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    Read all about our latest sample library here! https://www.orangetreesamples.com/news/vocal-library-announcement?fbclid=IwAR2Wn36vJs8iATKf--6oej6NtHZn9Fpeny9RJF3gq9R9hVrd1Uzx9Qy13DA
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    I'm a lousy keyboard player so when I tried the demo of Chord Potion last week I knew I had found something useful. It takes your live MIDI keyboard input and transforms it into various patterns that you can then drag into your DAW. There's a wide range of patterns which allow you to specify different patterns for a melody line, chords, and bass. You can check out the demo and other info here: https://feelyoursound.com/chordpotion/ They are also offering a 22% intro discount if you purchase before April 14th (so you'll pay about $39). It only took me a few minutes of playing with the demo to convince me to make the purchase. It's a lot of fun if you cannot play well. It's not a one finger chord player like Cthulhu - but if you know how to play basic chords you'll find it can really enhance what you can get from your keyboard.
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    You may have too many plugins if ... - you have some that you've never figured out how to use - you've accidentally purchased a plugin you forgot you already had - you have bought any "every plugin" bundle from any vendor - you still think that a "musical" EQ or compressor is a real thing, and you just don't have it yet - you have more than one tambourine and/or cowbell library - you have more than one convolution reverb - you have ever been mesmerized by a Dan Worrall video, AKA Hypno-Toad - you are trying or have ever tried to keep up with bapu
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    Whenever I think about the past, it brings up so many memories! When I sit around with my geezer contemporaries these days, we're not talking about CP/M or Berkeley vs. AT&T as much as about what body parts are failing at the moment. Although sometimes I do get nostalgic for vi. Back then, composing a text message was a real skill.
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    Here http://everyplugin.com/kuassa.html
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    I'm still trying to figure out if that is true legato I'm hearing in the demo tracks...
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    I've beano waiting for this. It gets tiresome recording my own.
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    I like being delusional. I mean, have you really taken a good look at what's actually happening out in the so-called "real" world lately??? *Bleh!*
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    Soundiron Flatulus for $9.00 intro price. You know you need it. https://soundiron.com/products/flatulus?fbclid=IwAR372IaZfGwjfBWiQvObRj3bV2H8a2X5CZpOoRgrUPTPlrfU0asqV9a8w0c
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    For just $39 (instead of $746), get the massive Rigid Audio Bundle comprising of Aquiver, Cinematrix, Synferno, Supine, Padstation 2, Hypernode and Outerspace bundle! These are some of the best products from Rigid Audio and are available at an insane exclusive deep discount for only a few days. Based in Berlin, Rigid Audio creates premium and excellently programmed Kontakt instruments focused on sound design. Originally $746, the whole bundle is now available for just $39 for a limited time only (you save a whopping $707). You can also buy just what you need from the bundle at incredible discounts. Scroll down to read more! This is an amazing no-brainer offer you should not miss! Deal Page: https://audioplugin.deals/deal-2/ Deal Expires: April 14th Videos Audios
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    - you have some that you've never figured out how to use Y - you've accidentally purchased a plugin you forgot you already had Almost - you have bought any "every plugin" bundle from any vendor I'm going to say yes because I have FabFilter's FX bundle.. their other plugins are just silly - you still think that a "musical" EQ or compressor is a real thing, and you just don't have it yet LOL! No - you have more than one tambourine and/or cowbell library aw, c'mon, that doesn't count! - you have more than one convolution reverb who doesn't? - you have ever been mesmerized by a Dan Worrall video, AKA Hypno-Toad 😡 - you are trying or have ever tried to keep up with bapu we all need goals in life
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    I was about to post this deal... damn, foiled again
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    I wax nostalgic too. I remember sitting around broke in an apartment wishing I could get this and that. Now I can! sudo su apt-get this_and_that.
