behavior change: The behavior of the Track(s) counter has changed when inserting a multi-timbral soft synth via the Add Track menu. When Instrument Track Per Output or Split Instrument Track is selected, the Track(s) counter now specifies how many Instrument output tracks to create instead of how many unique instances of the synth to create. Changes to Delete Track: CTRL+DELETE deletes tracks. Delete Track only deletes the focused track if the focused track is not also selected. When a combination of tracks and track folders are selected, the context menu displays Delete Selected Tracks and Folders. Enable/Disable Enhanced Keyboard Editing Mode shortcut is unassigned by default. The default keyboard shortcut (0 on the numeric keypad) to enable/disable Enhanced Keyboard Editing Mode has been removed. To enable/disable Enhanced Keyboard Editing Mode, go to Edit > Preferences > Customization - Keyboard Shortcuts and assign Enhanced Keyboard Editing to an unused keyboard shortcut. Bypass All Audio Effects shortcut is unassigned by default. The default keyboard shortcut (E) to bypass all audio effects has been removed. To bypass all audio effect, do one of the following: Go to Edit > Preferences > Customization - Keyboard Shortcuts and assign Bypass All Audio Effects to an unused keyboard shortcut. Click the Bypass all Effects button in the Control Bar’s Mix module. Horizontal zooming no longer centers Now Time. When zooming with the mouse wheel or CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT ARROW shortcuts, if the Now Time is currently within view, its position will be retained while zooming. If the Now Time is not present in the view, the zoom behavior is unchanged. CTRL+ALT+SPACEBAR is assigned to Preview current arrangement from the Now Time, and no longer plays the next event in the Event List view. Arranger Track Overview The Arranger track is an arrangement tool that provides several workflow benefits: Easily rearrange sections of the entire project as one unit instead of moving individual clips. For example, instantly swap the positions of the first and second chorus for all tracks, or copy the first verse in order to double its duration. Experiment with different song structures in a non-destructive and non-linear manner. For example, does your song work best in AABA, ABAB, or ABAC song form? Define time range sections and sequence them in any order without destructively moving any clip data. You can even save multiple arrangements within each project. Create a color coded overview of the song structure, and use the Arranger Inspector to quickly navigate around the project and jump to song sections. Create arbitrary song sections anywhere on the project timeline, then later string them together for seamless playback. Sections provide an additional way to perform time based selections and edits of the project. Create an unlimited number of arrangements per project, which can all be exported simultaneously. Arranger functionality is distributed across two views: Arranger track. To show or hide the Arranger track, click the Track view View menu and choose Arranger Track Show/Hide, or press A. The Arranger track timeline shows all defined sections. You can drag to create and rearrange sections, then freely move them along the timeline. Any changes in the Arranger timeline are immediately reflected in the Arranger Inspector’s Sections list, and vice versa. Arranger Inspector. To show/hide the Arranger Inspector, click the Show/Hide Arranger button at the top of the Inspector pane, or press ALT+SHIFT+I. An arrangement is comprised of Sections, each spanning a unique time range. Other section properties include name and color, to clearly delineate regions of time and track content by musical function. Important: By default, clicking an Arranger section also selects underlying track events. Clicking again deselects track events, while retaining selection of the section. This behavior allows you to easily determine whether or not track events are included in section edit operations. Note that the selection highlight in the Clips pane indicates selected track events. To disable automatic selection of track events when selecting sections, click the Track view Options menu and disable Select Events with Sections. Arranger Inspector Sections are the building blocks that make up the song. Each section defines a time range in the project, such as Intro, Verse, Chorus, etc. An arrangement is an ordered set of sections. You can sort the sections in any order to define the playback order. To do so, drag the sections from the Sections area down to the Arrangements area in the Arranger Inspector. The Sections area lists all the arranger sections defined in the project’s timeline, from which a custom arrangement can be built. The order of the sections reflect the order in which they appear in the timeline. The Sections list provides an additional way to edit time