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Current Release: 2024.07

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We're pleased to announce the 2024.07 release!  This release is primarily a maintenance release that includes a few bug fixes.  It also adds compatibility for the new Cakewalk Product Center application and again allows for offline activation.

Please note:

  • CbB will eventually be discontinued as future development and support will transition to the upcoming Cakewalk Sonar release. If you wish to continue to use CbB, you must update to the 2024.02 version. Earlier versions will cease to activate in the future.
  • BandLab Assistant is no longer used for installing or activating CbB or other Cakewalk products. You must use in-app activation as described below. You can continue to use BandLab Assistant, but not for Cakewalk products.
  • In order to activate CbB, you must sign in to your BandLab account by choosing Help > Sign In to BandLab. If you have never signed in to BandLab from within Cakewalk, you will be prompted to sign in. When the sign-in web page opens, enter your BandLab credentials to sign in from there. If activation was successful, you will receive a "Cakewalk is fully activated" confirmation message.
    Note: Opening a web browser to independently sign in to BandLab will not activate Cakewalk.
  • As long as you stay signed in from within Cakewalk, activation status is automatically renewed periodically with no manual intervention required. Note that if your system is offline or you are not signed in to BandLab from within Cakewalk, then Cakewalk product activation will expire after some time. You will need to either reactivate as above or perform an offline activation process. See Product Center for more information.
  • The TTS-1 synth is no longer installed by Cakewalk, by request from Roland. This product is no longer supported and has reached end of life. Older installed versions may continue to work but it is no longer a default for insert instrument.


The Bakers

To download and install the 2024.07 update, select Help > Check for Updates from within the app.

Note: Because earlier versions of Cakewalk can no longer be activated, there is no rollback installer available for the 2024.07 release.



2024.07 Highlights


Updated to (July 3, 2024)

This build contains the following improvements:

  • Regression: Per Output Instrument Track disabled in Add Track flyout menu
  • BandLab API updates


Updated to

This build contains the following improvements:

  • CbB has been updated to work with the new Cakewalk Product Center.
  • Offline activation is now available via Product Center.
  • Improvements to sign in process with new activation response and error pages. Signing in to BandLab no longer redirects you to the BandLab portal after sign in.
  • Cakewalk no longer automatically launches the browser to sign in at app startup.
  • The Sonar promotional window should not appear when running CbB offline (at this time).
  • Updates for Sonar promotional window content.
  • Fixed problems with unresponsive Sonar promotional window.
  • Fixes for analytics and app startup.
  • Fixes for in-app updates.


New Cakewalk Product Center

The new Cakewalk Product Center application has been released. This app will be the central portal to install and manage all future Cakewalk products going forward. Offline activation for Cakewalk and future products is available via Product Center.

Click the link below to read more about Cakewalk Product Center.


Latest release notes are here.
See prior release notes.
Check out all new features released to date.


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