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    Thanks guys! I'm really enjoying my new role as a Baker. It's a huge change after being in software development management elsewhere for the past 20 years, but I certainly won't miss the politics of my previous job. I've joined a fantastic team of incredibly nice and talented guys, all who are passionate and focused on continuing to improve and deliver the best experience we can for all of you. I'll try to keep as active as I can here on the forums, but I'm still getting to grips with 30 years worth of Cakewalk code, so I may not be quite as active as I once was in the short term. There's a bunch of exciting new things in the road map (as well as some bugs to fix), so I'm hoping my being here will make them a reality a bit sooner.
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    Heads up that Arc system 2.5 is available on Amazon US for $99 ***WITH THE MICROPHONE!!!*** https://www.amazon.com/IK-Multimedia-correction-measurement-microphone/dp/B0741D3PD4 This gives a value of €199.99 in the group buy [corrected]. With shippping and duties to the UK, the cost is about $125, so much, much cheaper than the €201.29 the IK shop charges with shipping or the £173.53 on Amazon UK. Even better if you live in the US. I couldn't resist.
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    Logged on the forum today and noticed Mark has the Staff insignia next to his name. Just wanted to congratulate Mark on his promotion! Well deserved if you ask me. Has certainly helped me in the past and his extensive knowledge, especially in areas of all things midi should be well known around here. Mark also always manages to keep a cool head on this forum, despite that pint in his hand all the time! Congratulations Mark!
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    Glad to hear everything is working solid! In AmpliTube select your MIDI input as the AXE I/O. This is under Settings -> Audio/MIDI Set up. Once selected, you can turn preset control on/off in the MIDI menu toward the top of the screen. The knob doesn't need any addition set up, but if you want you can adjust the messages sent by the knob in the Control section of your AXE I/O control panel. If you think you've changed your MIDI message for the Preset knob and that may be your issue, right click anywhere in the Control section to reset your setting to default.
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    The upgrades between versions were discounted by 50% and in some cases 60% last Black Friday. I got Essential->Assistant for $44. IIRC Assistant->Editor was less than $100. I'd say everyPlugin is likely to be your best bet.
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    I've been watching that one. My hope is that if I hesitate long enough, it'll go away and my GAS will be relieved...
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    Seeing as there have been mentions of the Brian May pack: According to Queen, yes... (Sorry for the bad joke...)
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    Music with guitars is inherently worse than music without guitars. Guitars are shit instruments, theres not a sound you can make with a guitar that you can't make on FL studio (3) is grammatically incorrect, and does not really support the assertion made in (2). There is some truth to (3): a wide variety of guitar sample packs are available. The combination of (2) and (3) do not really support (1). Assuming (3) is true, it invalidates (1); the music will sound the same with and without guitars.
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    Thanks Ryan, that sorted it! That's the only setting I didn't notice 🤦🏻‍♂️ All working fine now 👍🏻
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    I've got a similar problem. My neighbors bang on the wall when I practice the guitar, but they have the worst sense of rhythm. They never bang in time. I figure if I play louder, perhaps I can teach them how to keep the beat better.
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    I got the Sonarworks one years ago so no need for it. That's how I control GAS: buy something else instead.
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    My AXE I/O arrived this morning and the GB options appeared in my account as soon as I registered it. 👍🏻 Looking forward to installing and giving it a good audition later on. First impressions are that it's physically smaller than I thought it would be and feels very well built/made to last despite the plastic sides. The knobs are all smooth and don't have any play in them and the switches have a nice positive action. I like that the XLR inputs are on the back so I can hide my mic input there and focus on the guitar inputs at the front. I am really looking forward to being able to access the Amplitube presets from the front panel though...one of my pet hates about Amplitube are the cascading menus which can make it tricky to select presets. The GB also means that I will now own everything that's available in Amplitube so no more popups about missing effects etc.
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    Black Friday is just around the corner too, so it may pay to wait. I have a feeling it will be Black November this year...