based selections of the project. Any operation performed in the Sections list is immediately reflected in the project/timeline, and vice versa. To copy all sections to the current arrangement, click the Add All Sections to Arrangement button . If one or more sections are selected, only the selected sections will be copied. The Arrangements area allows you to sequence sections in a non-linear manner without destructively moving any clip data, regardless of which order they appear in the project’s timeline. Defining sections of your song To use the Arranger track, you must first define time range sections such as Intro, Verse, Chorus, etc. Sections can be of any duration, but it is common to start/end them at measure boundaries. New sections can be created by any of the following means: Draw a range within the Arranger track timeline (below the time ruler). Double-click a blank area in the Arranger track. The new section duration is inherited from the last clicked section. Right-click in the Arranger track timeline and select Insert Section Here, Insert Section at Now Time, Span Sections, or From Selection. Click the Add Section button in the Arranger Inspector or Arranger track. Editing sections Drag sections to move them around on the timeline. Drag a section edge to resize the section. Right-click a section to access edit options. Converting markers to sections To convert markers to sections, make a time selection in the time ruler that spans the text markers, then right-click in the time ruler and select Create Sections from Markers. Creating a custom arrangement Sections can be sequenced in any order to create arrangements, without affecting project data. The sections don’t have to live on the project timeline in any specific location or order, because the arrangement determines in which order they are played back. To define the section playback order, drag sections from the Sections list down to the Arrangements list. You can also drag sections directly from the Arranger track. Previewing an arrangement To play the current arrangement, click the Preview button or press ALT+SPACEBAR. During Arranger preview, the main transport Play button shows a small “A” icon to indicate it is playing back an arrangement instead of following the project’s linear timeline, and the active section shows a progress indicator. Committing an arrangement To (destructively) render the current arrangement to the project’s timeline, click the Commit Arrangement to Project button . Exporting arrangements You can export one or more arrangements without first having to render it to the timeline. To do so, click the Arrangements menu and select Export as Audio. ProChannel module presets In addition to saving presets of the entire ProChannel chain (all modules), you can also save and load presets of individual modules. The per module preset controls are located on the left side of each module header bar. To select a module preset Click the module’s category type icon to open the preset menu, then select the desired preset. The category type icon tooltip shows the name of the selected preset. To save a module preset Adjust the ProChannel module controls to the desired settings. Click the module’s category type icon to open the preset menu, then select Save Preset. Type a name in the Save Preset dialog box, then click OK. To select the next preset To select the next preset, do one of the following: Click the Next Preset button . Hold down the CTRL key and click the module’s category type icon. To select the previous preset To select the previous preset, do one of the following: Click the Previous Preset button . Hold down CTRL+SHIFT and click the module’s category type icon. To delete a module preset Click the module’s category type icon to open the preset menu, then select the preset you want to delete. Click the module’s category type icon to open the preset menu again, then select Delete Preset. Copy/paste settings between ProChannel modules You can copy settings from any ProChannel module and paste the settings to any other instance of the same module. on any track or bus. There are two ways to copy/paste settings between identical modules: Drag and drop In the Console view, show the ProChannel for both the track/bus you want to copy from, and the track/bus you want to paste into. Hold down the CTRL key, and drag from the source module’s header bar (i.e., the module title) to the target module. The source and target ProChannel modules must be identical. Note: If the target module has not been enabled/initialized yet, it will automatically become enabled after pasting. However, if the target modules has been manually disabled, then it will remain disabled after pasting. Copy/Paste menu commands Click the source module’s category type icon to open its preset menu, then select Copy Settings. Click the target module’s category type icon to open its preset menu, then select Paste Settings. Append