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A question to us bargain hunters. (Not a deal)


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7 minutes ago, GoncaloL said:

Komplete wives?

I knooow (but I'm not allowed to say anything while she's watching.. she's from central europe)

4 minutes ago, audioschmaudio said:

I have this friend who actually uses his software to really produce music. I told him how I envied him for having a wife doesn't complain when he goes to his room to produce music all night (...)

Must be a wife CE :D 

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14 hours ago, GoncaloL said:

How many kids do you have? Do you need all of them?

i exchanged the wife for NI Komplete Ultimate CE… it was a win win situation

I have two. Already got rid of them. Or so I thought. It's the 5 grand kids that keep popping up each day now. :)

The youngest (13 months) jumps for joy each time he bangs on the piano keyboard. He loves it!

My room full of music gear here is his favorite place in the world right now. Got him drumming with drumsticks every time he comes into the room. Such a big smile on his face each time. :)

Edit: So actually he's made more music than me in the last month that I have in years.

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