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    You might want to send them some email about adding a channel output option. I picked this up and agree it could use the ability to route each part to different MIDI channels. You can easily see this being expanded, lots of more complicated things could easily be mixed into something like this. I wonder if they will go that route?
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    I have one. It certainly isn't designed to work seamlessly with Sonar, but I haven't had the problems you describe with muting notes and playing only the selected track. Maybe reach out to Nektartech support?
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    Thanks everyone for chiming in....a lot of very helpful tips. My ears aren't 'big' and the ath-m50x sounds very good to me....which is what I'm going with. Now that I see it's going for $129 at Amazon (just the headphones), not sure if I need to get the FiiO A1 amp and extra cables bundled for $165: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KMFGBFF/ref=sspa_dk_detail_0?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B07KMFGBFF
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    I can't seem to find a proper area to discuss the Bandlab system itself. I feel that it's a site with potential , but also areas that needs to be improved. Would it be an idea to have a for support and feedback for using the Bandlanb site and integrations with Cakewalk ?
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    Fun! It sounds like A) your pinnas are not as old or as fat as mine - the 280's earcups rest on top of my pinnas, crushing them into submission, and thus whatever benefits in "isolation" you might be getting, I lose completely, because all I can hear is the earcup rubbing on my pinnas as I move my head! For me, the 380's completely surround my ear and that's all the isolation I really want. You sound like you work in a much more acoustically particular fashion when tracking than I do - which is fine! I bet your stuff sounds good. But I would never be concerned with pick noise coming off the strings while I'm laying something down. Just different. Glad you like the 280's ! I'm not 100% in love with the 380's for mixing, I know I'm getting some details smeared - but I just don't want to go buy the best Sennheisers for $800 or whatever. cheers, -Tom
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    Here's the punch line. Make up the rest yourself. "So you have to get eye surgery before you can drive your new car? Cataract?" "No. it's a Rincoln."
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    The joke is they are actually charging for this.
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    A SOS review for the above:- https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/audio-technica-ath-m50x
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    Under $200? Audio Technica ATH-M50x.
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    I still use EWQLSO as well as HW strings, because they complement each other quite well. In many ways, even though HW Strings was touted as "next gen", it really fits as more of a part 2 of SO, because the articulations are so different. Both the brass in SO and HW Brass are really well done also. However, like you say, I have Ra, Stormdrum, and a few others I can't even remember. I never use them anymore unless I absolutely can't find what I'm looking for in a Kontakt library. Dan
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    Is going for $5 'Bulldozer is part of our amplifier series, each of which brings a full guitar rig into one easy to use plugin! Bulldozer delivers a range of tones inspired by a legendary high gain amp known for tones that sound like a diesel engine on fire! Combined with a flexible pedal board and effects loop, as well as our Virtual Cabinet with optional IR loader, Bulldozer makes it easy to craft the perfect tone quickly!' https://www.audio-assault.com/bulldozer.php
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    I just looked at the stats and sennheiser are saying that the isolation is the same for both (32db). This cant be right, there is a massive difference for me, I will have to check this out more. EDIT: I just checked the pads, on the 280 the pads are pretty new as the headphones are fairly new, about 2cm thick and very firm, my 380's that I've had for a while, and they have been a bit thrashed, the pads are 1-1.5cm, well worn and have the consistency of jelly, this could be an influencing factor in the difference of isolation. wont know until i get new pads.
