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    Shreddage 3 Stratus FREE Our newest FREE sample library is a Shreddage guitar! The ultimate free electric guitar instrument for Kontakt is here! Based on our wildly popular Shreddage 3 Stratus library released last year, this FREE edition includes all the core features and sounds from the full version for the low cost of $0. We created this instrument to give ALL Kontakt users a truly high-quality free guitar, whether they're hobbyists, students, aspiring professionals, or simply on the fence about investing in the full version. Shreddage 3 Stratus FREE includes: One pickup (neck) out of three All dynamics, round robins, and up/down strokes Sustains, palm mutes, chokes, and release noises Fingered vibrato included Three octaves (12 frets) of playable range across 6 strings All other editing and tweaking controls from the full version TACT 2.0: Map and trigger every articulation any way you want CONSOLE: Modular FX rack & mixer with 30 modules The free download is available now for Kontakt 5.7. Please note that the full version of Kontakt is required, not Kontakt Player. Hear Demos and Download It Now!
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    Only ones that are prone to confirmation bias and can hear the difference between DAWs of course.
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    But the MP3 would sound so much better on vinyl.
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    Interesting. Some guys on another forum are going with AMD cards. This of course is about the recent generation of cards. Buying graphics card is an achilles heel period. If you get one for gaming there are enough incompetent game developers that can render cards useless to make Apple envy.
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    Mix Recall stopped working, possibly with the 2019.01 update. In new projects and in existing projects with Scenes already saved, Mix Recall won't work. The Save Scene and Save as New Scene buttons are greyed-out, and the Recall Previous Scene button is lit but not functional. The drop down menu Save and Save As selections are shown, but they don't do anything. Reset Mix works as expected. Projects with existing Scenes show the scenes in the drop down, but clicking on them does nothing.
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    https://www.gog.com/game/distraint_deluxe_edition Free GOG Game: "Distraint Deluxe Ed" others on sale Giveaway ends on Jan 25, 2019 at 2 PM UTC.
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    recording/mixing/mastering my "music" is not going to help it at all... Of course that's just me being negative so that you all go check out my shit and make a purchase. have a nice day
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    as a hobbyist, i also game on the same pc as my daw software... very few people except me hear my musical efforts so, wtf, really? it's a bit like insisting on a tesla car just to go 5 minutes grocery shopping, and this argument seems like the home mechanic arguing with the guy who runs the town garage (where "garage" = "auto-repair-shop")?
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    24/44.1 here too. All that technology and effort to produce the most pristine sound possible, and the end user pulls out their $19.99 earbuds and listens to the stream on Soundcloud.
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    if you do a lot of in-the-box processing, the higher the resolution the better, as the maths is more accurate
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    List of ids up to and including Sonar X3 below.
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    Features & Enhancements In addition to exporting Cakewalk projects to BandLab, you can also export projects from your BandLab library and open them in Cakewalk (*preview feature) Ripple Edit indicator in the Track view Export Module now displays H:M:S:F, and the Selection mode persists if there is no selection Start Screen can now show up to 500 project templates (previously limited to 100) BandLab Assistant can be launched from the Utilities menu zplane élastique Pro audio stretching bug fixes and performance enhancements Cakewalk Plug-in Manager optimizations Plug-in Browser text colors can be edited in Cakewalk Theme Editor; VST2 and VST3 plug-ins use different colors Option to view release notes after installation is complete New user forums (discuss.cakewalk.com) now accessible from the Help menu Bug Fixes Recording on muted Take lanes was possible Missing folders could reassign user paths to the AppData path automatically Switching plug-in categories in the Cakewalk Plug-in Manager could be very slow * This is a preview feature that is subject to change in the future. As always, we’d love to hear about how any of our new (and existing) features are working for you! Hotfix 1-23-2019 A hotfix is available, addressing an issue in which Mix Recall was not applying presets This hotfix increments CbB to version CbB should provide an update notification at launch Also be aware that BandLab Assistant 5.0.3 is now available, which provides the ability to 'Download Stems' associated with your BandLab projects. Click here for more information. Changelog for latest release is here. See prior release notes. Check out all new features released to date.
