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    The main rival then was Prehistoric Tools, I believe. Or maybe, Neandertools.
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    Normally €60 Now Only €18! More information at https://vstbuzz.com/deals/70-off-mmultianalyzer-by-meldaproduction/
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    I've been using it since the stone age when it was called, Cavewalk.
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    She was wearing a bikini. I can see how that would offend someone. Music, especially Heavy metal and Hip-Hop would never be associated with such filth! Shameful!
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    I believe you can hold the unregistered serial number and use that to jump ahead if you wait long enough. People certainly have been doing it with Cubase, I don't think Wavelab would be any different.
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    I hope the thread they removed isn't the thread that is holding your pants up! 😂
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    Here's a FREE 10 lesson course on Cubase 10 at Ask.Video https://ask.video/classrooms/?nleloc=course/3308/what-s-new-in-cubase-10&sess_id=rujvdfdre46p5tsnheida5msa1
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    Guyz , i can t say more but Start saving money ....i m beta testing some stuff you guyz will want for sure ...
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    Don't miss this one...includes Vegas Pro 15 Edit https://www.humblebundle.com/software/vegas-pro-even-more-rebundle?linkID=&mcID=102:5cd217c6abaf4ef141d6644f:ot:585c61ecf7bb513ff1c2affe:1&utm_source=Humble+Bundle+Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2019_05_14_vegasproevenmore_softwarerebundle&linkID=&utm_content=hero_image
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    For what you already have Mesh these FXs are not ground/barrier breakers.
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    Once the drums and other instruments come into the song, your lead vocal is drowned out - try turning it up a bit on the fader and maybe add some compression and some eq treatment to give it a bit more separation in the mix. Just my two cents. The lead guitar needs a bit of the same. The arrangement is fine - sounds like you have a good song to work with.
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    Thanks Larry! I'm thinking about getting one of those mobile hotspots and just purchasing a data plan. I still need to get bandlab!
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    That was in regards to buying Cubase and holding it for the upgrade...not Wavelab
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    You can kind of do this already by selecting the folder, then using groups: Now moving any of the faders or pans, will move the others relative to your movement. If you want to adjust one in isolation, just hold down the CTRL key while your doing it.
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    I'm not sure people are switching to Cakewalk as much as starting with Cakewalk, or adding Cakewalk to their repertoire. At some seminars, I've talked with Pro Tools users on Windows who are intrigued by Cakewalk, and because it's free, they're going to download it and check it out. Time will tell whether they stop using Pro Tools, use both, or decide to stick with Pro Tools. The biggest issue is that they can't use their Pro Tools plug-ins in Cakewalk, so the cost of getting new plug-ins offsets Cakewalk being free.
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    Cubase licensing is based on activation. So, unless Steinberg changes policy, the # should be good until you're ready (even across version upgrades).
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    10.5 is right around the corner...sometime later this year...
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    Super deal! Very tempting... I would have bought it if they had included at least one virtual guitar. Impact Soundworks and Orange Tree Samples has some nice ones, but I don't need 50 drumkits or 10 basses...
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    Thanks Larry! Got it!☺
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    The "deal" site that closed down recently was Audio Bundle Deals https://audiobundledeals.com/
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    This deal ends in 19 hours... After placing my order - when I went to redeem my purchase coupon at Impact Sound Works I was also able to get Furia Staccato Strings and Mega Brass free! The coupon codes appeared in my Impact Sound Works cart and I added them before adding the 100% discount code for Ethnic Instruments Bundle (which I had purchased via AudioPlugins**) and now they're mine! **when you purchase the Ethnic Instruments Bundle from AudioPlugins they email you a discount coupon to use at Impact Sound Works Maybe this is glitch and they will fix it but in the meantime it makes a sweet deal even sweeter.
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    Mark is right....I have to wait for the e-licenser to arrive to activate so I'm all installed and reading the manual right now :) Last time I used Cubase was about 10 years ago...we'll see how quickly I get back into it. My key is in a USPS regional center in Indianapolis right now, I can wait a few days. Bill
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    HI:) As you can see in the picture below I send all tracks to a Mix bus, which is going to the Master Bus. the Master Out I send to ADAT Out 3 and this is muted so it is always on 0 dB in the Mix. The Mix Out is going to Master Out, but I have a send to SPDIF Out, where I now can have my loudness to the Speakers.... --> which is controlled by my nearest reachable Rotor on my BCR2000! Bassman.
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    Hardly surprising i guess, men googling on scantily clad women on a public forum is just not cool anymore in todays society...and not really related to music production! Lads, get your eyes off the girls and back to business, what the Cakewalk GUI doesn't do it for you?
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    Fx ... affordable ... i guess .... no release date ...i don t even know myself ... the spl looks cool but it s so tiny i don t even want to try it lol
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    Wait for a sale directly from Accusonus. I got an upgrade offer from ReGroover Essential to Regroover Pro and all expansions for 60$. Received this offer a couple of times.
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    Those cable twist ties could work too. I'm thinking when those drive adapters go on sale for $2 just buy a lot of them.
