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AI Vocals: The Music Revolution Begins

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40 minutes ago, Bapu said:

Pretty cool.

Totally. To me, it's both fascinating and demotivating. I can have it create better music within seconds than I could if I invested lots of hours. I've only used it for a week and it already created lots of music for me that I really like.

And I've discovered a similar app, https://www.udio.com, which is currently still in its beta phase and free.

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11 minutes ago, pwal³ said:

ai might take over "product" music, but it'll never take over the real thing ;)

Yes, but it's still fun to try. The way I see it: Making music yourself is like playing a game, letting AI create music for you is like watching a game. And I find it fascinating, just to see and experience what's technologically possible these days.

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