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    136 to go till we hit 9 Freebies! Edit: Odd, this morning the counter is showing 147... Something glitched somewhere, maybe my browser.
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    Hi, Thank you for listening. Sorry If I don't answer quickly and for not giving comment on songs,I cannot access my account from my old IPad and my PC is rarely connected. Cheers Olivier
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    Hmmmm, you could take that two ways..............😏
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    Thanks for the tip. I used the re-size boxes (the ones you drag. not the ones you enter numbers in) and that seems to have worked 🙂 !!!!! BTW, the original was 445 pixels by something and the forum interface said to enter something smaller than 445. That's when I decided to try dragging the re-size boxes. UPDATE [2019-09-14]: See discussion below about the use of handles to resize images. In short, it appears the above was either a fluke or there has been a change; it cannot be done. If that changes, I will try update this message so its immediately below the test. Apologies if I got your hopes up. 😞
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    Guitar Pro 7 is a good one (paid) --> https://www.guitar-pro.com/ or a free one is Tux Guitar --> https://sourceforge.net/projects/tuxguitar/
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    Noel, said it was ok to say so, He sent me a private message that contained a link to a new build version soon to be released! I guess I'm a real live beta tester now!!! LOL
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    I couldn't resist either. When they extended the GB I got ARC 2.5 on Amazon. I've tested it on my PA system. What a difference. I'm interested to see how that effects amp sims - I've obviously been fighting room acoustics when working with the PA.
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    It’ll pass, don’t worry.
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    Have you tried the resize options ? Double click on the photo after it is inserted in the comment box.
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    Totally get that. I just think it is good practice to run all signal to a single bus before you hit the hardware outputs. If done correctly, there should be no difference between the hardware output and the final summing bus, whatever you call it. Dan
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    I will wait for the 29$ sale or for version 15 for 25$ in Humble bundle.
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    You have 2 roland 120 , one from the custom shop , and one from the Dimbag bundle https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/dimebag/ to my surprise it sounds way different than the custom shop one ... The Dimbag bundle : hate the presets and the other amp ...
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    I mentioned two pages ago that they should set it up as a way to get in the group buy and not as a reward. They'd likely see a massive spike in sales of it. Guessing the people up stairs said no.
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    One of my favorite sounds is the Pinnacle distortion into the Princeton amp. Neither of these is in any of the bundles. I've also done a fair amount of patches with the Vox. And the Silvertone, Orange AD-30, Orange Rockerverb, Silver Anniversary Marshall, and various Fenders.
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    LOL Is it beer though, looks like Stout.
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    Ohhhh. Maybe I got that wrong. Well, maybe not. I did get into trouble a few times with having more than one project open and "mixing" the wrong one! I tried to figure out how Efrem might have possibly been seeing "multiple mixers" and that was all I could think of. I also agree that at first having those duplicate channel strips off to the left of the Track View was confusing, and it made things seem cluttered. All I really use it for now is advanced MIDI stuff like the arpeggiator. The rest of the time it stays collapsed. That is an unfortunate issue with the default layout of Cakewalk: when I first opened it, it looked "busy" and cluttered. Then I figured out what I could leave collapsed most of the time and I run with a much cleaner view now. But if you give new users a "clean" layout they will not know that all these features exist. The Inspector isn't a bad thing, as long as you know that you can keep it closed most of the time. It's handy when you have a 15" screen laptop and you want to use ProChannel.
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    The last big one that I remember was the v2 to v4 upgrade. I upgraded from v2 Editor to v4 Studio for $149. I've never seen v4 Studio cheaper.
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    Have them all. Chromaphone and Lounge Lizard get the most use. Wish I was better using Strum. Nice background tune while posting!
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    Very nice. I like the melodies throughout and I liked the arpeggiated piece....good job.😊👍
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    I really like British beer (is my favorite beer), so I must counter the sentence above: I would say "due to the pint in his hand"! But I agree to the rest of your comment, Tezza! 😃 Also congratulation to Mark, I am sure he will contribute a lot to CbB!
