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    Get it HERE As most of you know by now, Unify is a flexible plug-in for working with MIDI effects, Instruments and Audio effects in a sleek “Unified” single-screen interface! It also comes with 400 patches and over 2.5GB of samples from PlugInGuru’s 12 unique and awesome sample-based libraries that were originally found in libraries for Omnisphere. Note that John says in the video that he created patches for an about-to-be released Korg virtual instrument, which is obviously their new Triton. He then says he has included the (Triton) presets he created in Unify
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    I'm not sure what this means. You should be able to hear the audio metronome when enabled for playback; it will just be out of sync with the music if the project tempo isn't matching the recording. Fit Improvisation is requires a MIDI click track as a guide. The best 'automatic' solution for audio is to drag-drop the audio on the timeline to have Melodyne extract tempos. If you don't already have some flavor of Melodyne installed, you can install the trial of Melodyne Essentials using the 'Install Add-ons' option on the Apps tab of Bandlab Assistant. The trial expires, but the drag-to-timeline function will continue to work indefinitely. Depending on the material, Melodyne can do a good job, but the Essentials version will sometimes mis-detect the tempos by a factor of 2, and doesn't allow for any correction. Also, it interpolates tempos at 8th-note resolution which I find to be excessive, and potentially problematic, expecially when the tempo is essentially fixed with just a bit of rushing/dragging drift over time. Personally, I prefer to do tempo extraction manually using Set Measure/Beat At Now. You can find a summary of the process here:
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    Toontrack has released West Coast Rock Grooves. The West Coast, late 1970s. The scene is buzzing with newcomers like Toto, Christopher Cross, Journey and Foreigner. A new breed of rock is on the rise. It’s slick, immaculately performed and has an easy-going, safe and carefree vibe – void of all the common, rowdy traits of rock. In this new sound, elaborate vocal arrangements, percussion and even horns jostle their way to the front of the mix in super-polished productions. But if there’s one instrument that’s really making a resurgence in rock during this era, it’s the piano. The number of anthem-like songs where the piano has the undisputed leading role is huge. In this EZkeys MIDI pack, we move forward on the journey we started with our earlier AOR packs and continue to dig deeper through this massive chapter in our collective music history. Expect more of the creative chord runs, twists, turns and all the signifying traits that made this kind of rock not only conquer stadiums in every corner of America but also all over the world. Yacht rock, soft rock, the West Coast Sound, adult-oriented rock or simply AOR – call it what you will, but one thing is certain: it’s a genre where the piano really shines. https://www.toontrack.com/product/west-coast-rock-ezkeys-midi/ Yacht rock, soft rock, the West Coast Sound, adult-oriented rock or simply AOR – the labels casually attached to this chartbuster of a genre are as many as they are confusing. But whatever you choose to call it, one thing is certain: the smooth soul and jazz, R&B, rock, funk and disco fusion that legends like Toto, Steely Dan, Christopher Cross and many more introduced in the late ’70s became the soundtrack of an era. This collection of drum MIDI continues to explore and dig deeper down the groove treasury we just began to scratch the surface on with our earlier AOR packs. Luckily, there is no ground more fertile to dig in than that of the West Coast. It is simply inexhaustible. Arguably, no other genre aside from maybe jazz has produced more iconic drummers and larger-than-life songs where the drums play a pivotal role. The immortal beats of the likes of Jeff Porcaro, Bernard Purdie and Steve Gadd resonate to this day. Get ready for grooves with an unwavering facility, nuance and sophistication – perfect for any type of rock song in need of that “session drummer” finesse. https://www.toontrack.com/product/west-coast-rock-grooves/
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    I listened to the one demo that they have posted on their site. It contained samples of the various MIDI styles they are offering. I found them to be quite sterile, and well, boring. There wasn't much melodic content - it was a lot of arpeggio stuff, all rather simple without much inspiration. Perhaps it's just a matter of stylistic preference. I do like the MIDI files from Smash Up the Studio. There's a much wider range of styles, though most are in the funk, soul, and jazz area. They are reasonably priced, but they are a really great deal when they go on sale. http://www.smashupthestudio.com/
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    Its not often we see this sort of thing in the new Coffee House. Sorry but because we have had complaints this thread is now locked.
