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Window state not correct after exiting on staff view

Arjan M

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This is a weird issue. I'm not using named workspaces, and I don't use the multidock. All windows (piano roll, mixer, staff view) are maximized non-floating MDI windows.

After saving a project and exiting Cakewalk, the windows are still maximized upon next load of a project.
Except when using the staff view as the last view. When saving a project with the staff view as maximized window in the front, all windows are un-maximized when the project is opened.

I'm using CbB 2020.04 on Win10.

State just before saving:


State after restarting Cakewalk and opening the same project



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I have played around with different designs for my Workspaces that use primarily the staff view. So, this caught my eye. I haven't tried it yet, but I am wondering if there are reasons why you use the "None" Workspace and not a custom one of your own design.  Also, I am wondering what happens when you save your preferred state as a Workspace.  Do you get the same problem?  Just wondering as I have a number of Staff View oriented Workspaces myself. 

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It works fine with named workspaces indeed, it's just a problem with the "None" workspace.

The reason I use the "None" workspace is because I want the application to remember the preferred state without having to save the workspace (because I just keep forgetting to save it after every little change I make😄).
I think with named workspaces there's no autosave option, while with the None workspace it automatically saves it.

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Thanks for the reply; makes perfect sense to me.  I tried to reconstruct your usage based on the description and the screen shots.  I am not sure I followed your exact steps. It looks similar, but not 100%.  With the steps I came up with, after opening up a project that was saved with the staff view showing and positioned under the Control Bar, I got the following--but it obviously was not constructed with the same steps you used.   Working on trying to figure out your steps.  

EDIT: On second thought: I closed the minimized icons and used Menu Bar > View to switch and now it looks closer to yours.  

EDIT: I set mine up with the Console showing under the Control Bar, saved it, closed it, closed Cakewalk, reopened Cakewalk and the project. The Staff View under the Control Bar came up (with a minimized icon, too).

Next, I close the project without saving it and opened and closed it 4 more times with no changes

 When Cakewalk created the UI, it seems to alternate between Staff View under the Control Bar and then Console under the Control Bar.  This was not what I expected. It is almost as if the UI creation project doesn't do the same thing every time--not based on the project file or the "None" Workspace, but either randomly or based on something else we don't know about.  

I am still not sure I have re-created the same steps you used, but to me it seems I have re-created a possible anomaly that is similar to yours--namely, that the project UI construction is doing its thing in such a way as to violate user expectations.  Just a guess on my part.   

UPDATE: At least in my case it could be that saving a project with the Staff View showing causes a problem for Cakewalk (not sure). I have gotten "not responding" several times when saving and loading with the Staff View showing, but not with the Console showing.  I have also gotten the sluggishness when the project UI reconstruction sets up the Staff View.  Once it decided not to open with the Staff View, it opened to the Console View and 3 times thereafter had no trouble opening up to the Console View.

FWIW, I have tested saving a temporary Workspace instead of using "None" to preserve the last state UI configuration for a specific project.  IIRC it seemed to work as long as I remembered to resave the Workspace.

Not sure if the results I got come from my PC (I don't have a non-MoBo graphics card), if my results relate to your result, or if others have similar issues when closing and reopening projects that have the Staff View showing when closed.  I hope this helps others to sort it out.  


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to add the results from additional attempts to try to reproduce the OP
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