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    you could try posting the links I guess, the people in the song forum would be more familiar with your songs. under the circumstances perhaps the MOD wouldn't have a problem with it, you're not spamming you're asking for help. BTW thats a bummer about Bangin and Poppin, that one really moves...
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    Guitar Center has a headphone test station that includes some ear buds.
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    @Marcello Rossi, you stated the bug has been around "for awhile". It might help the developers figure out what has changed if they had an idea when you first noticed the issue. May I suggest you submit a support request? The support request form allows file attachment so you can include your CAL file. Submit a support request below: https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000025633
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    That is interesting. I have to admit because I use dual monitors that was never a problem for me. By the way the Inspector can be minimized. It also is useful for the Pro Channel. If you do MIDI it is vital. The idea of the Skylight GUI was to make single monitor systems such as laptops better to use and get around in. It threw me because Cubase does have 3 mixers. To my knowledge no other DAW does.
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    Mark is a good guy. Very helpful and always there to answer the toughest issues. Congrats! ❤️😀John B.
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    Once on BB King's birthday, his wife wanted to give him something very special! BB already had pretty much everything a person could want, money, fame and happiness! BB's wife decided to get "BB" tatooed on her butt, a "B" on each butt cheek. That night, after eating dinner and cake, she decided to give BB her gift. After explaining that her gift was very special, she proceeded bend over and pull her pants down, revealing her bare, tatooed *****! She told BB to take a look...... He looked and said, "That's great honey... but who the hell is BOB?"
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    Just made a quick rundown of prices as they appear in cart (if you don't get this price automatically just apply AD's coupon code SUMMER2019 before checkout): Accusonus Drum Mixing Bundle $168.99 Accusonus Drumatom2 $125.99 Acon Digital Equalize 2 $44.10 Celemony Melodyne 4 Essential $44.10 Eventide Blackhole $26.99 Eventide Instant Phaser Mk II $26.99 Eventide SP2016 Reverb $44.10 Eventide Tverb $44.10 FabFilter Pro-C 2 $125.10 FabFilter Pro-MB $134.10 FabFilter Saturn $89.10 FabFilter Timeless 2 $80.10 Image Line Gross Beat $35.10 Image Line Harmor $53.10 Image Line Poizone $35.10 Image Line Toxic Biohazard $35.10 iZotope Stutter Edit $26.99 MAGIX ACID Pro 9 $88.99 MAGIX ACID Pro Next $268.99 NUGEN Audio SigMod $25.99 PreSonus Notion 6 $90.42 PreSonus Notion 6 Upgrade $30.12 PreSonus Studio One 4 Artist $60.27 PreSonus Studio One 4 Artist and Notion 6 Bundle $120.57 PreSonus Studio One 4 Artist Upgrade from Artist $30.12 PreSonus Studio One 4 Professional Upgrade from Artist (for Quantum owners) $90.42 PreSonus Studio One 4.5 Professional $241.17 PreSonus Studio One 4.5 Professional and Notion 6 Bundle $271.32 PreSonus Studio One 4.5 Professional Upgrade from Artist $180.87 PreSonus Studio One 4.5 Professional Upgrade from Professional/Producer $90.42 Reveal Sound Spire $115.99 Sonarworks Reference 4 Headphone $69.99 Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio $178.99 Sonible smart:bundle $109.65 Sonnox Oxford Inflator Native $66.30 Sonnox Oxford Limiter Native $112.20 Sonnox Oxford Transient Modulator Native $66.30 u-he Ace $56.05 u-he Bazille $109.25 u-he Colour Copy $56.05 u-he Diva $151.05 u-he Hive 2 $122.55 u-he Presswerk $109.25 u-he Repro $122.55 u-he Satin $109.25 u-he Twangström $56.05 u-he Uhbik $122.55 u-he Zebra 2 $170.05 XILS-lab Vocoder 5000 $108.99 XILS-lab XILS 4 $125.99
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    Right click on the clip and then "Rename Clip". You can also edit selected clip name at "Clip properties" on Inspector.