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    When I use Aim Assist it blocks the measure/bar number. I know the bar number shows in Aim Assist but it is somewhat smaller versus the numbers on the ruler. Is it possible to make the Aim Assist numbers larger? Thank you, yeto
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    I saw lots of Youtube music videos being posted lately here so I thought I'd bring one of my favorites to the front demoing lots of rare synths:
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    Hi. I'm Han from South Korea. First of all, I appreciate Bandlab for distributing Cakewalk for free. I've used this good DAW with satisfaction, but I've got something to say. 1) Substitute MS Sans Serif font for up-to-date font like Segoe UI, Microsoft Sans Serif, etc. MS Sans Serif was made in 1990s. It fits very low resolution. We need a clearer, more readable font. 2) Remove auto trimming in midi recording. At now, recording begins at the moment I input any note, not the moment I press a record button. For example, if I press record button at bar 5 and input any note at bar 5.1, recording begins at bar 5.1 in Cakewalk, not at bar 5. It is annoying because I have to check where the clip begins and modify the clip's length after recording. So, I think it would be better if you remove that or make an option for it. 3) Tie the track color with clip background color, not clip content(midi note, audio waveform) color like other DAWs. It makes me easier to tell some track from other track. Colorful clips & black lines are better than every black clips & colorful lines. In addition, the track color needs to be shown purely. At present, the track color is mixed with a background color like gray, black. Thanks for reading :-) 안녕하세요. 대한민국에 사는 '한'이라고 합니다. 먼저, Cakewalk를 무료로 배포해주신 Bandlab에 감사드립니다. 이런 좋은 DAW를 만족하면서 잘 쓰고 있는데요, 몇 가지 말씀드릴 게 있어서 글을 올립니다. 1) MS Sans Serif를 Segoe UI, Microsoft Sans Serif같은 최신 글꼴로 바꿔주세요. MS Sans Serif는 90년대에 만들어져, 저해상도에 알맞다고 봅니다. 더 깔끔하고 가독성 좋은 글꼴로 바꿔주시면 좋을 것 같습니다. 2) 미디 레코딩 시 auto trimming을 없애주세요. 현재, 레코딩이 제가 레코드 버튼을 눌렀을 때가 아니라 노트를 입력했을 때 시작됩니다. 예를 들면, 케이크워크에서는 제가 바5에서 레코드 버튼을 누르고 5.1에 어떤 노트를 입력했다면 레코딩이 바5가 아니라 5.1부터 시작됩니다. 이러면 좀 귀찮아지는게, 레코딩 후에 클립이 어디에서 시작하는지 확인해야 하고 길이를 조정해줘야 하거든요. 그래서 제 생각엔 이러한 기능을 없애주시거나 없앨 수 있는 옵션을 만들어주셨으면 좋겠습니다. 3) 다른 DAW처럼 트랙 색과 클립의 컨텐츠(미디 노트, 오디오 웨이브폼) 색이 아니라, 클립의 배경색을 연결시켰으면 좋겠습니다. 이게, 트랙별로 구분하기가 더 쉽습니다. 여러 색의 클립에 검은 색 줄로 표시하는 게 검은 색 클립에 여러 색의 줄로 표시하는 것보다 더 보기 좋습니다. 또, 트랙 색을 말끔하게 표시해주세요. 지금, 트랙 색이 회색, 검정색 같은 배경색과 섞여서 나오거든요. 읽어주셔서 감사합니다 :-)
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    Peavey Revalver 4's ACT technology has been around for a while and already does this kind of thing (albeit without the tweakability of BC Re-Guitar). You play some notes in to model your guitar tone (the "input" model), then select the output model. They've a fair selection available: https://revalver.peavey.com/store/input I've used it to match the tones of a real guitar and a VSTi guitar (Shreddage 2). In other words I model both using their own instances of Revalver, using the same output model. It sounds like the same guitar playing both parts.
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    For a limited time, get $29 album distribution (or $20 off CD Baby Pro Publishing) plus all the tools and support you need to make the most of your music, now and for years to come. Use a coupon code: $29 Standard album distribution: LETSGO $20 off CD Baby Pro Publishing & distribution: LETSGOPRO Music not quite ready? Buy a submission at the discounted rate today and use it when you need it. Here's how: Get started by clicking "Add New Title" in your Account Dashboard, then select what level of service you would like Free, Standard or Pro (be sure the coupon you want to use is good for the level of service you have chosen). Next, you'll be prompted to input some of the information for your album. If you don't have all of this info yet, you can input anything** as a placeholder for now, and edit it later. As long as you get past that first "Basic Album Information" page, you'll be able to check out at any point. **please enter your actual artist name as this is what we build our internal album ID off of. To check out, go back to your Account Dashboard by clicking the tab that says "Dashboard" at the top of the screen. Check the box that says, "Add To Cart" to the right of your album, then click the teal "Checkout" button. Proceed through checkout, and apply the coupon on the "Order Overview" page - make sure to click the APPLY COUPON button to apply the discount! Once you click the "APPLY COUPON" button the discount will appear in the cart before you pay. https://cdbaby.com/
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    It's Tarilonte...kinda speaks volumes
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    This is terrible, terrible news, Larry.
