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2 hours ago, Notes_Norton said:

F U N E X?

S, V F X.

F U N E M?

S. V F M.

O K, M N X 

(breakfast order)

Good clarification Bob!  Has a completely different meaning at a Rave. 😂  (F U N E X?  F U N E L?  F U N E M?)

Reminded me of this though...


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I was visiting with some family yesterday and my cousin reminded me of a quip from a family reunion over a decade ago. 
He's a dentist/oral surgeon and prefers to be called doctor rather than mister.
My brother introduced him as "Mr. Parks". He got to the podium and said, "no one's called me mister in over 10 years".
My brother replied, "I didn't know you had surgery".

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