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    Well, just to be contrarian, I have used both Sennheiser hd280 and 380pro, have used both for tracking and mixing, and I much prefer the 380 . . . of course the 380's have much bigger and more forgiving earcups, for the fat-eared bretheren out there, such as myself. I think the 280's underwent a redesign a year or so ago, fwiw. And I like the better bass response in the 380's, because if you have bass-light headphones, you have no idea how it translates onto proper systems. You can't mix bass frequencies if you can't hear them, and you won't hear most of them in headphones, anyway. So the 380's get you a little closer. But I agree, the 380's have decent detail but it's still a $200 headphone. Well, I have no idea about Sonarworks - and I'm willing to bet there are better mixing headphones out there at some pretty prices. Better detail, too. cheers, -Tom
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    "Don't believe everything you read on the Internet!" ~ Moses
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    This is fun! After a couple of college classes at SDSU while still in high school, I enrolled for a bunch of classes at a community college, made the football team, but only got two calculus classes and dropped off the team. I was supposed to go to Annapolis and fly F-14's, but I grew too tall so, next I went to a private, IT-based college where I took four years in two (Coleman College). I had classes in Assembler, Fortran, PL/I, COBOL, BASIC, RPG and C. Since I had already been programming in a few of those, I had time to set the high score on the Miss PacMan machine during breaks. Half-way through, we all had internships with "real" companies so we could learn not to wear white socks with suits and they could use us for copying and data entry. I got to go to a Defense Contractor (CSC) and, during the initial orientation meeting, the Senior Contracts Administrator was disappointed that we weren't there to code something for her (because we hadn't had classes in that language yet). However, I already knew it and jumped at the chance to do something new. Within a couple of days I had figured out who the "REAL" programmers were, secretly hacked into their accounts to learn all their coding techniques and created the basics of the program that maintained all modifications to the project contract for over five years. At the end of the week-long internship, several guys there lobbied for me to get a contract to finish my work. Next thing I know, I've got a lucrative consulting job as a teenager which turned into being the tech-lead for the CMQA department where I got to build everything and even work on the guidance system of the Tomahawk Missile System. I also got favorably noticed by DEC by pointing out some major vulnerabilities in their system ('cause I'd used them! LOL!). I was there for five years until the main project was cancelled. For most of the time we were right across the street from Miramar Naval Airbase where I had a base pass (ironic to think I could have been flying out of there!). I found out during a Change In Command ceremony that my cousin had been the base commander there! I met with several Admirals there (Cold War paranoia mostly), but never ran into my cousin. Small world! Ah... Mammaries! πŸ˜‹ I'll save the story of how Biff became the name of the mail app on Unix for a later time. LOL!
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    Yep! Xerox is where the mouse came from and I was the only person I knew who had their companion invention which was not adopted: The idea was to have one hand on the mouse and one hand on the keyboard. You played chords to make all the different keys and numbers. Once you get used to it, everyone ends up typing about 40 wpm regardless of whether you were a 10 wpm or 80 wpm typer to begin with. Here's part of the cheat sheet.
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    I dunno, I haven't used Toontrack. There is a lot of competition in the market though. But I feel like the differentiator is the platform workflow and features. I mean all of the vendors have good-sounding drum kits available. It should be easier to build a drum track with fills and variations than it is in AD2 and they've never improved this. Also there is only one electronic expansion pack available. . . WTF???
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    It's a shame that they haven't expanded on the feature set at all of Addictive Drums 2. I mean it's a nice program and all, but it's been out for years and they haven't added anything to the base package which is kind of unusual for a software instrument. I don't really understand their mentality on that...
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    Ahah first i was saying that this comp is a beast , and as usual it forces me to rediscover my compressors ...i fired a lot of them and one that i alwayz loved and considered one of their best release is the ik opto comp ! spl iron is there too ( more colored) as well as the alpha comp ...