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    Here we go again. It can be argued that the math show exactly that there's nothing to be gained within the spectrum of audio that humans can actually perceive by going higher than 44.1. My buddy who is a speaker designer, worked for Gibson, JBL now Samsung and does TONS of measurements AND is a musician too agrees. Old me? I have recorded in many, many places, from Capitol Studios and Ocean Way to a closet; have used endless amounts of gear, from $5000 preamps to $2 ones. Have engineered., mixed, mastered for myself and others. Recorded a track or two for "Modern Art" for which we were nominated for a Grammy at home through a ART DPS2, a $150 preamp into my 2408 and everybody thought the sound killed. I've experimented with higher sample rates and have come to the conclusion that there is no difference, other than some synths or programs that simply behave differently when running at 96K; for the audio itself there is NO discernible difference in my opinion. R
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    I got a bit confused about this at first as I was expecting the stems to appear in my downloads folder. It actually gets downloaded to your documents folder: Documents\BandLab\Downloads When you select File->Import->BandLab Project from within Cakewalk, it takes you directly to that directory. Selecting the .blx project will import all the stems into your project. It works a treat though, so thanks bakers
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    As intended - for 2019.01 builds it's the full installer. Build 27 is indeed latest.
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    Here's how to make a 'spoiler' on this forum. To make one you need to put text in between tags [.SPOILER]spoiler text[./SPOILER] Remove the periods before SPOILER and /SPOILER - had to use them otherwise you would not have seen code. Here's an example:
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    The previous build was 2019.01 build 24. Build 27 came out in the last few hours.
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    At this point, 6 out of 15 voters record at higher than 44.1kHz, but only 4 out of 15 think there's any point at recording at higher rate. I am one of those 4, so at least 3 of the voters recording at higher than 44.1kHz think there's no point.
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    At EveryPlugin and code YNY23 http://everyplugin.com/waves-bundle-up.html
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    Exactly. I have the 96/24 official mixes of Dream Theaters selftitled album from 2013 and i canott hear a difference. I can se that they are in fact recorded in 96kHz by opeing them up in SoundForge and compair the wave forms to the 44.1 version of the songs. I must say that the 5.1 surround mixes is cooler...
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    They don't by default. But you can select it. What I am talking about is dry audio recording. I can't hear a difference there. Sure add some plugs that benefit from upsampling and that changes, but tracking dry audio? I'm not convinced. This is where confusion lies. People listen to 2 mixes, mixed at different resolutions and the mixes involve plugs. Of course they hear a difference. But what has that got to do with the dry audio?
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    sure, and a good suggestion... there've been issues with "selected" vs "focused" since the x-gui, not sure it ever got properly clarified which/which...
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    Err...that's 'poll'..
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    I'm always under assumption, your age determines your sampling rate.... The younger you are, the higher sampling rate you'll record with. Those over 35yo will stick with whatever your interface telling you as default... Am I right? 🤣
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    I think this really matter only when you work with sound design. When you change sounds heavily the more information you have to manipulate matters. For most other things 48khz is quite enough.
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    Scva? Nice uptempo prog jazz cirque du soleil territory. Very nice indeed. The bass player would stroke out about a minute in. ☺ great composition, though.
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    As far as preamps go, I'm kinda surprised to see all this weenie waggin' over built-in ones. I thought that the "common wisdom" was that you never track anything critical with just the interface's built-in preamps. If you don't stick a Manley or a boutique clone of a Neve strip or something in front of it you might as well not even bother, right? Something with tubes, a transformer, preferably both? Of course, that's also "common wisdom" about stock plug-ins, and Cakewalk comes with such good-sounding ones that I can't resist using them! I do hope to one day build a nice mic preamp for tracking vocals. I assembled one for a client from a kit and the thing sounded amazing. Transformer and JFETs.
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    It's called a 'spoiler' to make one you need to put text in between tags [.SPOILER]spoiler text[./SPOILER] Remove the periods before SPOILER and /SPOILER - had to use them otherwise you would not have seen code. Here's an example:
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    Nice thread, nice people .... super DAW and great support
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    Ha! Already started poking around on this one after I saw a post about a VST called Midi Shape Shifter It'll be pretty simple at first, maybe generate a sine, triangle, square, sawtooth wave... tempo synced with divisions, and I think allowing control of amplitude and frequency from assignable CC's would be cool. I'll keep you posted! Hahaha! Get it?... Posted?... It's a Forum?... <crickets> 😋
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    Gibson/Cakewalk produced a SONAR Reference Guide pdf around once a year and a chm file with every release of SONAR. Both of these files were reformatted snap shots of the web-based help. The local help (chm file) option was removed from CbB preferences. BandLab continues to provide the web-based help with a much smaller staff. When BandLab purchased Cakewalk IP from Gibson there was some discussion of producing a downloadable version of the web-based help. To date, this has not happened. Bear in mind, there is a list of tasks for the current BandLab staff including a bunch of yet to be released plug-ins. Each of these plug-ins require documentation updates too.