per-output Instrument tracks When you insert a multi-timbral soft synth, you can specify how many Instrument output tracks to create, up to the maximum supported by the synth. If you do not initially create the maximum number of available output tracks, you can later add additional tracks on demand from the Synth Rack view. To do so, do one of the following: Right-click the instrument in the Synth Rack (Views > Synth Rack View) and select Append Instrument Track. Right-click the instrument track strip in the Track view and select Append Instrument Track. Note: If you originally created used per-output Instrument tracks for that synth, then Cakewalk will create another per-output instrument track. If originally created split instrument tracks, then Cakewalk will create another split instrument track. Misc. enhancements App has been updated for all languages. The Display Clip Fade Attenuation option in Edit > Preferences > Customization - Display is now available as a key binding. Audio Driver Mode in Preferences now changes immediately without needing to click the Apply button. Updated to latest VST3 SDK, which includes VST bug fixes. Bug fixes Applying a Workspace/Screenset referencing track based views to an empty project can crash or cause unexpected behavior. Crash when freezing archived track. Crash when freezing track after setting input to None. Crash when cancelling a real-time Freeze operation. Crash on undo of Ripple Edit delete. Missing project file patch causes crash. Hang on project close. User reported crash: Cakewalk.exe!CFretControlBar::resetNow() Line 220. Cannot remove ARA plug-in as Region FX if the plug-in is not installed. iZotope Relay does not draw Advanced tab in VST3. iZotope plug-ins display track names incorrectly. SPACEBAR doesn't work with new Waves StudioRack plug-in. Background not repainted in Waves StudioRack plug-in when opening module or resizing from UI. Seeking with lower Disk Buffers/Higher Audio card latency causes audio to cut out. Archived Aux tracks pass signal. Soloing Aux tracks mutes metronome on playback. Having no playback master selected causes loss of audio with no reported errors. Cancelling Freeze can cause Interleave and Phase buttons to change unexpectedly. Incorrect audio range when bouncing or exporting with no audio drivers present. Inspector strip context menu appears on wrong monitor. Double-click to open Clip Properties Inspector not working as expected. Inspector displays wrong output strip after clicking Inspector strip with track sending to aux. Inspector flickers when switching between tabs. Some Inspector keyboard shortcuts fail to close tabs. Aim Assist gets stuck at time zero after dragging a plug-in from the Browser. Reverse touchpad scrolling direction in some views. Marker view 'Lk' column does not show locked status in Tungsten theme. Dragging clips with Snap By can have unexpected results. SHIFT+rigt-click behavior not consistent with MIDI tracks. Screensets and view state unnecessarily persisted for unused internal views. Using mouse wheel in "Locked & Centered" Control Bar results in left aligned Control Bar. Instrument tracks mute MIDI channel when using ALT+M. Verify failed duplicating instrument track. Keybinding for Input Echo does not update Simple Instrument Tracks in Track view. Unexpected behavior with Instrument tracks when adding MIDI ports. Adding or removing MIDI devices can cause soft synths to be assigned to incorrect ports. Custom project load affirmations truncate messages that are more than one line. Custom project load affirmations display unexpected characters in multibyte languages like Japanese and Chinese. Deleting multiple tracks in folders removes folder from project. Project looping turns off after recording. Editing text in Piano Roll view Drum Map triggers keyboard shortcuts. Hardware MIDI devices with the same names cannot be opened. Latest release notes are here. See prior release notes. Check out all new features released to date.
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    Here is the solution friends. This is for windows 10. First point, you are not the real admin of the windows 10. There is a hidden admin. Type command in the search box and as command prompt comes in the list, right click and Run as Administrator. Now type this command to enable hidden admin. net user administrator /active:yes There are spaces after net, user, administrator, and no space after / Now when you type this command and press enter, you get message like Administrator activated successfully. Click on windows icon and click on your account picture to sign out. You will see a picture less administrator account. Login to that and uninstall Melodyne runtime in the uninstall app feature. Now go back to your normal account and disable this hidden admin. net user administrator /active:no A thanks will be appreciated. 😜
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