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Sonar newest update Apr thoughts.


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While I will not sign up for subscription only plan which is the only available plan at this time... I do checkout new features and workflow on un-activated copy until proper licenses will be available.

From the last set of features, I love that you can change custom display scaling independently of Windows, right in the program without restart. While it says "experimental",   it seems to be very stable.

Great that mouse cursor items were fixed too!

I wonder how hard it would be to have a  custom  font setting to "thicken" text/fonts without touching display scaling?  To me fonts are a bit too fine.

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EDIT: Not an issue. Thought I had restarted Sonar (as it says "Requires Restart"), but I may have just closed/reopened the project. After a complete Sonar restart the note blobs scale as well. Nice!


Noticed one glitch with the Custom Scaling. When you go above 100% (at least on my 3840x2160) the PRV note names get cut off.

Here is 100%:



Here is 105% - the top of the note names get cut off. Maybe the note blobs need to scale as well?




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