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    There is a bug in the process. My understanding is all new project uploads should be private.
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    Also worth checking out: iZotope Nectar (both full version and elements). It includes pitch correction alongside all the other vocal type effects. Waves Tune Realtime Waves Tune
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    LOL I have been there more then once and with my older brain I tend to forget things.
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    More tidbits... The following info and a lot more at: https://www.midi.org/articles-old/midi-manufacturers-association-mma-adopts-midi-capability-inquiry-midi-ci-specification MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) Adopts MIDI Capability Inquiry (MIDI-CI) Specification. The MIDI-CI specification is now available for download by MIDI Association members. . MIDI has been a successful tool for more than 3 decades. The features of MIDI 1.0 continue to work well. The basic semantic language of music does not change and as a result the existing definitions of MIDI as musical control messages continue to work remarkably well. However, MIDI has not changed to fully take advantage of the new technical environment around it. We want to expand the feature set of MIDI capabilities. At the same time, we recognize there are several key hurdles and requirements to consider as we make any additions to MIDI: •Backwards compatibility is a key requirement. Our users expect new MIDI devices to work seamlessly with MIDI devices sold over the past 33 years. •All MIDI Status Bytes are defined. The opcodes and data payloads are defined. It is difficult to define any new message types or change the format of the existing MIDI messages. Expanding MIDI with new features requires a new protocol with extended MIDI messages. To protect backwards compatibility in an environment with expanded features, devices need to confirm the capabilities of other connected devices. When 2 devices are connected to each other, they use MIDI 1.0 and confirm each other's capabilities before using expanded features. If both devices share support for the same expanded MIDI features they can agree to use those expanded MIDI features. MIDI-CI provides this mechanism. MIDI-CI: Solution for Expanding MIDI while Protecting Backwards Compatibility: MIDI Capability Inquiry (MIDI-CI) is a mechanism to allow us to expand MIDI with new features while protecting backward compatibility with MIDI devices that do not understand these newly defined features. MIDI-CI separates older MIDI products from newer products with new capabilities and provides a mechanism for two MIDI devices to understand what new capabilities are supported. MIDI-CI assumes and requires bidirectional communication. Once a MIDI-CI connection is established between devices, query and response messages define what capabilities each device has. MIDI-CI then negotiates or auto-configures to use those features that are common between the devices. MIDI-CI provides test mechanisms when enabling new features. If a test fails, then devices fall back to using MIDI 1.0 for that feature. MIDI-CI improves MIDI capabilities in several key areas. MIDI-CI allows devices to use an expanded MIDI protocol with high resolution and multiple per note controllers. It allows for incremental adoption of new MIDI features by providing a fallback to MIDI 1.0 devices in all cases. MIDI-CI Includes Queries for 3 major areas of expanded MIDI functionality: 1. Protocol Negotiation 2. Profile Configuration 3. Property Exchange
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    That appears to be a rather grand proclamation, but bottom line you offer no evidence, nor willingness to share the solution with the group. Why even bother?
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    Nowadays I have the advantage of being a professional angler and because of this my computer has worked perfectly with this ‘atrocious piece of garbage’ from the moment it was built....😎. The most stable and simple to understand OS I’ve ever used and believe me, I’ve used a few. Furthermore, Cakewalk has never run better either, on anything. 😉
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    I agree. Since I spent so many years playing solo piano before I got into recording, my stuff tends to have 'built-in' bass and melody lines, making it difficult to add/replace those parts with other instruments. And just removing the 'offending' lines (by the magic of MIDI) doesn't often yield a coherent keyboard part. Playing as a member of a band, even just a duo, requires a totally different approach.
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    I can't see myself sharing my music via Bandlab or even on this forum, as BL's primary mission is to facilitate collaborative musical interaction. They're coming from a culture which is inherently collectivist. Whereas Western culture in individualistic. No value judgment here; cultures do differ markedly in many ways. But I am thoroughly Western, and that's not going to change. I can see it perhaps for folks who are more comfortable with a collaborative model, for example people who have played in bands, where the members all contribute to some extent to the finished product. For someone like myself, a hobbyist working in a classical vein (not to be confused with "the classics" - oldies - as happens on the "classical" subforum of Bandlab), it makes no sense. I create the melodies, form, orchestration etc. I don't want any help with that! The engineering part, Oh man I need help there, but that's a different thing.
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