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    I also have switched to the HD280 pro, from the HD380 pro so going "backwards", I found them to be good at isolation, they are in fact one of the best passive outside noise reducers you can get (32db), and this is noticeable. This is why they are so popular as tracking phones. If you want to hear poor isolation, listen to the HD380 pro's they are terrible, really, really bad. I also have glasses and have had no problems there at all and again, they are noted for being good for glasses wearers'. I also would not describe them as mid range heavy. Are we talking about the same headphones? I guess it depends what you compare them to or personal preferences. These are tracking headphones, they have great isolation compared to others, and the bass, mid and treble frequencies are about where they should be. There is a slight exaggeration of the extreme high frequencies, just slight, they are not anything like the ATH-M50's which are way too bass heavy to be good general purpose tracking phones. That is unless your not a vocalist and primarily a bass player or produce EDM or just like bass heavy phones. Music sounds better through the M50's though. I would recommend the HD280 for general purpose tracking phones, especially for vocalists, instrument players, the Sony 7506's are a bit jumbled in the mid frequencies. The HD280 might not be the best if you are prone to tinitus though. The only thing I don't like about them is the coiled cable. I convert them to straight cable. There are enough of them on the secondhand market going cheap now that it is a no brainer for the budget conscious to grab a pair. I don't like the AKG phones with the bird cage on top, creaks every time you move. I've not tried the Beyer 770's which are also supposed to be good, something put me off those, don't know what. I'd like to try the new ATH-M50X, see if it's anything like the old M50. I like the idea that the M50X has a choice of coiled or straight detachable cable and they may isolate better than the HD280 but I am not sure about that. The old M50 didn't suit my voice at all, when recording and using them for tracking, there were horrid bass resonant frequencies building up that were very off putting, also they don't go over your ears well. When miking up the acoustic and also listening to the electric, I got bass heavy interpretations of what I was recording that then sounded thin when I played them back on other sources. I had the same problem with the HD380's as well. For mixing, I have the Sennheiser 598's which are not that good really, I just want to get closer to the 650's, I don't know what to recommend for mixing phones since I don't really use them for mixing.
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    Pedro prefers A=1Hz tuning. There I said it.
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    It's a MIDI controller built into a drum throne "the XLN Audio Magic Throne' - now drummers no longer have to envy their bandmates abilities to use pedals or MIDI controllers! By using the Magic Throne and your glutes you can trigger effects, control stage lighting, control your DAW, or even send the bartender an IM that your beer is low! Control your tone and tone your control! There are health benefits to using the Magic Throne - after a few weeks of using the Magic Throne you'll have the best seat in the house!
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    I have always thought that AD2 is an excellent competitor with EZDrummer. I am hoping that they are introducing something to compete with SD3 which I think they need.
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    I use Bitflipperworks. Does the same job.
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    I don't own a Fender amp and have limited experience playing through one. As for these sounding like the real amps, my intention here was to show what could be done and not necessarily to say that this one sounds like a Marshall JCM 900, Dual Rectifier, etc. I simply want to show that a very good guitar sound can be produced. I loaded the Tweed Deluxe with matching cab, a Shure SM57 over the cap and the TH3 Tube Nine (Tube Screamer) in front of the amp. Here's an example of something I liked and would record with:
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    From your pic it appears that you are still running the old Dim Pro DXi 1.2, or earlier. The Dim Pro v1.5 (final release) is VST2 only and has a different plugin window header, like the one shown in scook's example. Dimension Pro 1.5 Update
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    AnalogConsole Theme v1.0.1 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ku--pqVEuGOqdl9mIKkN_d6r9O9_qJef?usp=sharing Background of selected clip set to almost black (red10, green10, blue10, opacity255) for better contrast while editing coloured waveforms. If you ever want to change this (for allblack or allwhite waveforms), open Theme Editor, go to > Track view > Clips Pane > Clips > Clip Background (selected), doubleclick to open the colour editor pop-up window, change colour, click ok, save your Theme.
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    Articles normally are free to view three to four months after the month of initial publication. Should you find a "got-to-have" article each is available for purchase as a downloadable pdf file. If you've never visited the Sound on Sound website, it is wonderful.
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    @mebitek your link above seems to looping back to this forum??? I chased you down on Soundcloud though. Mix comes across quite well here on the Adam's thanks for sharing.
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    I have not had a bad experience with Sweetwater. If anything they are a little too nice. 😁 I bought some gear from them and about a week later they called and wanted to know if I was happy with my purchase. LOL I was. But that had never happened before with any other Internet store. Cool. It makes an impression.
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