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    Company Official Statement: Responding to many rumors swirling around the ether, Native Instruments has issued an official statement regarding their business. Here is that statement: Berlin, August 29, 2019 – Native Instruments, the world's leading provider of software and hardware for computer-based music production, announced today a plan to centralize their global business operations, which includes a headcount reduction of 20% across all locations. The key reason for this difficult decision is to create the right organizational setup to focus on the development of a new, unified and fully integrated platform on which the company's entire portfolio of products and services will be available next year. This change comes despite growing revenues in 2018 and the first half of 2019, but as a response to an increasing cost structure due to the company's previous divisional setup and multi-brand approach. "Today is a very emotional day for the Native community. We've been driving innovation in music creation since the 1990s. First through software instruments, then by expanding to an integrated ecosystem with complementing hardware and now by creating a unified platform experience for the modern music producer," said Daniel Haver, the company's CEO and co-founder. "To make this transformation successful, we needed to adapt our strategy, including a centralized functional setup that can support our vision of 'One Native'. Unfortunately, this also means we had to make some tough decisions and part ways with a number of employees. This has been the hardest part of this transformation," he added. Global headcount reduction of 20%. As a consequence of the company's newly centralized organization to focus on its future strategy, Native Instruments had to make the difficult decision to reduce its workforce by around 100 employees across all sites. With most of the affected employees located at the company's headquarters in Berlin, the departments that were impacted by the consolidation include Sales & Distribution, Marketing & Product Management, Administration and Engineering. All employees were informed about these changes on Thursday, August 29, 2019. The company regrets the impact this has on their employees, their families and the community. In addition to severance packages and outplacement services, Native Instruments has also established contacts with other Berlin-based companies that are currently looking for highly qualified personnel. "This was the most difficult decision we had to make in our entire history, as our past successes have been enabled by the work of some of the best and most passionate people in the music industry. We thank all employees for their commitment, hard work, and their high degree of loyalty to Native Instruments. We are fully committed to doing all we can to take care of our employees impacted during this difficult time," said Daniel Haver. New platform starting in 2020. Recognizing changing customer behaviors worldwide, the aim of focusing on a unified platform strategy is to create an expandable commercial and technological basis for future growth in the digital music production area. For that, a new platform is currently being developed with the goal of offering new ways of accessing the company's core products and services, as well as complementary ones from third-parties. The centralized platform will also include the company's expanded portfolio of loops and samples, which is currently part of sounds.com, and will launch in 2020. The company's previous divisional structure, functional and brand silos, did not allow for a successful implementation of this strategy up until this point. "Customers today are expecting a seamlessly integrated experience when consuming and accessing creative goods and services. We are confident that we can offer music producers worldwide a unique and premium experience by connecting our existing ecosystem of award-winning software and hardware to a centralized online service," said Mate Galic, Native Instruments' Chief Innovation Officer and President. "In the past, we expanded in different product lines, which was also reflected in our organizational structure. Our platform vision, however, requires a much more collaborative approach, having all parts of the company work together towards one common goal."
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    The easiest way is to use Ripple Editing to accomplish this. Here is a video.
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    To my knowledge, the cwp file structure has never been published (and probably never will be), but I assume that the class structure is consistent over time with the only "break point" being when Patch Points/Aux Tracks were introduced. CWPs with those included will not open in older versions of SONAR, but everything else will (with the warning that the cwp was created in a newer version of SONAR). I misspelled @azslow3's user ID so just corrected it in the post above. He had drilled into the cwp structure enough to make a conversion tool for projects to another DAW, so if I was going to bank on anyone who would know the class breakdown, it would be him.
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    It's like a company that makes 62 billion different instruments might have spread themselves thin or something? And of course the answer is to become thinner...😬 Also is it just me or does that article read like "subscription imminent!"
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    Stereo,stereo, I started out in glorious mono on a Grundig portable reel to reel😜
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