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    I can't believe that you people can really be proud of eating some of the things described here. I'm having cauliflower steak that was marinated in squirrel tears for 24 hrs and serving it with a large helping of self righteousness, a side of superiority and a rather cheeky Australian whine.
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    The track lane is for Writing (or drawing) an automation envelope that generates controller messages on playback. To record actual MIDI controller messaages, set the record mode to Sound on Sound, arm the MIDI track for recording, start recording, and 'perform' on the mod wheel in real time.
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    Monthly codes go out on the 8th
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    Verse four...... C G At first it was just a hissy, Am F but then Ozzy got real pissy C G I guess it's hard to play the clown Am F When you're living upside down...
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    Ironically, the bread is the least healthiest thing with this sandwich.
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    Dinner for me was lamb curry, with extra chilli powder and a handful of fresh chillies for good measure. It still wasn't hot enough. Although I might put the toilet roll in the fridge overnight just in case.
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    It's an old gif i found when going through all of my graphics folder. In search of things i can use when making skins. It probably is 10-15 years old. I'm a compulsive downloader. If it's free and somewhere on the big wide net. I'm gonna find it and download it.
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    America's pastime, Canada style. Who wants to take their skates off for just a couple of summer days anyway... World Series, here we come!
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    https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/4-Synth/3201-Vengeance-Sound-VPS-Avenger-Synth For anyone who feels they never have enough synths.
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    Hey, I'm Canadian and I don't like the way you are bullying us here. Well, I say Canadian, I used to be for a while, but for reasons I'm not going to fully explain I'm only mainly Canadian now, but I'm still prepared to be as equally offended as actual Canadians, so start being nice or I'm gonna get folder guy to shut this down.
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    I just hope Tezza is not Canadian...
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    Get two free expansions with purchase https://output.com/products/analog-strings?utm_source=zaius&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=em%2Banalog%2Bstrings%2Bpromo%2Beveryone%2Bactive&utm_content=check%2Bit%2Bout%2Banalog%2Bstrings%2Bpromo
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    It’s by far my favorite synth, and I own a lot.
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    I will post an updated file + images asap.
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    I was listening to Bristol bands this Weekend. Here's one for @craigb
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    Sorry I can't help you with video or images - I think there are more explanations in that legacy forum that may be able to help if you search. The control map as far as I can recall is stored within the Apro - press the left button below the LED display twice and it will then give you the option to choose a control map - I think it may be set at 0 as default but if not set it as that by turning the dial and pressing when it gets to 0 Have you installed the Apro programme that should have come with the A300? If it haven't got it you can download it from the Roland website I think I haven't delved any deeper than using the standard control map but only really use the keyboard, knobs and sliders and transport bar - all work ok though I have never got the pads to work but haven't spent any time trying to
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    Very cool. Yeah, I also think the effect on the vocals distract from a well performed part.😊
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    I found a short article that provides an answer to the question, "Why engineers prefer analog VU meters". https://www.hoytmeter.com/news-events/sound-engineers-prefer-analog-vu-meters-recording-studios/
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    All of his own patches are done using included freeware plugins. All the other plugins like Omnisphere are up to the user to make their own. First and foremost, this is a tool for sound design rather than his typical presets, etc. and you use anything you have in your personal collection with it. Think of it more like a Mainstage type thing but focused more at this point on recording. As Reid mentioned, this is highly focused on making multi patches across multiple instruments and using your own arsenal of plugins for processing.
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    @kennywtelejazz Thank you sir you are most kind.
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    But with those amazing PlugInGuru sounds Still, good to have them in Omnisphere.