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    Yes, do this: 1. Adjust the size of selected track to the size you want the "selected zoomed" track to be 2. Press SHIFT + Z to enable "Auto Track Zoom" mode 3. Adjust the size of the other tracks to suit, e.g.:
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    I got a 15% off coupon from GC and decided to buy another elicenser and may stick this on it in case I want to use both machines.
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    I am, all over facebook in person and when I can on this forum. I feel like all the other happy users of Cakewalk by Bandlab.. "Why aren't they coming over in bigger numbers?"🙄 Been using this DAW since the PRO9 days (in some very small studios). Got my own copy of Sonar3 (and my own studio then too 😎) I guess it's a slow process trying to win over all of the "industry Standardites" one by one, but somebodies gotta do it. Carry on.. ✊
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    In this view we see 3 sections. To the left are the tracks. In the middle is the buses that are user created to anything you want. To the far right is the hardware outs. You can route your tracks to any bus at will. Here is the way tracks are routed to a bus. If you see the drop down just above the green test you will notice it says master. The tracks are routed to the master bus. The master bus in turn is routed to your hardware outs. This is the normal way for most users to set up a simple bus structure. I completely agree with Chuck. We are here to answer questions. If the above is unclear it is not your fault but mine.
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    You may know SAS from their very beautiful and reasonably priced instruments MOUNTAINS, RESONA, AUTUMN CHOIRS, and TALUA. My favorite is MOUNTAINS, but I just picked up AUTUMN CHOIRS in this sale for $6! (70% off) and now I have all of them. Find out more about them here https://www.sound-aesthetics-sampling.com/products/ Their sale works like this: They added three coupon codes with different discount amounts to their website. The first two with bigger discounts are limited to a certain number of uses, the third isn't. They all expire on June 1st. SAS also created some bundles, which are only available during this promotion and the coupons can be used on them as well. SPRING_SAS_70 (limited to 15 uses) SPRING_SAS_55 (limited to 30 uses) SPRING_SAS_40 (unlimited) If you want to directly check the shop click on the link below: https://sasampling.onfastspring.com/
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    Without guys like your good self, us oldies would never know this work was done any other way than in a semi or pro setup ... My feeling is try and do your own ideas and create something that's belongs to you ... then post it .... Def sounds like your a dedicated musoe so keep it mate .. . All the best Steve
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    are BandLab telling people about Cakewalk by BandLab?
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    If this happens on a laptop, you can reseat the keyboard. If it happens on a stand alone keyboard on PC, verify it is indeed the keyboard and then toss it. I use the Microsoft keyboards and mouse combo's (wired 600, 30-40aus), they have never failed me and I like the feel of them. I have written some incredibly long documents on them. You cant go wrong with Microsoft or even logitec, although I don't like the logitec feel. I would never buy the really cheap ones, tried that once (or twice), never again.
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    Unplug the keyboard and restart the computer. Next plug back in the keyboard and see what happens.
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    Sounds really good kakku! It reminds me of a rock/pop song from the eighties in spots. Nice job!
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    Beautiful song Rex! I love the lyrics, very uplifting. The vocal harmonies are reminiscent of the Everly Brothers. This song is a great lesson of "less is more." The simplicity let's the song breathe. I love it. Great job!
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    Many current generation cases also have a pair of 2.5" drive trays on the right side (as you're facing the front of the case). You'll need to remove the right side-panel to access them.
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    I've tried to convince my band that if I could just record my parts in MIDI, take them home and doctor them up, that when I came back the next night my live performance would then be impeccable. Oddly, they insist on real-time sound generation. "The audience won't wait around while you edit the PRV", they said. Luddites! Next, they'll tell me I have to use a real tambourine instead of samples. Now, that's just a safety issue - those things can give you bruises.
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    Which means that you totally get it!! You fix the notes that sound wrong, not the notes that look wrong B.B. King would have never had a career if his flatted-7th-to-tonic bend ever actually made it to the tonic... I've often said that far from leeching the soul out of vocals, Melodyne has made my vocals MORE soulful. That's because I can sing with abandon, knowing that if a note or two is off, I can fix it. That's a big improvement over constantly second-guessing whether the vocal is any good while I'm singing it. Similarly, quantization takes the pressure off of playing drum parts. They're all tools, and neutral. The skill of the person using the tools is the determining factor in the tools' effectiveness. But I sure am glad we have these tools. P.S. In my workshops, I use John Bonham as the poster boy example of why playing around the grid works a lot better than playing to the grid.
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    Hi kakku , I listened to your most recent version. In away , at least to my ears ,your tune has a retro sound in places that remind me of the band called Mountain . I happen to Love Mountain ( still listen to them ) In your song the guitar parts have the type of crunch and way of playing chords that reminds me of the phrasing Leslie West would play when he played power chords. Your song seems to be coming along nicely . my suggestion would be , play around w the arrangement ...flesh it out some all the best, Kenny
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    Well, it's not terrible advice for beginner, in fact "Normalize" is one of the first step to learn how to master. It's a basic thing anyone can do easily to turn audio clip level louder without clipping. You don't need any other tool than one Cakewalk has provided by default. It's a simple starting point. The question indicates OP didn't know much about it, and he needs advice he can try. He probably will need to learn any other tools and stuff to go further, but for a while, simple advice won't ruin his life.
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