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Morten Saether

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1 hour ago, User 905133 said:

"full installer" turns up this reference as part of the discussion, but I couldn't find it in that thread.

  Not sure if the following is accurate:

Possibly check your files for "Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Setup" (without the quotes).  Maybe you have a full installer saved somewhere?

Can it be downloaded from Bandlab Assistant (Apps)?

No, it just sits there saying "downloading" and never changes.

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Be Sure it is completely uninstalled.

You could try the old way to install.  Download Bandlab Assistant and start from there. Then you might be able to roll back. Or people here could help you get the new version working.

Like check this-Check your sound card latency.  It could have changed.



Driver Setting->

Bottom 1/2 of screen Mixing Latency (you might have an ASIO button to set values. Turn it up really high to test this.


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Yeah, do a clean install and use the Cakewalk installer. There's entries in the registry that will tell either that or Bandlab Assistant it's already installed so it'll need to be wiped using those instructions.

If X3 plays, so should CbB so it's definitely some config issue that we can sort out once you have an otherwise working copy of CbB - I'd probably suggest that this clean install will already fix the problem for you.

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