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Groove it or Lose it


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Original jazz fund sax song using tenor sax, Fishman midi guitar, Ezdrummer 3,  Glarry jazz fretless bass. Oops, misspelled the title of the video!



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Thanks a lot @DeeringAmpsand @Martin Bannet! Bass is pretty simple chain. I used a cheap Glarry jazz bass that I pulled the frets to make fretless, into Focusrite 2i2, free Amplitube4 SVX pro plugin the "comp SVT4 pro 1" setting.  So far the Amplitube4 bass plugins have been the best I've tried for bass (not a favorite for guitar though).

I actually feel like the bass on this one is a little woofy, I'm going to mess with the amp settings to see if I can make it better.

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  • KSband changed the title to Groove it or Lose it

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