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    Midi tracks or instrument tracks? I only use Instrument tracks, don't use midi tracks at all. Certainly with Instrument tracks, you can apply audio effects etc as if it was an audio track. If you have SI bass guitar on an Instrument track then you can apply whatever effects. I never feel the need to record the instrument track to a waveform but it depends how you work. As previously stated the main reason to do so is to conserve resources however sometimes it is good to do so if you are burning stems or you just get a part how you like and don't want to change it or be tempted to endlessly tweak it. I usually leave the bass and drums on instrument tracks as I like to be able to change the midi data there and also the sounds. With guitars and piano's when I've got something, with the vocals down I usually burn them to audio because I have learned that I tend to fiddle with them otherwise. The endless fiddling never seems to create anything better. If I decide I want to add more guitars or piano, I just add more Instrument tracks.
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    Most likely there will be a "Pro" version in the near future
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    It doesn't say "requires iLok' so most likely Serial # machine authorization
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    Love AR3 myself, very useful indeed, so I’m looking at the two other ones now.
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    Thanks for listening Wookiee - nothing wrong with sounding like Mick.
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    I played both, plus American Football, lacrosse, 12 years of baseball and... a bunch of other stuff (except basketball - I was terminally white). All in addition to being a National-level speed skater, National-level dart player, and a AA-level Two-man Beach volleyball player (pros are AAA). It was all fun!
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    As you no longer support win 7 do you recommend that those with win 7 should no longer install any updates?
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    Thank you! That was a really nice aleatoric violin loop included with Cinematrix. In fact that whole Kontakt instrument and the fact that I was writing this in 7/8 are responsible for a lot of the unconventional decisions I've made for this track. I then added 2 Bass patches from Ultra Analog VA-3, two of my own design, one arpeggiated and the other manually scored for some low end reinforcement, and another one of my own keyboard patches for the bell-like riff at the middle. A lot of side-chains were involved to make the spaces fit. Thank you both kindly!
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    One of Australia's finest. But some distance behind the best. Which is a good excuse to post this (it's from the BBC so it might not work outside of the UK): ... in which case:
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    More than i knew! A friend taught me that neck down where your feet go in a shaped hard-case you can fit at least two guitars per seat. Leaves way more room in the car.
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    Wookie: Thank you, sir! Much appreciated David Sprouse: Hi David. Thanks for listening and commenting. Glad you like the tune. Grem: Hi Michael. Thanks very much for listening and for the positive comments.
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    I know I'm a little late to the thread ....WOW I needed to hear the message of your song . It seems my personal MO is to be living in a "Tit for Tat " emotional world where I honestly do not understand half the $hit that is going on around me regarding what motivates people to do the things they do and all the ways that they do it ....whew...lol Typically something happened on a Monday and yet I'm still thinking about the Sunday of Next Week ...lol Yes Great song message ... I enjoyed all the elements of the song ...The main thing is I did need to hear about learning how to lighten the load on my shoulders VIA the expression of your songs lyrics thank you for that , Kenny
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    I have only one or two Audio Assault plugins. I'm not saying that they're not good but... many times I have the impression that they are just copies of some more expensive plugins from other companies (maybe even modeled after them, but I'm just guessing here). For instance, Head Crusher is a cheeky copy of Soundtoys Decapitator. Too similar to be just coincidence. I don't like and don't encourage this kind of approach. As for Plugin Alliance maybe I'm just lucky. When I started buying their products they were really expensive. But then they started giving those vouchers and... well... Here´s a list of the plugins I got for free (zero, zilch, nothing): Unfiltered Audio Fault, Vertigo VSC-2, Millennia TCL-2, ProAudioDSP DSM v3, SSL bx_Console E. And for $5 I got: ADA Flanger, ENGL E646 VS, Unfiltered Audio Zip. For $9 I got the bx_Subsynth. And so on... I'm not saying that these are the best audio plugins of the entire universe but, IMO, they're far from being just disk drive space takers. As I said... maybe I'm just lucky 😉
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    Looks like a fun setup: like the red keyboard!
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    Yes, thanks, that's what I want. The information box obscures the information I most want to see when I'm using it. It's too minute for me to read, and it covers up the numbers on the Timeline Ruler. I already know how to turn the Aim Assist line on and off. I want it there, but not obscuring the Ruler numbers. (I guess I need to watch the tl in my posts)
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    Yep, I don't know if Cakewalk is the best DAW, but the forum is definitely the best.
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